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How big a share of the meat do you get for slaughtering the ram?

I actually got the entire carcass, minus the hide, which the farmers kept and were planning to send off to a tannery. 

Danny and I pulled about eight or nine pounds of meat off the carcass for, and we fed the rest to the pups (who have been absolutely elated by this, as they haven’t been allowed to gorge on anything bigger than a rabbit since I got back from Yellowstone!). 

This was a pretty small ram, likely around 110 pounds live weight, and over the course of two days, the dogbeasts have reduced it to a rib cage with part of the spine attached (and, of course, the stomach, which they never eat). The heart, liver, kidneys, etc. were all the first things to go, as usual. 

Jude has randomly decided that he is going to start claiming leg bones as his own by caching them in one corner of the dog run and not allowing any of the rest of us near them. Goober. 

Aside from the meat I pulled off the carcass, I also got about three pounds of pure fat out of the ram, which has already been rendered into tallow for candles that will be listed on Etsy soon. The crackling (solid tissue matter left over after all the grease has been melted out of the fat pieces) makes for excellent dog treats and I’ll be using those for training purposes. 

One carcass can go a long way for us here, so getting an opportunity like this, especially in lean times, is really important. 


Will with his defenses down

what’s absolutely beautiful about tamika flynn is that night vale is so ass-backwards because it believes that the books the librarians guard, and thus prevent the people of the town from reading, are more dangerous than the librarians themselves, right?

right. except, wrong. because somewhere in that library little tamika found books on guerilla warfare. she found che and machiavelli and sun tzu. she learnt that the people liberate themselves. she read malcolm x and paulo freire and maya angelou. tamika learnt rebellion by living it, and she learnt resistance by reading about it. she came out of that library with the head of her vanquished foe in one hand, and a book in the other.

the city council is right to fear reading. reading grants knowledge, and pedagogy liberates, and all dictatorial regimes hate, above all else, when people realise that they’re in chains. tamika flynn has seen the bars of her cage, and she’s mad as hell. directly by trying to prevent her becoming such a person, she became such a person. the leader of the resistance is a little girl who just wanted a book to read. (because every revolutionary was, once, just a child who didn’t understand why they were afraid.)

night vale is so smart that it makes me swoon


Chicago Blackhawks 2013 Stanley Cup parade and rally

#1: Kaner eats confetti

#2~3: Tazer and friend (who is this dude? Is it the guy who was taking pics with him and his brother right after the Game 6 win? Does he have a name??)

#4: Brandon Saad’s face, as always. Maybe it’s just because his lips naturally make it look like he’s whistling, but it’s like he’s trying to mimic Shawzy’s “Whoo!”

I’ve just finished listening to Episode 11 of the Welcome to Night Vale podcast entitled Wheat and Wheat By-Products (which is a perfect place to pause as I am on a mostly gluten free diet).

I’ve always been a huge fan of radio drama and used to love listening to “The Drama Hour” on KNX 1070 Radio during the late 90s and early 2000s while I was living in LA.

I was reminded of the part I played in Our Lady of 121st Street by the award winning playwright Stephen Adly Guirgis. It was an honor to be part of the ensemble cast including Laurence Fishburne, Khandi Alexander, Raphael Sbarge and more that performed the play for a live radio broadcast at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles under the direction of Richard Masur.

Thought you might enjoy hearing it so it’s included at the link above.

Let me know what you think.

Happy New Year.


PS - There are a bunch of triggers in the audio file (domestic violence, alcoholism, child rape, etc) so please be advised before you listen. Thank you.

i like to think that night vale is specifically like the twilight zone in that visually (superficially) it looks like an american small town from the fifties (until the blood gets everywhere, of course) all green lawns and white picket fences and pastels— and therefore, accordingly, that cecil (HIS NAME IS CECIL FOR CRYING OUT LOUD) is very buttoned-up in his horn-rimmed glasses and slicked back hair and clean nails and okay yeah maybe he looks like he has too many teeth if you catch his face in just the right light, but that’s just the light, right? but by night vale standards he’s a nice boy and he has to tell his friends and family all the time that he’s too busy with his dedication to journalism for a relationship, so, like, obviously they worry about him a lot. (new cecil visual: this)

and that therefore carlos is actually rumpled all of the time, his (beautiful) hair’s messy (and not always artfully), that he probably wears a leather jacket and everyone’s all WHO IS THAT MAN, IS HE TROUBLE, and then when cecil starts dating him everyone he knows is so worried that carlos is going to break his heart, because by night vale standards carlos is basically marlon brando in the wild one, although really he’s just a pretty geek in a crumpled t-shirt and a second-hand biker jacket he bought because it gets cold in night vale at night— but it’s helped/hindered by the fact that carlos actually does ride a motorbike so every time he comes by cecil’s neighbours panic and piss off the secret police by whispering DANGER. carlos, for the life of him, cannot understand why everyone thinks that he’s some kind of heartbreaker, but cecil’s really into it, especially riding his motorbike, so whatever, he’ll deal. (new carlos visual: this)