Dog Separation Anxiety

I’ve been away from my dog for about a day now and I’m about ready to start pawing at the door and howling. I miss the little monster so much! She, however, is apparently having a great time without me. SIGH. Fickle canine.

I did however find a polished stone axe today and two bone needles. Best artefacts ever recovered in a day, woo.

actual behind the scenes info for the Bye Bye Man:

  • the bye bye man’s backstory was going to be that he was a black man with albinism for no reason. it got cut because the director thought it was too “intense” and racially complex. i don’t know what that means.
  • the director does not think police can follow trains or figure out where trains come from. she said, “the reason he rides the train is because when he was murdered, his body was put on a train and sent far away so [authorities] wouldn’t be able to track the fact that the people who murdered him murdered him.” 
  • the choo choo man drops coins throughout the film. it is never explained why. apparently, they coins are psychically connected to his meat dog’s eyes and allow it to watch people.

Animals can be genetically combined with any other animal with no problems, allowing dog-cat pets, true teacup elephants, and many other things. But you don’t always get what you expect. Describe a pet owner who got a pet he was not ready for, but is determined to keep it and love it.

1. honesty victor and yuri wear sweatpants most of the time but you will drag this joke about how phichit got yuri wearing shitty forever21 leggings and tops out of my cold, dead, grasping hands

2. another joke I’m not sure how to write but I’m definitely going to figure out is how phichit has a flashdrive full of yuri housework dancing and/or actually dancing and/or skating to things like “Nasty” by Janet Jackson or “Boyfriend” by Avril and is coldbloodedly bargaining for choreography with victor. 

2a. “is it the real goods?” says victor, suspiciously. he’s not going to be tricked into ponying up for just pictures of yuri doing stretches in JUICY sweats, which he can find on the internet. he wants the real good stuff, okay. phichit shows him thirty seconds of yuri shaking it like his mama taught him as the divine dame bassey pulls up lookin’ flashy in her Mercedes Benz. “there’s more,” he says. “OH MY GOD YOU TWO,” says yuri. “I’M DIVORCING EVERYBODY IN THIS ROOM.” “what,” says leo, looking up


Based off on this because of Dazai tucking his hair back adhsjakfhle. 

Thank you @looking-for-stray-dogs for allowing me to flail at her about this~ (and part of this probably came from her too – I don’t remember because we were just wailing)