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A-Z headcanons with Katie McGrath

Katie McGrath x reader.

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A/n: It’s my birthday yo whoop. So as a birthday present to myself I’ve decided I’ll be posting 4 headcanons today and then hopefully putting a couple requests over the weekend.

•A = affection (how affectionate are they in day to day life? Do they show affection publicly or keep that more in private?)

-Katie is a fairly private person so i feel like the relationship would be pretty private until she was ready to share it with the world. So all forms of affection except compliments and flirting are private.

•B = best memory (what is the best memory they have with you)

-Every moment she spends with you are her favourites. But I’d bet her favourite would be walking in to her trailer to find you and Oisin cuddled up sleeping. Yes she took a photo. Yes its her lock screen.

•C = cat or dog person (this is pretty obvious)


•D = dreams (what do they want to do in life?)

-acting is her dream job so id say seeing as much of the world she can. 

•E = evenings (how do they spend their evening? So they go out? Do they read?)

-cuddled up to you, sharing a blanket and Osh laying at your feet, watching something on the tv but all of her attention is on you.

•F = first date (what was it like?)

- simple, coffee and lunch on set since she barely has a minute to herself.

•G = giggle (what is their laugh like? What makes them laugh?)

-like angels singing. Its a real blessing.

-‎Bad jokes always make her laugh.

•H = hugs (do they like hug? What kind of hugs do the give?)

-the best hugs all day, every day, fite me. Definitely the type to wrap her arms around your waist and resting her head inbetween your neck and shoulder also the type to throw her arms over your shoulders and using it to pull you into a heated kiss.

•I = instrument (do they play an instrument?)

-she’ll try but she’ll give up until you help her.

•J = joy (what brings them joy in life?)

-seeing you getting along with her friends and family and most importantly Oisin.

•K = kisses (what kind of kisser are they? Shy? Passionate?)

-she kisses you until you’re breathless and the. continues her assault on your neck. Soft and gentle. Lots of cheek kisses. Passionate kisses all the damn time.

•L = love (how do they act when they have a crush)

-lots of blushing, lots of failed flirting (On both parts), the cast teasing her, adorable rambling.

•M = memory (what’s their favourite memory?) 

-being home in Ireland with her family and friends.

•N= no (what is their pet peeve?)

-people eating with their mouth open.

•O = occupation (what’s their dream job?)


•P = parent (what kind of parent would they be?)

-incredible. Adorable. The fun one, the kid would have her wrapped around their finger.

•Q = questions (do they believe in the super natural? Aliens? Anything along those lines)


•R = romantic (are they romantic during the relationship?)

-yes, 10000000000000% yes

-‎She loves sending you flowers and leaving cute notes, quoting her favourite books bc she loves you. Well planned ordered food for dinner, she’s the type to read a sentence in a book, think its cute, read aloud for you to hear and repeat. it until you say aww

•S = smile (what makes them smile without fail)

-Oisin, her fans, family, friends

-‎Her lockscreen- it’s you.

•T = together (how clingy are they? How long do you two spend together per day on average)

-any chance she gets she’ll be with you, texting inbetween work, calling every chance you both get.

•U = unbearable (what habit do they have that’s unbearable? What habit do you have that they find unbearable)

-she always has to give in to Oisin. Spoiled dog

-‎You always give in to Oisin. Spoiled doggo

•V = videos (do they take lots of videos or photos during your relationship?)

-she’ll have videos of you okay in with Osh, she’ll have photos from across your relationship, adorable selfies, she’ll have a folder to the side of just you

•W = wedding (what was the wedding like?)

-small, White, Beautiful, Everything you both dreamed of, simple

•X = eXtra (what’s an interesting fact about them that they don’t tell anyone about?)

-she puts everything she likes (online shopping) into a basket, see the total and then close the page.

•Y = yuck (what do they hate? Could be a food, sent, word anything)


•Z = zzzz (how heavy of a sleeper are they? How do they sleep? What mood do they wake up in? Really any sleeping headcanons)

-if she has some time off she’ll sleep longer and heavier. Her arms are always around you, she wakes up with a smile on her face, she’s in love and she cant nic how good it feels

anonymous asked:

I apologize, I’m really not trying to troll with this question. I come from the dog world where purebred dogs have specific functions and reasons for existing. I just adopted my first cat, a rescue whose a gray tabby. I guess I just don’t understand why purebred cats exist except for breeds that may be kinder on people’s allergies. I mean, they’re pretty cats but why are there purebreds when so many need homes in shelters? I love my cat to death, but he can’t serve in the military as a dog can..

So I absolutely get where you’re coming from. No worries, I understand you’re coming from a non-trolling place.

You’ve kind of hit the nail on the head, though. The biggest difference between cat breeds is just cosmetic. Cats have always existed with their purpose pretty solely laid out. We didn’t domesticate them like we did dogs. They just kind of showed up, did a job that we needed to be done, and were pretty cool to hang out with after the job was done so it just sort of stuck.

Admittedly, some breeds were bred to have thicker coats, or thinner coats. But at the end of the day, the biggest difference between breeds is how they look. Sure, some cats are bred to produce less of the protein responsible for causing allergic reactions, but otherwise it’s just looks. There’s no realistic reason for, say, a Scottish Fold to exist other than the telltale folded ear. They don’t do any jobs differently. They look different, they have a different coat, slightly different body shape, but that’s about it.

Some people just really want a purebred cat. Why? I don’t know. Because they’re pretty, I guess. I honestly can’t think of another reason. Some people really love certain breeds for one reason or another. There are certain personality traits, but even then, it’s all just on a scale of “cat”. These cats still all have prey drives, but to different extents. Some cats are more vocal. Some are super snuggly (typically the ones with the thinnest coats, btw). But it’s the same range I’ve seen out of my four domestic shorthairs. 

I WILL say, though, that while your cat can’t serve in the same WAY a dog can, cats absolutely can, and have been used in the military for years, often doing jobs that dogs are otherwise incapable of. I hate to throw buzzfeed lists at you but I’m in a bit of a pinch so here’s a few:

So just because they do different jobs doesn’t mean they can’t serve ;)

🌼🌿botanical asks🌻🌙

jasmine; what mythical creature do you wish actually existed?

lavender; soundcloud or vinyls?

primrose; what book does everyone right now need to read?

lunar mist; do you like wearing other people’s shirts/jackets?

bird of paradise; what was the best thing that happened to you this month?

gardenia; what’s a promise you’ve recently made to yourself?

lion’s fairytale; would you rather be the sky, the ocean or the forests?

whirling butterflies; would you kiss the last person you kissed again?

marmalade skies; do you plan your outfits?

apricot drift; how do you feel right now?

everlasting daisy; what’s the last dream you remember having?

queen’s cup; what are you craving right now?

lavender dream; turn ons/offs?

water lilly; when was the last time you cried? why?

lily of the valley; did the one person who hurt you most in your life apologize?

winterberry; do you bite or lick your ice cream?

honey perfume; favorite movie ever?

desert rose; do you like yourself?

snapdragon; have you ever met or seen in person a celebrity?

night owl; how many countries have you visited?

heliotrope; have you ever been in a castle?

creams and sky; what’s the craziest/bravest thing you’ve done?

lantana; what’s on your mind right now?

pumpkin patch; what’s your zodiac sign?

tulip; name 5 facts about yourself.

daphne; do you believe in karma?

queen of the meadow; ever been in love?

wisteria; whom do you admire and why?

angel’s face; what was your favorite bedtime story as a child?

remember me; did you make someone laugh today?

iris; do you believe in ghosts?

lilac; if you could go back in time which time period would you visit?

caramel kisses; would you want to live forever? why/why not?

primula; what makes you sad?

rain lily; was today typical? why/why not?

queen anne’s lace; who do you trust the most?

lady’s slipper; what did you have for breakfast today?

forget me not; do you have any regrets looking back in your life?

lunaria; what’s your favorite fictional universe?

violet; favorite tv show?

sunflower; share a favorite quote.

snowdrop; what does your ideal day look like?

tiger lily; do you have any hobbies?

peony; share a small random book passage that means something to you.

tea rose; what’s something you always wanted to do but were too scared?

honeysuckle; do you usually date people your age or older/younger?

sweet pea; who means the world to you? why?

love in the mist; best books you’ve ever read?

foxglove; who is your favorite cartoon character?

magnolia; coffee or tea?

crown imperial; would you rather be extremely rich or extremely loved?

snowflake; are you a dog or a cat person?

bell flower; what is your biggest addiction?

cosmos; do you ever think about the galaxy?

moonflower; what’s your favorite color?

freesia; do you have a good relationship with your parents and siblings? why/why not?

sundrop; are you a morning or a night person?

poppy; have you ever dealt with a mental illness?

clover; how would your friends describe you?

dandelion; do you consider yourself and extrovert or an introvert?

lilly; what’s something you love watching/reading but you are too embarrassed to admit you do?

anemone; describe yourself in 3 words.

lotus; best memory as a child?

angelonia; what is your eye and hair color?

dahlia; do you like crystals?

buttercup; if you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?

baby’s breath; what’s your hogwarts house?

calendula; biggest pet peeve?

blanker flower; would you rather go to a cocktail party with your best friends or stay home and read a book/watch a movie with your pet?

blazing star; share a secret.

carnation; would you rather live longer or happier?

petunia; who’s story is your biggest inspiration in life? why?

bluebell; do you wear glasses?

nymphea; forest or river?

orchid; do you like exercise?

pansy; do you like poetry?

morning glory; any special talent that you have?

‘choose.’ i said, ‘me or her.’
but it wasn’t that simple
not for you
it wasn’t coke or pepsi
cats or dogs
sun or rain
it was the difference between ‘i love you’ and ‘i need you’
soft goodnight kisses or rough morning sex
big smiles and tenderness and a girl that just made you so happy
or late nights and alcohol and a girl that made you feel alive
so when i said, ‘choose.’
when i said, ’me or her.’
you looked at me like i was asking you the most unfair question in the world
you said, ‘i love you,’
and my heart fell on cracked pavement
broke right down the middle
because i realized that it wasn’t the difference between coke or pepsi
it was the difference between ‘i love you’ and ‘i need you’
and you told me you loved me
which could only mean
you needed her
—  DizzyDaisyThoughts
Two Sides to Every INTJ:

INTJ: why are humans such idiots? All these idiots, running into walls and screaming and gossiping behind each other’s backs. Teenagers suck. Why are we all so horrible. This is why everyone hates me, I am evil.


Run Little Rabbit

; Wolf Shifter!Hoseok x Rabbit Shifter!Reader

; Genre: Smut, a little angst, a little fluff

; Word Count: 15.3k

; Warnings: Dom!Hobi, Sub!Reader, degrading talk, dirty talk, overstimulation, forced orgasms, impregnation kink, creampie, cumplay, knotting, possessive talk/behaviour, biting, rough sex, spanking, squirting, everything is consensual!

; Sequel: Daddy’s Little Peanut

; Synopsis: Jung Hoseok - the Alpha wolf of his pack and far out of your league. As a rabbit shifter who still jumps around predators, you fantasise about your dangerous crush from a safe distance, particularly as he doesn’t like you. But what happens when he goes into heat and you’re the only one he’ll accept?


College is like a continuous circle of stress, tiredness, joy at getting a good grade before falling back into stress. It’s been like this for four years, and you’re beyond glad that this is your final year before you can finally be free of the confines of a classroom.

Your parents had already been querying whether you might want to continue on and do a master’s degree, considering your single history degree to not be good enough to get a good job. Which was ridiculous, because even though you weren’t sure what job you wanted - you were sure that history was the one subject that you hated the least out of everything.

So no, you would not be subjecting yourself to a further year of of stress and unhappiness. Particularly as you’d have even less chances to fail than you did in your four years of college until now. You and college hadn’t co-operated very well on the education front, so you really weren’t inclined to put yourself through even more. Probably the only saving grace of your college life had been your friends.

Coming from a small town like you had, you had never interacted with any predator shifters as they simply hadn’t existed in your town. Your town had consisted of the more fearful prey shifters and humans with the majority being either deer or rabbit shifters. Which was fine when you needed pleasant neighbours, but not so much for actually growing into a well rounded person.

As such, you’d grown up practically afraid of your own shadow and it had only been when you’d entered high school in the next town over that you’d finally been introduced to predators. Even so, they had only been dog and cat shifters. Back then it had been a point of pride that you’d got used to the dominance battles they had all the time, but entering college had been a shock to your system.

It had taken some serious convincing with your parents to let you attend the state college instead of the local community college in the city closest to you. You’d desperately wanted to experience the world outside of your insulated community, and the real world involved apex predators. If you couldn’t handle living and studying with them, then you could kiss goodbye to a job working with them.

Which of course meant you’d spent the first two months in college firmly inside your room, terrified to leave as you’d had a tiger shifter to your right and a wolf shifter to your left. It had only been a month after this that the wolf shifter, Jisoo, had dragged you out finally to try and convince you that she didn’t want to eat you.

Slowly becoming friends with her had meant becoming friends with her pack, who she had moved in with in her second year. You’d stayed in dorms for the whole four years, unable to find another prey shifter who was willing to live with you and unable to live with predators.

But her friends had proven to be nice and respectful, being careful to not play too rough or engage in too many dominance battles that would have you running away. If you’d told yourself five years ago that your best friends would be wolf shifters, you’d have laughed all the way home. Yet here you were, wedged between Jisoo, a black wolf, and your other best friend Jimin, a silver wolf.

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My daughter was born with a strange illness that stopped her from receiving the sunlight. We had to organize a nocturnal life for us. It was little bit difficult at the beginning, but then we got used to it and built a beautiful world under the moonlight. Instead of dogs we kept cats, instead of canaries we had an owl, we grew impossible plants and instead of sunbathing we were moonbathing. I know when the moment comes my beautiful daughter will meet a man who will be willing to share this world with her.

Connecting with Deities for Beginners

First: religious or spiritual belief is entirely optional in witchcraft. Your own divinity and power to manifest does not reduce because you’re not throwing food at your altar for a “patron deity” every week. In fact, patron deities are a lot rarer than tumblr might have you believe. Allow this process to be what it is - a process. Allow time to discover your spiritual home. There’s no rush. You’ve lived lifetimes and you will live more. 

If you feel called toward connecting with deity, here’s my advice: write. Writing forces you to slow your thinking down and truly consider your ideas, thoughts, and desires. Writing pieces of yourself down puts them into the universe. 

Take these ideas into a journal that you’ve chosen with an intention to be a place for spiritual work. It can be a Book of Shadows or something else. Try these prompts - if you don’t know the answers to these questions, it’s an opportunity to dive into yourself!

1. Numbers: Are there numbers you’ve felt drawn to? Do you have any lucky numbers? Do things always work out the first time you try them, or does it seem to always take three - or seven? Do your relationships with others come in twos or fives? Does your birthday mean anything to you? What about your birth time, or place? If there’s a number you feel at home with, explore it! What deities are related to it? What direction? In my case, 3 is incredibly powerful in all aspects of my life. I’ve found Vishnu and Auset to be my focal points and recognize 3 in them. Vishnu has had 9 incarnations (3x3) and Auset recovered Ausar from the dead to become pregnant and give birth to their child.

2. Animals: Yes, everyone has an opinion about cats or dogs. But maybe you find yourself watching spiders closely rather than jumping away, or the finches in your yard carry weight when you see them. Maybe you found yourself getting a dragonfly tattoo out of nowhere, or there’s something about the octopus that gets your heart swelling with intrigue. Write these down. Check the World Wildlife Foundations adoptable endangered species. Which would you choose? What element or directions do you associate these animals with? Which ones do you want to experiment calling upon? 

3. Music: I don’t mean the radio. Think about the music you go to when you’re emotionally well; not full of happiness, not in a valley of sadness or pain. What do you like to study to, meditate to? What songs come on when you’re out at restaurants? Is there a song that just pops up at the strangest or most needed of times? Look at the words, the genre, the meaning of these songs or these types of music. If you’re into soundscapes, seek out elemental or nature deities. If you like hip-hop, seek out deities who are playful or assertive. Classical could lead you to deities of balance or justice. Try making music, just with your hands on the table. What rhythms do you find yourself producing? What’s your vibration? 

4. Joyous Moments: What makes you happy? Maybe bath bombs aren’t your thing, but tea in the morning is. Do you like being surrounded by friends, family, or strangers? Write down the moments of your life where you felt the most blissful. Write down what moments you want to collect before this life has ended. What deities reflect similar habits or goals? If you want to backpack along the Ganges or in Europe, think about deities of travel and movement. If you want to build a family, look at Mother Goddesses.   

5. Weirdnesses: This might be the most important and will require slowly opening your inner eye. Look! For! Weirdness! These are not coincidences, these are communications. Track your moods, your feelings, your interactions. Did a friend mention a film or historical figure that’s been in the back of your mind lately? Did that license plate you read have the initials of someone you care about? What imagery or feelings keep appearing in your dreams? Do you keep finding pennies everywhere you go? If you’re not experiencing weirdnesses in your life, throw yourself into a new situation, new people, hobby, or activity. Breaking routine is an excellent way to invite the universe to have a hand in authoring your day. 

These are simple journaling activities to help you place yourself in the greater world we occupy. Spiritual journeys are deep, personal, and a long-term commitment. Don’t choose a deity just because they’re popular, or you feel like you need one. 

Spirit guides are already here, waiting for you to listen. The more you reflect on the inner workings of your mind and heart, the more you’re saying YES to magic and saying YES to ascension. 

Love & Light <3

People in America, fight for net neutrality!

No neutrality means you have to pay extra for tumblr, youtube, kissanime, crunchyroll, AO3, FFN, etc, etc. School online would be nearly impossible. You won’t be able to talk to online friends. Online games will be more expensive! Those youtubers you watch may be out of a job. FIGHT FOR THIS!

Search the net neutrality tag for all the info you need on how fight!

The Garden: A Legacy Challenge 

By: @cowplant-pizza

Hi guys, and welcome to my first ever Legacy Challenge! I spent an hour or so writing this up quickly because I was feeling creative! I hope this challenge might seem fun to some of you, fun enough to pick it up and play it! Please tag me if you’re starting it, and use the tag #garden legacy if you post pics! So, without further delay, here we go!

The Garden Legacy Challenge is a challenge carried out across 10 generations of your Sims family of choice. This introduction to the challenge can only be used as a guideline if you wish, as I’d love for you to express your creativity by using this as a template. Please, sit back, relax and enjoy playing the game! :)


  • Money Cheats are NOT allowed
  • Aesthetic CC and poses are FINE
  • Needs must be on decay AT ALL TIMES
  • Feel free to pause ageing ONLY FOR STORY PURPOSES 
  • Your Sims must live on the SAME LOT for the whole 10 generations. A larger lot is recommended
  • Any world is fine
  • You may edit what your Sims look like in CAS if they fugly


Your entire 10 generations will be named after various plants you could find or have in your garden. This is inspired by the fact that your Sims will have a love for nature throughout all 10 generations, living their life on the family farm.
Each generation also has a berry colour in case berry simmers would like to enjoy the challenge too!

Generation 1: ROSE

Traits: Ambitious, Loves the Outdoors, Vegetarian

Aspiration: Freelance Botanist

Berry Colour: Red

Information: This is the founder of your legacy! From living their entire childhood in the smelly and loud city, they have decided to begin a new lifestyle in the countryside. They dream of running a farm to support the generations to come.


  • Compete the Aspiration
  • Have at least 2 children
  • Have 1 dog and 1 cat
  • Collect every base game plant
  • Have no job: earn your money through gardening
  • Care for at least 2 cowplants throughout your life
  • Reach level 10 of the gardening skill
  • Reach at least level 5 in: cooking, parenting and handiness

Generation 2: DAISY

Traits: Outgoing, Good, Self Assured

Aspiration: Friend of the World

Berry Colour: White with Yellow accents

Information: You grew up in a loving household, making you a friendly and nurturing Sim who wants nothing else than to help others.


  • Complete the Aspiration
  • Reach at least level 7 in the politics career. Either Branch. Cause: Speak for the Trees
  • Marry your first friend 
  • Have 4 children
  • Reach level 10 charisma 
  • Reach level 10 gardening 

Generation 3: BLUEBELL

Traits: Family Oriented, Romantic, Neat

Aspiration: Big Happy Family

Berry Colour: Blue

Information: You grew up surrounded by siblings. It was the best childhood you could have imagined. You want to bless your children with that same childhood! 


  • Complete the Aspiration
  • Reach level 10 parenting 
  • Maintain perfect friendship levels with your siblings
  • Fill your household with children (you can have at least 1 pet)
  • Reach level 5 in 2 different jobs
  • Take the kids out on a day trip every Saturday

Generation 4: SUNFLOWER

Traits: Self Assured, Goofball, Childish

Aspiration: Joke Star

Berry Colour: Yellow

Information: You were always the class clown, getting in trouble all the time. You pulled endless amounts of pranks on your siblings and parents. You never want to grow up.


  • Complete the Aspiration
  • Reach level 10 in the Entertainment Career: Comedian Branch
  • Reach level 10 comdey
  • Reach at least level 7: charisma and mischief 
  • Run a club called the Pranksters 
  • Use a Voodoo Doll on your spouse at least 10 times 
  • Marry a musician 

Generation 5: Magnolia

Traits: Music Lover, Loner, Clumsy

Aspiration: Musical Genius

Berry Colour: White with Baby Pink accents 

Information: Your parents were born entertainers, they lived to be on the stage. you share their talents but you are very shy and reserved. However, you still dream of being a well known and respected musician.


  • Complete the Aspiration 
  • Reach level 10 in the Entertainment Career: Musician Branch 
  • Reach level 10: piano and singing
  • Reach level 7: guitar and violin 
  • Have only 1 friend outside of your family
  • Marry that friend
  • Have 2 children: Twins (you can use cheats for this)

Generation 6: PINE

Traits: Jealous, Non Committal, Gloomy

Aspiration: Renaissance Sim

Berry Colour: Green

Information: You always felt like your were second best to your twin (whether this is true or not is up to you). You often spent time burring your head in books, learning lots of different things, but never mastering them.


  • Complete the Aspiration
  • Write a Book
  • Paint 1 Masterpiece 
  • Write a Song
  • Change jobs once you get to level 4
  • Have at least 3 jobs
  • You never retire 
  • You never marry
  • You have 3 different children from one night stands
  • A relationship is allowed after the children are born 

Generation 7: TULIP

Traits: Lazy, Squeamish, Slob

Aspiration: Computer Whiz

Berry Colour: Grape Purple

Information: You grew up confused and conflicted about your parent’s relationship. This made you a troubled child who had to visit many therapists and doctors. You found comfort in video games and rely on the throughout your life.


  • Complete the Aspiration
  • Reach level 10 in the Gaming Profession
  • Marry someone you meet at Gamescon
  • Naturally progress into the overweight section
  • Reach skill level 10: video games and programming 
  • Have 2 children 

Generation 8: PICCOLONI

Traits: Genius, Neat, Snob

Aspiration: Successful Lineage 

Berry Colour: Hot Pink OR Orange

Information: After watching your parent struggle with health problems due to being overweight, you vowed to keep yourself and your own children healthy.


  • Complete the Aspiration
  • Reach level 10 in the Doctors career 
  • Reach level 10 in: fitness and cooking
  • Marry a fellow Dr
  • Have 3 children
  • Do not feed the children unhealthy food or snacks 

Generation 9: SNAPDRAGON

Traits: Foodie, Athletic, Insider

Aspiration: Bodybuilder

Berry Colour: Light Pink OR Peach

Information: You grew up being pushed to your limits and you loved every second of it. You love exercise and cooking and want to make your two hobbies work well together. You enjoy using fresh food found on your families farm.


  • Complete the Aspiration
  • Reach level 10 in the Athletic Career 
  • Reach level 5 in the Cooking Career
  • Reach level 10: fitness, cooking and baking
  • Reach level 5: gourmet cooking
  • Marry another Foodie
  • Have triplets (once again, cheats are allowed for this)

Generation 10: HYDRANGER

Traits: Materialistic, Hot Headed, Perfectionist

Aspiration: Fabulously Wealthy

Berry Colour: Light Blue

Information: You finally decide that your family is worth more than living on a farm forever. It’s time for your legacy to move on. You want to move out into a penthouse in the city and create an exciting future for generations to come.


  • Complete the Aspiration
  • Marry someone wealthy and living in the City
  • Reach level 10 in the Business Career
  • Reach level 10 in 3 skills of your choice
  • Throw a party every weekend 

The generation (and challenge!) finished once you have completed the rules to generation 10! It’s up to you if you continue by moving your Sim to San Myshuno or stop there! I hope you have enjoyed playing my challenge and share this with your friends :)
Cats & Dogs Walk Around in Other Worlds Mod | The Sims 4 Mods
What's up, everyone! Stray pets are no longer confined to Brindleton Bay with this mod! Cats & Dogs can roam freely between worlds in The Sims 4!! You need T...