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Do you ever have this idea that you so badly want to share with the world but you can't because all you got is like 400 words? Aghhh!!! Wish I could share it with someone other than myself and my dog :C

Ever? LOL, try all the time.  I wish I could just download my brain.  I can see the whole story.  Just getting the words on the page is excruciating sometimes.  All I can say is keep at it.  It is the only way it happens.  Yes, it is a bit like sausage-making, but in the end, it is worth it when you finally finish and there is a new story born into the world. 

Omg I am so late for @lanceweek ! Free day was a good opportunity so I coloured my entry for @voltroncoloringbook

Yeah, Lance and Blue again nobody can stop me
Mini lions would be super cute !  💙