dogs waiting for their humans


Every living thing on Earth has DNA, but what if it’s not the same for extraterrestrials? What if they have a different system, where more the more genetic material they have, the more complex they are? What if every other alien species they met followed the same rule? Suddenly, they meet the humans and it’s all going well until they get to DNA. 

Scientist: So we have DNA that tells our cells (the basic units of life) what to do.
Alien: Interesting… is there a way to measure this?
Scientist: Yes, we have chromosomes that form during mitosis, the process of cell division.
Alien: And how many chromosomes do humans have?
Scientist: It’s very interesting, actually. Humans have 46, dogs have 78-
Alien: Wait, 78? Are they more advanced than you? Are you not the top sapient species?
Scientist: No, we’re the most advanced. The amount of DNA an organism has doesn’t have anything to do with complexity, you know.
Alien: ???? But??? It does????

Something to Talk About


Tony was trying to get better about the phrase we need to talk, so when Pepper had asked him if she could talk to him that evening, he tried not to flinch about it.  It was on his mind all afternoon, though, and he wondered what it could be.  Worst-case scenarios included Krentzler escaping again and joining forces with some supervillain, or Pepper deciding she didn’t want to marry him anymore, or her being ill… the possibilities were endless.  Even when she hadn’t sounded upset on the phone.

When he got home that evening, he went upstairs to change his grease-stained shirt.  “Pepper?” he asked outside the bedroom door.  “You in here?”  He suspected she was, because Polar Bear hadn’t been waiting downstairs.  The big dog liked to follow her human around the house, so if she wasn’t on the main floor, she was probably upstairs, with Pepper.

Tumblr Lifetime Achievements: Part 1

Here’s to the Tumblrs who have spent years with us, aging like a fancy, expensive fromage. May they continue to get better and better.

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