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Shake The Scientist
Florence and The machine vs Coldplay

Two wonderfully amazing British bands mashed up into one absolutely epic song. Chris Martins voice just works so well with Florence’s backing music and then we have the epic chorus where you get to admire both of their amazing voices in this epic mash up - Jakk

(We do not own this) Original by: Kill Mr DJ


When you use your ears as flotation devices because you can…and because your legs are short!

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Hi I'm a new anon here. I saw your got7 reactions and wanted to know if you could do a got7 reaction to you being very shy around people but very cute and cuddly around him and the members.

Hello anon! Thank you for requesting :D Sorry if I took a bit long to reply. I’m working on a few asks/requests today :)
Ok, here we go~

JB: He would like the fact that you were shy in public. He would probably stay by you or make sure at least one of the members were with you if you were together in public so that you would feel more comfortable, even recurring to occasional dorkiness just for you. He wouldn’t want you to have a bad time when he and the boys were around. When you were around he boys, he would like that you were close to them because to him it was important you got along with them. However, don’t get TOO close because he would get jealous :P

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MARK: He is shy himself in public, so he would probably understand you the most when it comes to socializing. You would stay close to the other and joke with each other to make each other comfortable, slowly getting in your personal bubble, just the two of you. Around the boys, he appreciates that you are more open and playful. They would often catch you guys cuddling and playing with Coco. Not a lot of words are needed between you two :)

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JACKSON: If you were terribly shy in public, it might go two ways. He could find it cute or it might be a bit of a turn off if you couldn’t keep up with him considering his energetic personality. He would definitely try to get you involved and joke around to make you laugh so you could get over you shyness. With the boys around, he has often said that GOT7 is a family to him so it would be important to him so he would love it that you were all cute around them. But he would get a bit jealous and needy if he noticed you paid more attention to them than to him. He would cuddle up with you and become Wang Puppy.

“Aww come on guys, get a room”

Jack: “Get a girlfriend :D”

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JINYOUNG: He is not terribly shy, but he is more on the quiet side compared to the other boys. He would prefer that you weren’t too lively and overboard in public. Around him and the members, you would warm up and for some reason I imagine you cooking together and have a lot of fun, occasionally putting some sauce on his cheek and him playing annoyed with you so he would teasingly tickle you as a punishment. But then, you would feed each other cutely when the food was ready. 

“Hyung, do you want to come eat meat bbq with us?”

“Yes, but not with you betrayers. Y’all had your chance when you decided to leave me alone. Now, I am gonna share it with my girlfriend :)”


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YOUNGJAE: He wouldn’t mind you being shy in public. He sort of adapts to the personality of who he is with, so around you he might be on the quiet side. If you open up, he would do so too. Around the boys or privately, he would loooove that you were all cute and cuddly. He would really be into it. You would be washing Coco together and have lots of fun, getting splashed when the little dog would shake the water out of her fur, and in the end helping each other dry off from the whole ordeal laughing non-stop. 

Originally posted by spooky7

BAMBAM: He is more on the lively/loud side so I don’t know how a very shy girl would go with him. He might feel a bit underwhelmed by it. But he would like the fact that you got cute and cuddly in his and the boys’ presence. He would prefer and feel more comfortable with that side of you. So you would probably be all cute togehter.

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YUGYEOM: He also might be a bit on the fence with your shy personality. He is both quiet because of the fact that he is a maknae so he is has to stay in line, but at the same time his personality is pretty extrovert. He wouldn’t mind too much your shy side, looking more forward to the moments you were cute and cuddly so that you two could have fun together. He would try to teach you some dance moves and end up chasing each other around the dance studio and tickling each other on the floor and cuddle when you were worn out.

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There you have it, anon! I hope you enjoyed your first ask :D Feel free to request more if you enjoyed this one ^w^


male characters [2/3]

→ septimus heap (the septimus heap series)

“gently, sarah lifted off boy 412′s hat for the first time since marcia had crammed it onto his head at sally mullin’s bunkhouse. straw-colored tufts of curly hair sprang up as septimus shook his head like a dog shaking off water and a boy shaking off his old life, his old fears and his old name. he was becoming who he really was. septimus heap.”

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drabble prompt - Stan takes everyone fishing. Ford's fishing methods are a little more hands on and he ends up diving overboard. He resurfaces with the wiggling fish in hand and the large proud grin he had in DDMD.

The day was bright, the lake calm and pristine. The peace was broken by a squeal of delight.

“LOOK AT THIS ONE GRUNKLE STAN!” Mabel brandished her small silver trout proudly for the family to see. “Good one, sweetie,” Stan praised, while Soos applauded. Ford eyed the small wriggling fish skeptically. “Not very sustainable for a meal,” he commented. “Small. No meat.”

Mabel gasped, clinging to the pathetically flopping fish. “We’re not going to eat him! His name is Mr. Bubbles, and he’s beautiful the way he is!”
”Ford, I told you, this fishin’ is purely for fun!” Stan gestured grandly to the picturesque surroundings. “Just sit back and enjoy the afternoon!”
Ford muttered to himself and sat back, trying to take his brother’s advice. Mabel was shoving Mr. Bubbles in Dipper’s face, who flailed around trying to escape. Soos was laughing and one of Stan’s many bad fishing puns. It was nice, he admitted to himself. Not having to worry about survival or food. Just being with his family on a nice day in the middle of the lake…  

Something in the water caught Ford’s eye. He perked up, staring over the edge of the boat. Before anyone could stop him, Ford had plummeted face first in the water.
”GRUNKLE FORD!” Dipper and Mabel cried, rocking the boat as they clamored to the edge in panic. Soos had to grab them and sit them back down.

“Oh for the love of…” Stan mumbled, rubbing his temples. After a few more seconds. Ford’s head popped back out of the water, his usually fluffed gray hair now damp with lake water. A huge grin was plastered on his face.

“Ford, get back into the boat right now!” Stan ordered in annoyance. “What were you thinking?! You nearly gave the kids a heart attack! They’re too young for that!”
”Up you go, dood,” Soos said cheerfully, helping to drag the soaking scientist back on board.
”I’m sorry for the scare, children,” Ford said, slightly out of breath. “BUT, I do believe I just landed us our meal ticket!”

He brandished a purple large flopping fish by it’s tail, an excited smile on his face.. Stan squinted at the fish, It didn’t look like any fish he’d ever seen. It had multiple eyes, and he was pretty sure trout didn’t come in luminescent purple. Ford was still grinning hopefully, looking between them and waiting.

“It’s uh… Really great, Poindexter,” Stan coughed weakly. The other family members were much more enthusiast about the catch. “OH MY GOSH, Grunkle Ford That was amazing!”
”Yeah, Dr. Pines! I want to try fishing like that from now on! Although, uh, I might need my duck flotation devices to do that… “
Ford puffed out his chest in pride at the praise. His family was pleased with his catch, and he was happy to provide for them. He shook his hair, sending water onto everyone. Mabel giggled, the action reminded her of a dog shaking off water.

“This is known as a Fillet Fairy Fish! Chock full of vitamins, and the eyeballs are especially tasty.”

”Ford… We don’t need to catch something to eat…” Stan sighed.

Soos leaned over to Stan. “Why don’t we just let the guy have this. Seems to make him really happy.” 

Stan watched as his brother wrestled the giant purple fish to the floor of the boat, cheered on by Dipper and Mabel. It occured to Stan, Ford was enjoying himself in his own way.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right. He’s a lot more cheerful now than I’ve seen in a while… “
Hopefully the weird mutant fish would taste okay.

Asexual Roadhog that was born when the last of Mako Rutledge finally died and faded away into blurry memory, to whom sex is nothing more than an infrequent task to be done and taken care of to keep his body cooperating and focused; no more exciting than a particularly nice bath after a long trip through the wasteland.

Ace Roadhog who’s never come across the term aromantic, but if he had and if he were the type to give a fuck (he does not. he gives no fucks whatsoever) would say it fits well enough

aro/ace Roadhog who, after a few years of following Junkrat across the wasteland, across the world, realizes that he’s having A Feeling for this gangly little shit he’s being paid to protect.

Some kind of Feeling that isn’t really sexual and absolutely isn’t romantic, but is far too intense to be any sort of normal feeling that a bodyguard should have for their employer.

aro/ace Roadhog who ends up expressing it in the only ways he can. Nods of approval. A thumbs up after a particularly nice explosion. A clap on the back that leaves Junkrat momentarily winded. Ruffling Junkrat’s hair a bit too hard, throwing him off balance until he catches himself, shakes the dizzy off like a dog shakes off water, then falls into another giggle fit and smiles that too wide grin of his (something in roadhog’s chest tightens. looks like old age is finally settling in. he needs to watch himself.)

Junkrat with a libido that constantly wavers between “completely average” and “forgot i even had one”, who wouldn’t mind if he were the one Roadhog decided to direct his attention to in those rare occasions where he needs to “relieve some tension”, but knows it’s unlikely to happen, maybe probably almost definitely not ever. An unspoken thing he’s picked up on and respects as A Line, even if he doesn’t always get it, exactly.

Junkrat that, honestly? doesn’t care at all because there’s hardly anyone else in the world that could get a ‘good job’ out of Roadhog, absolutely no one else he gives a pat on the back to, and if anyone else tried to lean up close next to him when winter nights in the outback leave them shivering, they’d be lucky to get a quick hook to the throat instead of a grunt and subtle shift that makes it easier for Junkrat to fall in and fall asleep.

Their Thing, whatever that Thing may be, is weird and strange and never up for discussion. Not to others, not amongst each other. It works, they’re in it for the long haul, and they know it without having to talk it out. The little details don’t matter

Fic: Acts of Kindness [Percy, Grog | T | 1200 words]

[AO3 | FFN | More Fic]

In a quiet moment, Grog confronts Percy about Craven Edge.

Acts of Kindness

Percy was midway through penning a particularly challenging schematic—and struggling against the still-more-challenging task of warding off sleep in a dimly lit room that radiated warmth no matter how cold the winds were outside the castle walls—when a knock at the door dragged him out of his own mind. He blinked, bleary-eyed, at the door for a moment, finally settled on Cassandra being the most likely to interrupt him at this time of night, and said, his tone as gentle as he could make it, “Yes?”

There was a pause. The door creaked open. On the other side was the single person who was as far from his sister as it was possible to get.

Grog, wearing an uncharacteristically blank expression, said, “Hello, Percy.”

Percy blinked, and instinctively went through the Grog-proofing workshop checklist in his head. Nothing outright dangerous within reach, but a couple of temptingly grabbable objects with just enough acidic residue on them that they might prove educational. Good. “Grog. This is certainly unexpected.”

“Couldn’t sleep,” said Grog, shouldering his way into the room. He stood with a slight hunch whenever he was in a place built for humans, Percy noted, even when the ceilings were high enough to permit him to stand upright. Habit, maybe, after living with gnomes for so long.

“All right,” he said, and made a couple nervous strokes to touch up the shading of his schematic before glancing up, dropping the pretense. There was no sense in worrying about tact with Grog. “Why exactly are you here?”

“Figured we should, like, have a little talk.” Grog nudged his elbow back, nonchalantly, and the door creaked shut behind him with a finality that made Percy’s skin jump. “Since you were the one who gave me Craven Edge and all.”

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Barney: water loving!

I was pleased to get those shaking shots… Normally, Barney has a thing about wanting to shake himself off right next to me (or anyone else standing around). If people try moving away to avoid a soaking, he has been known to literally chase after them, so he can share his fun! There’s no escape from the little retch ;-)

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“Our co-ed dorm has this weekly movie night and we sat beside each other at the first one and made fun of the cheesy plot so now we seek each other out each week to sit together.” AU with any pairing you want :-)

(This prompt has been combined with mr-mcshipper’s prompt of “stydia movie night.)

She started wearing makeup to movie night after only four weeks.

The first time, Allison had insisted that they dress down because “dresses don’t go with popcorn.” Lydia’s argument that she didn’t like popcorn anyways, because she enjoys having a face not slicked with oil, had been shot down by Allison immediately. Apparently, movies are incomplete without popcorn with m&ms shaken into them, and anybody who says differently is kidding themselves.

Lydia’s new roommate is strong-willed, sure, but luckily, Lydia is too. She had given into the pajamas, but she hadn’t eaten any popcorn.

Which is how she’d ended up meeting awkward, sarcastic, and strangely sweet Stiles Stilinski when she was wearing pink pajama shorts and a white camisole with a sports bra underneath it. Surprisingly, he had liked her anyways.

She hadn’t liked him at first. At all. Allison had noticed his roommate and made a beeline for him, smiling sheepishly at Lydia as she introduced herself. And then they had started talking, and Scott asked Stiles to switch seats, and that’s how Lydia ended up halfway through the first Avengers movie with an absolutely obnoxious boy crunching on popcorn in her ear. He spent the entire movie going back and forth between whispering the lines and whispering sarcastic things about the lines, and it has taken more than half of the film for Lydia to realize that he was making her laugh pretty consistently.

The next week, she wore a skirt. Stiles, on the other hand, wordlessly plopped into the seat next to her with bright red cheeks and Star Wars pajama pants. He let her wipe her eyes on the sleeve of his white shirt when the dad died, under the condition that Lydia wear pajamas the next week. She suspected, as he quirked an eyebrow, that he would let her use the t-shirt regardless of whether she agreed or didn’t agree. Which is what makes her put her pajamas on the next week and head down to the small auditorium where movie night is held once a week, and what makes her spend extra time on her hair so that she will look glamorously ready for bed.

By week four, she’d bought new pajamas in the hopes that he’ll ask her to watch a movie anywhere but in an auditorium filled with 200 teenagers on their phones. And by week ten, he has yet to do so.

This is the slowest play of Lydia’s life.

She has spent ten weeks hunkered down in a chair next to Stiles, letting him make the stupidest and most perfect comments in her ear and laughing even at the ones that shouldn’t be so funny but somehow are to her. Maybe it’s because their senses of humor mesh so well together. Or maybe it’s because he smells so good that she wants to claw his shirt off every time he leans over.

Either way, Lydia is frustrated.

Tonight, they are sharing a bowl filled with starbursts and throwing the wrappers into another bowl. Stiles seems to find this vigorously entertaining. Lydia is pretending to pay attention to the movie instead of him, but it’s far more entertaining to watch the sour face Stiles makes every time he accidentally eats one of the pink candies.

On the screen, Natalie Wood looks hopefully up at her Tony and says, “When you come, use the back door.” Stiles almost spits a red starburst onto the floor in his eagerness to say, “that’s what she said!” In the most crazed, excited voice Lydia has ever heard him use.

“Juvenile,” she responds.

“Juvenile,” he repeats. “Huh. Any more juvenile than believing in love at first sight?”

“It’s a musical theatre retelling of Romeo and Juliet,” Lydia whispers back, throwing an orange starburst at his head. It falls into his lap, and he unwraps it and pops it into his mouth. “What do you expect?”

“I expect at least six years of character development before these two crazies can get together.”

“That’s illogical,” Lydia says. “You can only have two and a half hours at the most.”

“Hey, you know what else is illogical? Love at first sight.”

She definitely does not believe in love at first sight. What she does believe in is ardor at first sarcastic comment. There’s a very clear cut difference.

“Well, you’re about to be horribly disappointed, because they get fake married in a few scenes,” Lydia says casually.

Stiles actually groans out loud, making several people shush him.

“You wanna get out of here?” He asks, face illuminated only by the light of the screen.

“Sure,” Lydia says, heart quickening because she’s barely ever heard him speak above a whisper. Stiles nods and begins gathering up his things, standing up to reveal superman sweatpants and his ever-present white pajama top.

He’s not what Lydia usually goes for. Doesn’t have muscles or perfect teeth or blond hair. But this is college, and she isn’t going to be the same girl that she was in high school, and when she follows him out of the small little auditorium and watches his ass as they go, she decides that whoever she was in high school doesn’t matter. She’s here now. She got into this school.

She got here, and now she’s going to get what she wants in a whole new way.

“Where did you plan on going?” She asks, padding after him in her flip flops. They echo across the pavement on the quiet, empty sidewalk.

He checks his watch.

“The Dining Halls are probably still open,” he says. “Doesn’t Jefferson close at two AM?”

“Mhm,” Lydia confirms.

“Cool. I’ll show you how to make a coffee milkshake. Top secret recipe.”

He starts walking without asking her if she wants to follow. For a moment, Lydia stares after him. Then she follows anyways.

“Is that a breakfast food or a dessert?” She questions, grabbing his elbow briefly to stay caught-up with him. He walks quickly, blue blanket tied around his neck and trailing behind him like a cape.

He looks like a fucking idiot. She really, really likes him.

“If you have to ask, you’ll never know.”

“Okay, ghost in Harry Potter. Pipe down.”

“Damn, do you think we could convince them to do a Potter marathon?” Stiles ponders, tilting his head back towards the auditorium. “Man, that would be so fucking fun, I swear I haven’t marathoned those movies in, like, for-”

“Are you ever going to ask me out?”

He stops walking and blinks at how shrill she is.

“Uhh… What?”

“I have been waiting and waiting for eleven weeks, Stiles. For the love of god, the semester is basically over at this point! Are you going to ask me on a date or not?”

“Wait, wait.” He shakes his head like he’s a dog trying to shake water from his hair. “Are you asking me to ask you out?”

Lydia’s eyes turn to slits.

“You’ll find I don’t usually repeat myself.”

He swallows, hard. Ah. There’s the Lydia Martin she loves to bring out.

“So, um, you… You want to go out. With me. Like a date.” Stiles looks so paralyzed with disbelief, trying to find the catch, that there’s nothing Lydia can do but lurch forward, tug him down by the shirt collar, and press her lips against his. “Lydiawillyougooutwithme?”

He asks it in a rush as soon as she’s pulled away, swiping some of her lip gloss off of his upper lip as she pulls back.

“Yes,” she says, rolling her eyes.

“Um, okay,” Stiles replies, still seeming shell shocked.

This time, it’s Lydia’s turn to begin walking, leaving him to trail behind her.

She waits for him to catch up. When he does, he has taken his cape blanket off and proceeds to wrap it around her shoulders, hands a little shaky.

Lydia bypasses the cafeteria and heads straight for her dorm. Because, yeah. He’s a keeper.