dogs ran away but are back now

A Wild Dog Chase

Tom Holland x Reader

Word Count: 1200ish

Warnings: None I think

Prompt: Person A’s pet runs away and Person B finds it.

A/N: I love dogs. This took too long

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“Sophie!” The chances of the puppy listening to your calls was slim to none, but with no other idea of how to find her in this park, desperate times call for desperate measures. All around you, you saw families, couples, kids, and more dogs but none of them yours. The baby pit bull was nowhere to be seen.

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I am Fuming Mad.

This is a long ass rant but a kid literally attacked my dog so I need to write this all down somewhere so other people can be mad with me.

So I took Marvel into Petco to grab a few things and to practice heeling with distractions and leave it’s . He was being awesome . These 2 adult women come
in they looked alike so I’m guessing they were sisters and one of them had 2 kids a girl who looked 10/11 and a boy who was 5/6. They were horrendous children right from the start and the mom just wasn’t paying attention. Left them in the aisle with dog toys while they went off to get some litter boxes. The kids were screaming and beating each other up and ripping things off shelves and throwing them on the floor. The little girl petted Marvel without asking and the boy ran by shrieking “ewwww bad dog ” every time he saw Marvel or the other dog who was in the store . Marvel was getting cookies from me so he ignored the kid . But he really set the other dog (a young black lab mix) off he was running up and staring and yelling in its face and the dog was barking at him which was only making him scream louder . And the mom just wasn’t saying anything to her out of control brats . So bratty boy child decided he wants this big red ball and he puts it in the cart. Mom tells him he isn’t getting the ball and she hides it in an aisle. When the kid realizes the ball is gone he starts throwing a huge fit . He’s running around screaming “where’s the ball!” “You tell me where it is it’s my ball!” And causing a huge scene and again really setting off this poor black lab. At this point it’s borderline dangerous that this kid is running around scaring dogs . Judging by the labs body language if he got too close she was going to snap.

I get in line with my dog treats and I’m behind the 2 ladies and the little girl the boy is still off screaming about his ball in some toy aisle totally unsupervised. So the boy walks up because he finally found the ball he was looking for . He walks up kicks his sister in the shins and puts the ball in the cart. He yells at the black lab mix in front of him and the dog barks again. Still his mother is just blabbing away sipping her Starbucks and saying nothing. She occasionally told her kids to “stay here” but they weren’t listening and still ran off down the aisles . Mom is now telling screaming boy that he can’t have the red ball and needs to put it back. Girl brat takes the red ball out of the cart and tosses it on the ground. It rolls behind them and stops right in front of Marvel who goes to sniff it .

This is the part where things go horribly wrong . As Marvel goes to sniff the ball the kid screams , runs up and grabs Marvel by the tail pulling it so hard that he yelps. Kid proceeds to KICK MY PUPPY IN THE HEAD whilst still screaming . Marvel was just like wtf and backed up and the kid went for him again. At which point I put myself in front of my dog and grab the kid by his coat. He kicked me repeatedly still screaming “stupid dog I’m gonna get him” and his mom is just standing there looking at me. I went ballistic. I said something along the lines of “come get this fucking brat before I strangle him or he gets bitten” and I let the kid go and he runs off. And then I proceeded to berate her until she cried because I was so fucking pissed . I told her that most dogs would have bitten her kid and it’s her fault for not controlling him and her brats shouldn’t be in public if she’s not going to pay attention. The Petco cashier checked me out really quickly after that so I could leave. And then the kid got loose in the parking lot and was running around literally behind moving cars and he ran up to my car screaming and Pants barked and made him cry , that was the highlight of my evening . I am still shaking mad . Marvel seems perfectly happy and fine but holy shit how do people let their kids act like this ? It really could have become a dangerous situation if Marvel wasn’t as stable as he is .

AU prompts 4

- “you’re my favorite up and coming author and I go to one of your signings, oh my god your handwriting is so pretty, wait did you just write your number in this book” au

- “my car ran out of gas and god, I’m in the middle of no where. I walk and thankfully find a run down diner, you’re the waiter at the coffee bar and wOW YOURE CUTE” au

- “I’m on a blind date with you but I just found out you’re team iron man and I don’t think it’s going to work out” au

- “we’ve been best friends forever but we went to different universities and got separated a few years back. I’m home for summer now and holy shit I think that’s you uhm what happened to your glasses and disgusting fringe” au

- “the person I’m kind of dating brought me to the carnival and they’re trying to win me a stuffed dog at one of those stands but they’re hopeless. you walk up next to us and hand the man a dollar, popped three balloons with those darts and yup you just handed me a stuffed dog oH BOY MY DATE IS PISSED” au

- “we used to go to school together and you’re in this shitty local band that blew up and now you’re touring other countries and stuff but you’re back here for a show. I got front row tickets and in the middle of your world ending guitar solo, you see my face and fuck it up” au

- “my best friend is getting married to your best friend and we have to walk down the aisle together, I remember always hating you but you look really good in a suit wow” au

- “my dog ran away a month ago and you found her in your backyard with your dog, well I’m sorry to break it to you but your dog knocked her up and I’m not about to parent these puppies on my own” au

Locked In (Jason Todd x Reader)

Request: “63 and 64 with Jason Todd please.” from anon.

Prompts: 63) “Can I kiss you?” 64) “He is kinda hot alright..”

A/N: Italics are just your thoughts. I think i got too carried away at the end. I’m so sorry, this is terrible. T^T

Tags: @wynterrobin @wannabe-weasley @queen-of-all-the-fandoms @tim-help


It wasn’t a joke when you said Jason irritated you. But you didn’t know everything would turn out this way.

After coming back with Jason from a failed mission, Bruce had to lock you both in a room because of all the fighting.

“Once you two finally get along, you’re free to go. Do you understand me?” He said sternly.

It’s been 10 minutes now and you and Jason didn’t say one word to each other.

You huffed, folding your arms across your chest and sat on the side of the bed, “What, you’re not going to start yelling at me like you usually do?” 

He rolled his eyes, leaning against the dresser as he gazed outside the window.  “Don’t even start with me, (Y/N)” He muttered.

You stood up, “Don’t even start? What the hell do you mean by that?!” You raised your arms in exasperation.

“That!” He strode over towards you, towering over your body, “You’re always yapping like a little fucking chihuahua! It’s annoying!”

You scoffed, “Wow! So you’re calling me a dog now, huh?!”  

He ran his fingers through his hair in frustration, “I didn’t mean that!”

You took a good look at him now that he’s close to you like this, He is kinda hot alright...

You looked away from him, mentally slapping yourself for thinking that way. Yeah, he did irritate you, but the small crush you have on him always had to ruin everything.

“Oh! You’re not going to fight back now?!”

Can I kiss you?” You blurted out but you eventually slammed your hand over your mouth.

Great job, (Y/N).

He gasped, taking a step back, “What did you just say?” He asked, voice cracking.

You gulped, “Sorry I just…I didn’t mean to say that out loud.”

He blinked, “It’s…okay?”

The silence came back. You both just stared at each other without breaking eye contact. You wished you can just crawl in a hole and hide in there forever.

Jason let out a suffering sigh, breaking the silence, “Fuck it.” He growled, snaking an arm around your waist knocking the breath out of you when he pulled you into his chest, slamming his lips on yours.

You squirmed. You weren’t ready for this at all. Your heart was racing, but you kissed back when you felt him pull away.

He pushed you down on the bed, not breaking any contact. You snaked your arms round his neck and moaned as he deepen the kiss. Jason raised your arms above your head, locking them in his. He used a knee to open up your legs, letting you wrap them around his waist to bring him in closer. 

You both let out your frustrations into the kiss. He grind into you, making you moan louder. He pulled away and started kissing down your neck. 

“Guys, Bruce said you should come out now- OH SHIT!”

Jason pulled away from your neck, turning his head and snarled at Tim, “Could you fucking knock!?”

Tim covered his eyes with his hands, “When Bruce said you two should start getting along he didn’t mean it like that!” He yelled, slamming the door shut.

Jason sighed and looked back down at you, “Want me to lock the door so we can continue?” He smirked.

“Of course.”

The Dragon and his fairy

Out of everything that I should be doing, I could not get this idea out of my head so here is Fairy Levy and Dragon Gajeel!

This will more than likely get updated only once a week since it is short but that is subject to change. 

This is also a special gift for @bianww

Summary: He was the feared Iron dragon who lived alone in his vast kingdom, however when he finds and injured fairy his whole world is thrown into a spin.

Rated T (This might change)

Word count: 1715

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Imagine: Derek loving you and your son

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

Request: Can you do a Derek Hale imagine where either him or the reader had a child from a previous relationship and the other falls in love with them and the child even more when they see how amazing they are with the child and eventually they to get together? - @julieanncupcake

 A/N: I’ve reposted this now, sorry for any inconvenience. As I mentioned previously I have another imagine in the works from the same request as I am not too happy with this one. I had rushed it, but from now on I will be focusing on making better imagines than trying to get them out daily. 

Everyone thought she was crazy when she said she wanted a child at 19. But 9 months later they all went quiet on the subject. She didn’t care, and neither did her fiancé. They were in love and now their family was complete with a beautiful baby boy. But no matter how good, or bad things get, everything must stay in balance, and return to the middle.

Your son was only two years old when he started showing his fathers… qualities. Tantrums, growling, biting and a fast-physical learning ability. Your fiancé was a werewolf, and he had passed his gift onto his son. You had known for a long time what your husband-to-be was, but you didn’t expect the genes to be passed on. Your fiancé never used his wolf abilities since the day he met you. But when you both discovered your son was a werewolf too, he became extremely protective. He was so worried about losing you or his son that he forgot to worry about himself and was caught by a family of hunters.

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okay so my “backyard” consists of like a long 5ft wide strip of grass and then a retaining wall which drops off like 20ft to a fence down below and a small strip of like….”dead land” bc i live on a hill right ? anyways i got home from work and took jackson out back to throw his tennis balls a bit bc he needs the exercise well DUMBASS kept letting/dropping the balls off the retaining wall and then he ran down there to get them but kept picking one up, getting distracted bc he saw the other ball 5ft away and would run to go get THAT one, resulting in, you guessed it, 0 balls once he came back up the hill

tldr; my dog is dumb and now has 0 tennis balls 

Avengers vs. Wild

Summary: In which some of the Avengers, including you, are bested by mother nature.

A/N: requests are open, although no smut, and misadventures are greatly welcomed.


Bruce frowned as he surveyed the campsite before him. It was supposed to be a beautiful, well cared for landscape with wide open spaces and amenities, but instead he found wilderness. Long grass, walls of bushes and leering trees with the occasional rabid squirrel. “Tony, are you sure this is our campsite?”

Tony nodded and answered without looking up from his phone, “Yup. Says here we’re at the right place.”

Clint dropped his bag in shock. “You’re kidding, right?”

You walked up to Bruce, carefully trying not lose your footing in the unruly foliage, and grimaced. “We are so losing the bet.”

“No, we’re not!” Tony defended. “Steve and the rest don’t think we can survive camping. We’re going to prove them wrong!”

Thor kicked over a rock and recoiled at the bugs underneath it. “I wish to return home at once!”

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Must Love Cats- Chapter Two

Levy hadn’t planned on being a pet sitter when she’d moved into the city. She also hadn’t planned on pet sitting for a sex god either, but here she was.

AKA the one where Levy is a pet sitter, Gajeel is her client, and Lily is the glue that binds them together.

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anonymous asked:

I had a dream about you last night! In my dream, my dog ran away & when I followed him, you were cuddling him and looking around for the owner. So I walked up to you & then you were like "Is this your dog? Well too bad, it's mine now." Then you picked it up & pretended to run away. We both laughed & had a chat - before I could get the dog back, I woke up.. So Jeff, please GIVE MY DOG BACK! I NEED HIM :c Also, don't pick up a pitbull, they're heavy! Haha Love you :)


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What would US ,SF sans and UT,UF papyrus do if they spent all day making a romantic candel lit dinner complete with Thier "specialty dish" to surprise Thier s/o for thier one year anniversary only for the annoying dog to come in and obsorb it ALL!!

(Haha, oh no :’D Poor skeletons, the dog can really be mean sometimes)

US Sans: He prepared his “special-day tacos” just for you, he spend the entire day getting the ingridients, fresh from the nice store in hotland that even has all the spices he uses. Cooking the dish took hours, he made everything from scrach, the sauce, the spicemix to add to the meat, it was a lot of work and the kitchen looked like a battefiel afterwards, sauce and oil stained the walls and ceiling, grated chees was lying on the floor like fresh snow, vegetables were thrown all around the room and a lone salat leave hung from the ceiling lamp. He even got fancy, nice smelling lavender candles. 

Now he is just putting a few finishing touches to the table he prepared. The table has a ligth blue table cloth, a darker, smaller cloth in the middle, the different bowls and plates with the food are staying ontop of it. The pale purple candles are inside short, silver candle holders, framing the dishes from two sides. The plates are on opposite sides of the table, he wanted to set the table exactly how he saw in on of Napstatons late night dramas on TV.

He is polishing one of the knifes, finally satisfied with it when suddenly the white little dog Papyrus always lets into the house burtst out of his brothers room and lands one the table, flinging food and cutlery everywhere. And ot make things worser he somehow…absorbse everything. Sans stares at the empty table in shocks, when the dog spits out an empty bowl and a fork and runs away barking madly.

He starts crying on the spot, Papyrus rushing downstairs to find out what happend. The taller skeleton feels pretty guilty, since he let the dog in after all. He helps Sans to prepare some subtitue food, teleporting to the store to get some new candels and new dishes, since theirs are inside a dog at the moment. Sans isn’t completly satisfied with everything in the end, but the food is edible, and the table looks at least sligthly like it did before.

If your happy with it, he will be happy to.

SF Sans: The table in the living room is looking very classy, some simple white plates, with silver knifes and forks glinting besides them, a long, elegant candleholder in the middle, holding 3 ligth-blue candles, two plates with burritos on top of them, every plate holding some with a different filling, and three smaller bowls with sauces in them, carefully placed inbetween the plates. Everything placed on a simple, white tablecloth, with filigran ornaments on the edges.

Your chairs where placed on hte same side of a table, he never understood why poeple sit on opposide sides. He wanted to be close to you, and he couldn’t do that so far away. 

Sans stands beside his masterpiece, looking at it proudly, hands on his hips. He spend hours preparing the food alone, marinating the meat the day before, searching for recipes even weeks before, somehow managing to pay attention to all the recipe books he read. You should be home soon, and he can’t wait to show you what he made for you, already excited for the nice evening you two will share.

Then he hears barking behind him, turning around shocked to see the little white dog, Papyrus is so fond of, climb trough an open window. Sans tries to catch him, jumping onto him, but the dog slides out of his grip, umping onto the table and just absorbing one thing after the other, until the entire table is empty. The dog grabs the tishcloth, dragging it in his theet and jump back out of the window. 

Its earily quiet, Sans just stares at the window with dark eyesockets, before screaming loud enough that Papyrus can hear him from his sentry station in Waterfall. You come home to Sans screaming bloody murder, insulting everybody and everything, before he flings himself at you, sobbing into your chest about what happened.

Please order some food and give him lots of love, he really tried his best. You don’t even have to search for a place thats open, cause a card for some foodplace nearby gets thrown trough the window by a skeletall hand.

UT Papyrus: Papyrus took some cooking lessons from the nice bunny running the inn. He knows Undynes methods…aren’t really producing the best results, even though they are a hell lot more fun. But this time it’s not about the cooking, it’s about making the perfect spagetti dish. He made the sauce out of freshly bougth tomatoes, beeing very carefull not ot burn it, adding everything in there the recipe, the bunny gave him, told him to. He even got some of the fancy, three coloured noodles, cooked them precisly on time.

And the food turned out pretty good. He usually didn’t eat his own cooking, but he started taste tasting his dishes after taking the cooking lessons, and this one was tasty. He placed some red candles into two silver candleholder, covered the table with a white tablecloth, placed a vase with one single rose in there on the table between the candles. He placed the bowl with the noodles on the rigth side of the vase, and one with the sauce on hte left side, making the table look nice, and the food easy to reach for both of you. 

He placed the plates on opposide sides of the table, everything like it was written in his date manual. He looked at everyting satisfied, sighing a quiet nyeh, beofre turning around to go up to his room and put on his dateoutfit. He stopped wearing it beneath his battlebody after you two started dating, because he was able to always plan dates now, and didn’t had to be prepared for a sudden date.

Almost upstairs he heard bowls fall to the floor downstairs, rushing back he saw the small white dog absorbe the last few noodles, and the vase with the floores, everything else already gone. Papyrus screamed after the dog, who ran as soon as he saw Papyrus trying to catch him. The dog simply jumped trough the window, Papyrus following rigth away. But the dog was long gone, when he landed on the other side.

You find him softly nyohohoin on the porch outside. When you two enter you will find a couple of hotdogs and some bottles of an unbrandet softdrink, while the door to Sans room quietly clicks closed upstairs.

UF Papyrus: He made lasagna from the best meat he could find, cooking it to perfection. He got red long candles, placing them in black, shining candlesholders. The tablecloth is a black in contrast to the white plates,  even when trying to be classy, he just couldn’t reastrain his edgy side. He placed the plate with the lasagna in the middle, the candleholders to the side of it. The silver cutlery was polished and placed next to the plates. Everything was spotless, actually the entire house was even a bit cleaner then usuall.

Satisfied with the result of hours of work, he went upstairs to shower, and put on a fancy shirt and tie. Of course the black and red colour combination stayed even with this clothes. He put on a bit of eyeliner, making his sligthly angular eyes seem rounder then usual. Finally also happy with his looks, he went downstairs to wait for you there and watch some TV. He really can’t  do nothing for longer time, so he settles for watching a bit of Mettatons show before you would come home.

Before his boney butt can even touch the couch, the door opens and Sans enters, followed by the small, annoying dog that followed him around sometimes. The dog immidiatly jumps onto the table, munching own the lasagna in one bite, absobring the entire table before neither skeleton can do anything about it.

Papyrus runs after the dog, who sprinted outside licking his fangs, throwing bones at him, trying to cage him in somehow. Sans just starts laughing madly in hte background, falling to the floor with tears in his eyes. Papyrus slumps down in the middle of the path outside their house and stays there until you see him sitting there on the way to his house.

He hugs you, telling you quietly what happened.You two go inside to at least spend a nice evening together, and find two plates containing microwaveble lasagna on the couch, the TV already turned on onto Papyrus favorite channel. 

  • Zwei: Give me the chicken! Come on best owner in the world! Can't you hear me whine? I'm standing on my paws for you! YES! Ruby gave me chicken.
  • Zwei: Oooooh being brushed feels good! Pamper me more Weiss! Yes, I'm a good doggy! I'm a very good dog! Yes I want a treat!
  • Zwei: CAT! CAT! CAT! CAT! CAT! Awww Blake ran away from me. Maybe if I roll around on her bed, she'll love me back? Yes! Perfect!
  • Zwei: Yang, grrrrr, let go of the rope! Gimmie! It's my toy! Great, now I'm dangling in the air but I'm still not letting this toy go! Yay! You let go! I win! Wait, do you want it back? Ok, lets go again! I love play time!
  • Zwei: Jaune's shoes are the best chew toys! Oh, I think he's looking for them again. Time to pretend I found his shoes. He always pets me for it!
  • Zwei: Nora! Nora! Nora! If I keep staring at you I know you'll give me bits of food from your plate. Mmmm beef! Let me lick your fingers! Do you have anymore? I'll stare at you again until you give me more. Please?
  • Zwei: Throw the stick! YES! I'm running after it! Are you watching, Pyrrah? I got it! It's heavy but I'm bringing back your big stick. Throw the giant Frisbee you have next!
  • Zwei: Naps are always best with Ren, it's always so quiet and he scratches me behind my ears while he reads. He doesn't even mind that I drool on his fancy clothes!
  • Zwei: I love all my owners!

“Are you teasing me purposefully with that thing?” Ja/ck looked up from his ice cream, his tongue still gliding up it.

“Hm?” Ja/ck took in his tongue, savoring the refreshingly cold taste of the vanilla.

It was a hot day out, and Ja/ck had the pleasure of being taken out afterschool to an ice cream shop by his best friend, Ma/rk, who was, at the moment, tipping back in his chair with his legs crossed on the storefront’s ourdoor table top. It was so warm out today, Ja/ck’s ice cream was running down again right after Ja/ck ran his tongue over it to stop the drips sliding down the cone and his hand. A drop landed on Ja/ck’s shirt and the junior wiped it off with his finger, poping it in his mouth to lick off the lovely taste.

“That was definitely on purpose.” Ma/rk took a lick at his own lips, taking his legs off the table and sitting up in the chair.

“I’ve no idea what yer talkin about.” The green haired kid rolled his eyes. “I just really like ice cream, ok?”

“Mh, yea-yea, of course.” Ma/rk nodded ironically, grabbing his bottle of water, opening it and chugging it down thirstily. Some of the water dripped from his mouth and ran down his neck. “God, it’s fucking sweltering out here!” The senior dumped the water over his head, shaking his hair like a dog.

“Hey! Hey!” Ja/ck laughed, wincing away from the droplets that scattered all over him.

“What?” Ma/rk laughed, wiping his wet hair out of his eyes. “I’m hot!”

“Agreed.” Ja/ck smirked and went back to tonging his frozen treat again, sighing and closing his eyes as the cool, almost liquidy feeling slid down the back of his throat.


Ja/ck stopped and opened his eyes at the low groan Ma/rk let out.

“What now?”

“Just look at yourself, Seán..” The broad shouldered teen sat back with lustful eyes. “God, you’re so beautiful.”

The irish kid blushed, averting Ma/rk’s gaze as he went back to licking his ice cream.

“M'thanks, I guess.” Ja/ck looked down at the drips of ice cream falling from his fist and onto the table.

“I’m serious, Seán.”

“I’m not that gorgeous, Mark, damn. Especcially just from licking ice cream.”

“Yea, but I bet you’d look gorgeous licking my dick like that ice cream.”

Ja/ck choked a moment, his eyes wide as he coughed at the creamy liqiud tickling his throat.

“Oh, you like that thought?” Ma/rk leaned forward, smiling curiously. “You also like the thought of me licking up your cum like you’re doing with that stuff running down your hand?”

“Oh, for fuck’s sake, Ma/rk.” The junior covered his face as it burned furiously, trying to choked back a laugh.

“Wh-, come on!” Ma/rk shrieked lightheartedly in protest, sitting back in his chair again. “You can’t tell me that doesn’t look like cum.”

SSHHH-Ma/rk-Ma/rk, be quiet! People’re gonna hear you!” Ja/ck giggled quietly, looking around to see if anyone had heard the vulgar word.

“Oh yeah, I forgot.” Ma/rk rolled his eyes with an annoyed smirk. “You aren’t into exhibitionism,”

“More of a-”

“Yeah yeah,” The buff kid cut the irish teen off, rolling his eyes again. “More of a vanilla guy yerself,” He mocked an irish accent badly. “You gotta try some kinks out one day, Seán. Vanilla’s boring, man.”

“Hey!” Ja/ck retorted stubbornly. “I know kinks-and vanilla isn’t boring!”

“Name one kink you know,” Ma/rk sat up, leaning his elbows against the table. “-better yet-name one kink you have.”

“I like nipple stuff!” Ja/ck said quickly.

“And who introduced you to that?” Ma/rk resoonded equally as fast.

Ja/ck just smiled as he couldn’t respond, going back to licking his sweet treat.


Christ, will I ever stop posting CU art? Probably, but not now.

Anyway, I was in the mood to draw my CU OC Laika, also known as Miss Understood. More background info here:

Captain Underpants and his sidekicks managed to catch Laika when she was roaming the streets at night, using a dog whistle and some rope. They wanted to find out who this mystery werewolf was and brought her to the treehouse. An unfortunate storm changed CU back into Krupp, who ran away screaming when he saw Laika.

George and Harold were at first afraid of the tied up werewolf, fearing she might try to eat them. But when her stomach started to rumble and she looked longingly at the box of chocolate chip cookies, their fear began to disappear. They decided it would be unwise to leave the werewolf alone for the moment and started writing and drawing some more CU comics to pass the time. When they read them out loud, to their surprise, the werewolf was chuckling at the jokes they were making. The kids decided to cut her free and spend the rest of the evening reading to her the stories of Captain Underpants.

Realising the werewolf would change back to a human again in the morning, they quickly gave her a long blanket so she could cover herself up. (We don’t want to make this story too creepy now people!) Eventually, they all fell asleep.

The next night: George and Harold knew the mystery werewolf was their substitute teacher and promised her they would keep it a secret.

George: Say Harold, the moon has already been full for three days now, right?

Harold: No, I’m pretty sure it’s been only two days. Why?

A loud howling filled the air as Miss Understood ran past them in werewolf form, bits of ripped clothing falling off of her. George managed to grab her by the scruff of her neck.

George: Oh no!

Harold: Here we go again!!

[ffxv] visualize success (do u even lift, bro?)

Word Count: 1046
Characters: Prompto Argentum, Noctis Lucis Caelum, Gladio (briefly)
Pairings: promptis
Warnings: none

Noctis finds the determination to grow stronger one fateful day when he realizes he’s not shredded enough to carry Prompto in his arms for an indefinite amount of time. (ft. two high schoolers trespassing to pet a dog, a missing shoe, a hot day, and Oh Prince Noctis.)

not exactly a request, but based off a convo w @queen-tabris which became: 

noct: gladio i wanna train hard enough so i can carry prom in my arms
gladio: well i guess that’s something

-cara, visionary of our time

anyway, hope u enjoy & here are the details for requesting fics!

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The Choice: Chapter One

Jackson Avery is a fifth year resident at Seattle Grace when the hospital merges with Mercy West. The merger has an unexpected impact on him, and when he finds himself caught between the life he wants for himself and his mother’s expectations of him, he has to make a choice. (A bit AU/definitely a Japril story) (FYI: In this AU, Derek, Izzie, and George don’t exist.  Don’t hate me!)

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Request (one line prompts) #2

Request: #62 “Just shut up and kiss me”, 59 “Why are you looking at me like that?”, 49 “Well this is awkward”, 44 “ will you just accept that I am hopelessly in love with you, and there is nothing you can do to change that?” , 26 “Just do it!”  with Markiplier

I’m super digging these one line prompt things dudes. this one is for @boner-hugs I hope y’all like it!

Originally posted by lum1natrix

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Partners In Crime

Pairing: Lucifer x Demon!Reader 
Song: Partners in Crime by Set It Off ft Ash Costello
Word Count: 1854
Warnings: Mature, foul language, all over the place and a slight mess.
Note: @tattooedluci got the song ‘Partners in Crime’ by Set if Off ft Ash Costello. Now I have always wanted to write a story for Lucifer with this song and so this is super awesome that it came up.
If you are confused and want a story then you can find the answers here.  
Oh, and the timeline is totally screwy but just roll with it. Please. (I did my best to keep it as similar as possible) 

You rounded the corner and leaned against the wall laughing even harder with Lucifer was right on your tail. He let out a breath and you met his eyes still laughing.

His expression was cold and you took a deep breath as you pushed off the wall. Rolling your eyes you poked your head out around the wall to see that the cops had gone down the wrong alley looking for you. 

“This vessel isn’t a runner (y/n).” With a shaky breath, Lucifer did his best to compose himself. 

“Then find a stronger one. Duh.” He rolled his eyes and pushed you against the wall by your neck. 

You groaned and his eyes glowed red as he leaned in and stuck his tongue out. Turning your face away from him as he licked your cheek up and down with each part of his tongue moving in opposite directions.

‘Lu! Stop!” You pushed him away knowing he was just being an ass now. 

“You love when I do that to your pussy.” You narrowed your eyes at him as he snaked his arm around your waist and kissed you hard. 

You fell into his kiss knowing he was right and as you began to enjoy his affection he pulled away. He took your hand in his and walked you down the alley to a new street where you joined the crowd of people. As if you two weren’t just chased by cops for trashing the local diner. 

Later that night the two of you had planned on sneaking into a concert by Set It Off and not only did you manage to get in but the two of you were brought on stage during the performance of the song ‘Partners In Crime.’ Lucifer forgot about it after weeks but you will always remember it no matter how many years pass. 

That’s exactly what had happened. Lucifer had his fun in Virginia and left without a goodbye. His vessel was lifeless beside you when you woke that morning and so you did as Lucifer and started new. You found yourself in Kansas and lived across the street from a home that soon became the talk of Hell. It, of course, was the Winchester’s home and you could remember the fire so vividly. Maybe just as vivid as that baby boy Sam. You chuckled every day you saw the remolding and the final product. It was the night the brothers returned that you wished you hadn’t visited. They had a trap on the ceiling and you waited for them to return from whatever it was they were doing to let you go. 

“What the hell?” Dean the eldest was first in the room and seemed to be surprised that it was an actual demon.

“What are you doing here? This house has nothing to do with you.” You rolled your eyes as you sat Indian style and waited for the two of them to sit as well.

“Fine don’t sit. Make me feel small why don’t you. I’m here because I was curious. I live across the street and have been living there for the last 44 years. I saw the fire I laughed when I realized who did it then cried for months because I don’t want to help.” Both the men looked at one another completely baffled by your words.

“I don’t have to explain myself. You don’t know yet so you don’t get the pleasure of hearing it from me. I’m bored please just let me go.” Dean narrowed his eyes and pointed at Sam who started performing the exorcism. 

You giggled and bobbed your head side to side when nothing happened. They were yelling and asking questions wanting to know why you were fine.

“I’m no ordinary demon boys. Let me go and I’ll help. Give you locations. Names. Things that I know you are asking Crowley for.” You stood up and held your hip.” 
“How do you know we need names! You working for Crowley!?” You rolled your eyes and clapped your hands together.

“Let me out and I’ll give you what you want. Don’t come after me because I don’t care about you two or what Crowley is up to. I want peace and quiet. Got it?” They let you out and you gave them the names as promised. 

As promised you were left alone and unfortunately, you would be summoned by Sam for answers. He was looking for Lucifer and he knew that a demon who wasn’t involved with Crowley would be helping Lucifer somehow. 

“Where the hell am I? No one summons me!” You turned frantically looking to see where you were and it was dark as night. 

“I did. I need answers. Dean isn’t with me and we can do this without violence.” You heard Sam and he turned a light on. 

Your eyes adjusted to the low lighting and you narrowed your eyes at him.

“Where’s Lucifer.” Your heart skipped at his name and a tear fell as well.

“I don’t know.” You weren’t lying but you weren’t going to tell him that you felt his presence. 

“I know he’s out of the cage. I freed him. I just need to put him back.” More tears fell as you heard his words and Sam narrowed his eyes at your reaction.

“Why are you crying?”
“You let him out?” Sam nodded slowly and you began to laugh.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” You kept laughing and Sam left the room as you kept laughing.

Little did Sam know about your laughter was that when you laughed it was the easiest way for Lucifer to find you. He wouldn’t ever admit it out loud but that was why he fell in love with you in the first place. He joked to you about it but you knew. There you laid in the trap looking at the one on the ceiling when the door opened and slammed shut.

“(y/n)!” Lucifer’s voice was crisp and you sat up quickly to see him.

“Lu! You got to the edge of the trap and kicked at it grumbling that you couldn’t move any closer to Lucifer who stood a few feet in front of you.

“Get me out of here babe.” You smiled big and he shrugged.

“Why should I?” You shook your head at his words.

“What do you mean?” You held your hand on the barrier and he walked around the circle. 

“You can’t be trusted. You didn’t help me. Sam got me out, Azazel started it. And you. You went into hiding.” You shrugged not thinking anything of his words.

“I thought the best way I could help was if I didn’t tell everyone the plan. I knew that if I got involved in the beginning that the next step wouldn’t happen. I did it to protect your next move.” You poked your bottom lip out and he bobbed his head back and forth.

“And I thank you for that, but I’m out and you didn’t come find me. I was calling for you. Why didn’t you answer?” You looked at your feet knowing you were in trouble now.

“Oh, that’s right. Because you were with Crowley!” You whimpered and scurried to the center of the circle at his anger. 

“It’s not what you think!” You didn’t think anything of what happened with Crowley because you were simply using him to keep him off Lucifer’s trail.

“Oh no? So why is it everyone in hell calls you Queen!?” You closed your eyes knowing that was too far.

“It was part of the character! Lu! I love you. You know that.” You stood tall and cocked your head at him.

“No. You love the plan. It was your idea and now that I’m back and you’re here like you wanted I have no choice.” You narrowed your eyes at him.

“No choice for what?” 
“To divert away from the original plan. You became involved with your own needs and not our needs.” He shrugged as he spoke.

“You wouldn’t dare!” You ran to the edge of the trap and punched at him howling at the stupid barrier. 

“Oh but I dare. When Sammy lets you out you should check the news. I’ve got to go back to letting Crowley think I’m his dog and continue with the last of your plan. See ya around. Slut.” You fell to your knees as he left the room.

“I HATE YOU LUCIFER!” You screamed as loud as you could and Sam ran into the room asking what was wrong.

“Oh, nothing Sammy. I just love a good manhunt. Get me out of here and I’ll give you more than information. I can give you anything you want.” You seductively nibbled on your bottom lip and Sam pulled his head back.

“As if. I’ll come back for answers tomorrow.” You howled at him and gasped as someone came up behind you locking your arms behind your back.

“Dean!” Sam yelled at his brother.

“Oh, Dean hey.” You laughed and couldn’t wait for what he was about to do next.

“Don’t talk bitch! How long!?” 
“Dean! Let her go!”
“No Sammy! She’s with Lucifer!” Sam looked at you and you nodded.

“Lucifer. Oh, my baby. I miss him so much. Too bad you two can’t find him.” You laughed and Dean kicked his knees into the back of yours so you were on the ground.

“Do it, Dean. I know you want to. Lucifer doesn’t care. He won’t care if you kill me. Well if he does. Then you’ll be first to know.” As the words left your mouth you let tears fall and felt the blade force its way through you.

As Lucifer laid his son down to rest he heard you scream and left instantly knowing that you needed him more than he needed some dumb plan. He got there and the brothers were in shock. Lucifer pushed Dean off you and pulled you into his chest. 

The brothers looked at one another and watched not exactly sure what to do. Lucifer was there but he was crying over a demon. 

“WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!” He yelled and the building shook.

“I’m going to finish out the plan baby. For you.” He was gone and Sam looked to Dean who was searching for you.

“Dean. What have we done?” Dean shook his head at his brother and they turned to someone who cleared their throat.

“So not only have the two of you let Lucifer have a child, you let him kill the only person who was keeping hell on a leash. Oh not to mention killing his soulmate. Hmmmmm, Yeah you two are fucked.” Gabriel shook his head in disapproval then snapped and he was gone.


I’d like for the world to see me through the lens of a Snapchat filter. Where eyes are brightened, skin is smooth and golden light streams from
All directions. Unfortunately, those filters also make you chocolate bunnies for Easter.

It was the moment of truth. Will or I or won’t I be able to pull my wetsuit up past my hips AND zip it up? The answer… YES! I did my first open water swim of the year today. Was the water cold? Yes, initially, and then it felt good. I swam a little over a mile. I got home, showered, fixed my hair. I’m not quite sure why I fixed my hair because I then decided to go running. But at least I have chocolate bunny evidence that I did fix it today.

I had a scary moment with a dog today on the trail. I had passed a family with dogs sitting on a ledge. I noticed the dogs, a Yorkie mix and a Pit Bull. I said hi! And ran past them. I was about twenty steps away when I hear kids footsteps behind me and I hear a dog. I haven’t looked back but I was certain the kids had the Pit. I know I am now being chased. If I speed up, I encourage the chase. If I slow down, I’m dinner. I hear the feet get faster and I hear the owners calling for the dog. I’ve been bitten by a dog before, strangely also on Easter Sunday. I slow down to a walk and I hear adults running behind me now too. I know they are trying to get to the dog. I don’t want to look back. Animals smell fear and I WAS SCARED. I finally hear them all right behind me. The adults had gotten to the dog. I was inches away from being bitten again. The first time it had been a German Shepherd. I was right it was the Pit. I was a mile and I still had three to go. I had to make all these deals with my self to finish. I wasn’t going to let fear win. And it didn’t.

No bike today. I’ve decided for the days I don’t ride my bike I had two days to my 30 day challenge because I’m making myself do other things so I do t have to ride.