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Blaine likes to sit like this, with his back to us, and he’ll do it to anyone in my family. I’ve read it’s a sign of trust and maybe he’s protecting us.

But the cutest thing EVER (I think) is that whenever my mom was feeding a baby (I have a bunch of foster siblings) he would do this without fail. He was so good with the babies and I really think he loved every single one of them.

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who are jeff's character's in distinguished bisexual, functional lesbian, and functional gay? sorry if u dont know

no don’t worry, i made it c: i know who all these gay fuckers are

distinguished bisexual: I forget his name but he’s from Beyond Therapy where he plays an actual bisexual, but it’s not worth it to watch the movie, even for bisexual jeff, and I can usually enjoy just about anything so that’s saying something.

functional lesbian: that’s Jack (I think that’s his name) from Transylvania 6-5000, he’s wild and sassy but he’s a good, angry, skeptical boy who likes girls.

functional gay: that’s Dr. Brodey from Cats and Dogs and…well maybe don’t watch the movie if you don’t like silly kids films with talking animals. LMao.


my obvious immediate takeaway from tlj was ‘i need to draw poe as a motorcycle hunk dog dad right this second immediately’

and a super silly self indulgent au formed! star wars except it’s a romcom about finn finding someone’s lost dog… and maybe romance with its owner…… 


Anyone remember when I said I was gonna draw that “First Kiss” comic? No? Well, no wonder because was really long ago. I ended up scrapping a few older versions because they weren’t silly enough and I couldn’t fit them in my 10-page limit. But here it finally is in all its cheesiness.

I read something earlier that maybe dogs eat shoes because it is the last thing we put on before we leave them and honestly I just want to never leave my dog alone again

How to feel magical every damn day.

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Here’s a few ways to make every single day a witchy day.

  1. Go for a walk where you will be surrounded by nature (whether it be the local park or forest or beach) and smell some flowers or collect some dirt/shells.
  2. Press some flowers to decorate your journal (or book of shadows).
  3. Light a candle.
  4. Light a bunch of candles.
  5. Make some natural toothpaste or deodorant to replace your regular one, feel a difference?
  6. Sunbathe.
  7. Moonbathe.
  8. Put your green thumb to good use and start an herb garden in your kitchen or garden.
  9. Harvest from your plant babies and dry/store them for using in your magic (make sure you give thanks and give them an offering in return.)
  10. Cleanse the space with some incense or just by sweeping.
  11. Take a bath with some herbs, petals and bath salts. Soak in all the scents and charge yourself.
  12. Make yourself some really good tea and practice your tasseomancy.
  13. Give your fur baby some love and do a spell for them or enchant something of theirs.
  14. Put sachets of fragrant herbs all over the house.
  15. Weave some magic into to your knitting or cross-stitching. Make bracelets enchanted with glamours or scarves with protective sigils woven into them for your friends or for yourself.
  16. Volunteer at your local dog/homeless shelter and maybe add some magic into their lives. Enchant some dog collars or give out some good luck in soup form.
  17. Bless your old clothes before you give them to charity.
  18. Maintain a journal for everyday magic and challenge yourself to do one magical thing every day.
  19. Read lots of fiction and get creative with your magic by letting them inspire you.
  20. Do some magic for yourself. Whether it be enchanting you favourite lipstick or necklace, to give you a little bit of a boost throughout the day.

The second the words came out of your mouth– the moment my mind grasped the situation.. I instantly stopped and detached myself from having any feelings towards you. Not in a negative way and not in some petty, childish, upset way. I heard every word and it was true, which made it hurt more.

So instead of typically trying to fight for us, I just flipped a switch. I turned off any sort of memories or feelings I had for you. It was my mind and body’s way of survival: forget you ever happened. Pretend it was some sort of day dream. Otherwise how the hell would I get through this?

Yes, our futures have so much in store for us. We can and will both move on with our lives and try new things; maybe move somewhere new, meet new friends and eventually fall in love again. You’ll meet a good girl that’ll give you everything you want and need, but you can’t compare every next potential candidate you meet to me– it won’t get you anywhere. It’s true when you said our love will always be there. It will be.

Maybe in another eight years we’ll bump into each other again. Maybe we’ll pick up where we left off. Or maybe you’ll be married with that good girl you deserved. With a few kids. That house you wanted. The dog. And maybe I’ll have someone as well. We’ll say “hello,” of course– Always polite to each other. Ask how the other is doing, maybe even give each other a hug good bye pretending that you still don’t make me nervous whenever I see you.

It’s funny how we have always been the masters of bad timing when it came down to us.

—  aftertheam
Self Care with Study-Sexy

1. LOG OFF OF SOCIAL MEDIA. I’m serious. You can even go as far as deleting the apps and re-installing them later. You don’t have to go as far as me and get rid of your snapchat account (which has minimized my feelings of anxiety and loneliness by like 90%), but scaling back is good and your life isn’t going to end if you stay off of IG, Snapchat, FB, etc for a few days, weeks, or even months. After a week or so away, you might even be pleasantly surprised and find that you prefer the peace and quiet. 

2. DO SOME KIND OF POSITIVE AND REFLECTIVE JOURNALING. I started my own “positivity journal” back in August and this is the first time that I have stuck with journaling for so long and actually find it enjoyable. It helps me find the good in my life and reminds me of what I want. If you are interested in starting your own, I can write a longer post about mine but here are things you could include to get you started: 

> Self-Reminders (positive affirmations about yourself, inspiring and important things you don’t want yourself to forget, etc) 

> Things to Work On ( actions/mentality to avoid and ones to practice)

> Healthy Habits (that you want to adapt into your routine)

> Free-writing space (you can answer self-reflection prompts or write whatever’s on your mind)

> Life goals, Daily Gratefulness, Inspiring Quote of the Day/Week, Positivity Playlist, Creative Projects to Try, etc the possibilities are endless

3. NATURE WALKS. Leave your phone at home and bring your dog and maybe a friend. The fresh air always clears my head and makes me feel more alert and awake, especially because it is a little bit crisp and chilly now. 

4. NETFLIX IN MODERATION. If you’re a student like me you probably don’t have that much time to binge watch anyway but I mostly just watch Netflix on weekends. Doing this makes it more enjoyable because it’s like a reprieve from a long week of work. Occasional Netflix binges are ok but you don’t want watching TV shows to be your only escape and coping mechanism. 

5. NAPS. Studies have shown that short naps are beneficial to get you out of a slump and can make you feel more focused. I take 20-30 min naps sometimes after school and (a big snack) before tackling my homework and I feel like it helps since I get home feeling drained almost every day. 

6. MOISTURIZE. I always feel better after washing my face and putting on a good lotion. Idk why but it just works. 

Hope you found these tips helpful! <3 if you read all the way to the end ILY

Kitten’s Little Flame

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Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Fluff, slight angst, hybrid!au, BTS hybrid au, cat hybrid au, dragon hybrid au

Word count: 2.16K

Summary: You (cat hybrid) have transferred to a new elementary school because your parents have moved towns. You start your new kindergarten class and meet other hybrids, but one special one catches your eye, Yoongi, the dragon hybrid. How will you manage this new environment?

A/N: This is my first time writing something, and I wanted to test it out. I thought it was such a cute idea to pair contrasting hybrids. I want this to be an intro to how these two meet, but I don’t know if I should continue this to when they are in University. I’m not a great writer, you’ve been warned! Thank you for taking your time out though! :) Forgive me for my grammatical mistakes.

The wool fabric of your grey coat was itchy and stuffy, but for what seemed to your mom to be the thousandth time she tells you to stop fussing. Your arms slump to your sides as you come to terms with your mom putting you in a plain, red, A-line dress with your matte black Mary-Jane’s. She insisted that you dress up for your first day of school, despite being a five-year-old who just wants to run around the jungle gym. Well not really considering you were a cat hybrid, you’d rather lay in the sun in comfort and nap. The school year starts in Fall, but with the recent move your parents made, you’re entering a new school in the Winter. Your grey ears twitch when your mom attempts to fix your hair one last time before everyone gets in the car. Your dad comes down the stairs stuffing his white button up into his slacks and kisses your mom on the cheek before taking a look at you. He smiles and his eyes are filled with adoration, but all you do is pout at him. He smiles knowing at you but ruffles your hair, messing up what your mom just spent the last five minutes on. He crouches down and comes eye level with you, “Pumpkin, you’re going to love it there! Mom and I already visited the class and your teacher is so nice, so don’t be afraid to ask her anything.” You nod at your dad feeling a bit more reassured and wrap your arms around his neck to squeeze him with bear hug. He hugs you back with a tight grip and mumbles in your ear how he loves you to pieces and you giggle and repeat back that you love him too. Your mom checks her watch, “alright guys, its time to go. Papa and I got to get to work love, let’s go.” You file out of the house and your mom and dad share one last moment and part with you going with your mom, so she can drop you off at your new school. Your dad gives you two thumbs up before he slides into his car and heads off to work. Your parents work in two different office buildings, but one-day hope to open up their own business. Your parents were always workaholics and they meet later in life. They found out that they couldn’t have kids of their own, but wanted children so much. They loved each other and always wanted a child, so they went to the shelter to adopt a little one. You were just a newborn kitten at the time, and when your mom walked into the ward she fell in love with you instantly. Your dad only lagged behind a second after looking over your moms shoulder to meet you. Your mother turned to the nurse and the rest is history. Since that day, the three of you have been inseparable and they love you as if you were their own biological child. 

Your mom buckles you into your car seat in the backseat and turns on some music to make the ride a mini-karaoke session. Your parents are huge fans of music, so you grew up listening to anything and everything you can imagine. Although you can’t keep up your mom yet when she spits rhymes, you admire her passion and try to copy but just end up muttering gibberish. She looks at you after and you both giggle.

It doesn’t take long for you to reach the new elementary school; the suburb you moved into was fairly close to the school district. This school was special since it catered to hybrid children, but still allowed the hybrids to attend school with human students. The hallway to the kindergarten classes are full of yapping, excited puppies, kittens, reptiles, and even some rare looking hybrids. You grip your mom’s hand a little tighter when you see all the commotion, but she reassures you there’s nothing to worry about. Being a cat hybrid, you were an independent creature and it’s been instinctual to figure out how to manage on your own almost from the get-go. The ears on your head flicked as you heard your mother call out to you, “Sweetie, please go and make some friends I know that it’s a bit hard at first, but everyone takes a little warming up to.” You can see that there are little groups of other cat hybrids already together, and you feel like you may not be able to mix in. You look up to your mother who is nodding and sending her warm smile to bend down to hug you tight. She whispers in your ear “I know you will get them tiger”, and her warm breath causes you to giggle and nod. She releases you to stand next to your classmates. Other hybrids wait in the hallway, a few dogs, cats, a bunny hybrid, a sheep, fox, snake, and even what seems to be a dragon. All parents seemed to be doing the same thing to the other kids, your eyes caught with a few other kids who looked nervous, but you turned away before you kept contact too long.

The teacher greeted the parents with a good morning and gave a small speech before having the parents separate from the kids. A dog hybrid started whining as soon as his mother pulled away and gave her last hug before parting. The bunny hybrid was trying to act tough, but I could see tears welding in the corner or of his eye. The teacher cued all the students in a line to enter the classroom. You stood behind the dragon hybrid, you could tell since his black horns stuck out from his temples and he had a scaly tail whipping carelessly behind him. His black hair covered most of his face in a bowl cut but he wasn’t much taller than you. He gave you stand-off vibes, but it didn’t seem threatening. Despite you also being a predator, you still were from the domestic line of felines, so you weren’t as inclined for dominance as some other predators. All other students waved to their parents as we walked into the classroom and with students already being established they went to their designated seats. The teacher called you over to her in front of the classroom. The chattering died down and the teacher called to everyone “If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands”. A response ensued following with a few out of rhythm, but attention was now fully centered on you and the teacher. “We have a new student who decided to join us, and I would like you to meet Y/N.” A light chatter began, and you looked around the room and met a few faces looking at you with curiosity and some wagging tails. Although, the dragon shrugged and looked out the window, clearly uninterested with the newest addition. He seemed aloof but he still keeps a side eye watch with what was going on. The teacher tapped you on the shoulder and urged you to introduce yourself. You look to the students, and back at the teacher, and with hands now fiddling with a button on your wool coat and tail swinging rapidly behind you you turn to audience to choke out “Hi, I’m Y/N.” There were scattered hello’s and waves, to which you smiled because it was a step towards acceptance. The teacher pointed to an empty spot next to the window and you pitter-pattered your way over to your new seat.

I sat next to the window in the middle right row of the three rows of five desk each. At home I enjoy looking out the window and the sunlight warming my skin. I purred slightly when the filtered light soaks into my skin, making me sleepy but a voice breaks me out of my thoughts.

“Hi” a fox hybrid, who has brown hair and boxy smile questions you, you offer a polite smile and he introduces himself as Taehyung. His orange with white tip ears flick in happiness as you offer your name back. A dog hybrid sits in front of you and immediately turns around and greets Taehyung, which you eventually find out have been friends for as long as they can remember. Their mothers were close friends so naturally their kids would always be together. Taehyung grabs your arm to bring your attention back to him and introduces you to the dog hybrid. His name is Hoseok and a happy-go-lucky golden retriever. Eventually all the students settle down into their seats. You look around once more to get familiar with all the faces in the classroom and notice that the girl cat hybrids are already giggling with themselves and you feel like it’s going to be hard getting in their little circle. Your eyes cross with the dragon boy once again who sits in the back twos rows behind. He’s looking out the window with his chin propped into his hands as he stares out into the distance. You notice that his eyes are brown but with hints of gold that glint when the light hits the accents in his iris just right. You pull yourself away from him before he turns to look at you so you’re not caught staring like an idiot. Taehyung and Hoseok are chatting away about what their mom packed them only for Taehyung to one up Hoseok saying his mom packed him cookies.

The teacher, who we now were introduced to as Mrs. Smith, gathers the attention of everyone once again by chanting and waiting for the clap response. She has such a happy smile that she can make anyone feel comfortable, you instantly like her, but you’re still not sure about everyone in the class yet. She continues with attendance and goes through the lesson plan of the day.

Nap time rolls around noon and you plant yourself in a bay window of the classroom on the bench that sits in front of the window. You pull yourself up closer to the window to take in the sunlight and indulge into your favorite hobby with grace and purr yourself into slumber. You don’t know when it happened but the dragon boy plants himself at the other end of the bench with the same thoughts in mind. He enjoys the sunlight and finds it instantly relaxes him. You wake up half an hour later to find his tail tickling your feet that is now almost touching his as you’ve both extended and fully molded into the bench together. You don’t want to move because you don’t want to wake a sleeping dragon. Little puffs of smoke leave his nose every now and then, but the tickling his tail is doing to your feet has you giggling. The giggling has him stirring and you try cupping a hand over your mouth to stifle the laughing. He ends up prying one eye open because all the noise and grunts. You look at him in surprise with your hand over your mouth still as you see his eye has turned completely gold. He looks down to see his tail wrapped around your foot and immediately retracts it with an apology. You sit up and stretch to crack all the kinks out from sleeping on a bench. You tell the boy that it’s no big deal and he looks at you before you break the silence again by asking “What’s your name?”

               He looks around for a second and then answers you as he closes his eyes again, “Yoongi.” A smile graces your face as you finally get to hear him speak you respond with your name. He doesn’t stir anymore, but you can see he’s gone back to sleep. You close your eyes and lean your head on the ledge of the window and intake a big breath of air. Despite your first day being a set of whole new experiences and making some friends because the hyper ones (Taehyung and Hoseok) are pulling you into their friendship circle whether you like it or not. Finally getting Yoongi to talk to you too would have to be the highlight of your day though. You didn’t want to admit it but you felt comfort and drawn to him from the moment you saw him in the hallway.

Without you noticing, the dragon boy has opening his eyes again to watch you. You looked beautiful as the sunlight glowed on your skin and highlighted your long eyelashes. Your grey ears flickered and tail swung lazily back and forth in happiness. With your happiness, he felt content and smiled shortly before going back into dream land

Not long after the nap, class was resumed and before you knew it the day was already over. You really started warming up to your new companions. You couldn’t wait to show up the two puppies tomorrow with some baked goodies. All the parents are outside the classroom and wait for their kid to exit the class. Your buddies wave you a goobye and all three of you wave so hard your arms seem like they’re going to fling off. As your mom drags you out of the classroom with your backpack in her other hand, you take a glance back. You look for that one kid, the one who has that gold tinge in his eye, to meet those exact eyes looking at you. You both just stare at each other as your mom keeps pulling away asking how your day went, but you swear you catch his lips twitching into a smile. You smile back and wave to him. Little did you expect that this small encounter would blossom into a full-on friendship, best friendship, you couldn’t picture your life without Yoongi. He was your rock and provided solace when you needed it.

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times that hoseok changed dope lyrics to some of their dogs’ names U´ᴥ`U

( side note: waaahh what a sweet gesture to mention ddosun.
“ddosunie, are you living well? (╥﹏╥)” )

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Sup, friend! Remember that anon that likes Slipstream Tracer and dogs (because who doesn't)? Well, that same anon (moi) would like to kindly request some Overwatch heroes with the type of dogs you think they'd own plzkthx!

This took sooo long to finish holy shit! (mostly because I can’t draw dogs haha)

Maybe someday I’ll draw more xD