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Anyone remember when I said I was gonna draw that “First Kiss” comic? No? Well, no wonder because was really long ago. I ended up scrapping a few older versions because they weren’t silly enough and I couldn’t fit them in my 10-page limit. But here it finally is in all its cheesiness.

who wants to fight against gravity?

Surprise! I’m your secret skk valentine, @soukoku-writes!!
I suppose this can also count as my gift to you for uploading your first fic~
Guys, please check out Bob’s amazing writing. Here’s her ao3. 
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On our walk yesterday we were very politely approached by a little girl who asked if she could pet Skookum. She knew all about the breed and temperament and grooming, it was impressive!

Her mom told us that she was in charge of choosing a dog breed for the family, and while a samoyed was her top choice, she decided Samoyeds were too high maintenance for their family.

I told her that she was very smart to do research ahead of time and that her new pup (a beautiful six month old Bernese Mountain Dog) was so lucky to have her, while I teared up like a weirdo just appreciating how responsible and great she was 😭👍🏼