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Some information about my contribution to the Dazatsu week + AU preview

Since I started a bit later than most people, I’m currently at

Dazatsu Week 2017, Day 4

and damn, I’m enjoying my free day so far!~ :P
It wasn’t meant this way? Oh well anyway.

The topic for today is also AU aaaand I started to write a guardian angel AU a while ago. I had, and still have, major problems with a certain part of the story, so I didn’t write further anymore. But I am definitely going to overcome my writing barrier and start writing again soon. (Maybe some writer can give me advice on that? I’d be really thankful! Dx) But I’ll also try to take my time because I really, really want this to be good and in correct English.

Until then, you can read a preview! It’s under the cut.

But before that, I have even more to say.

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peggyplatter  asked:

Can you write something for your Blind Date AU??

A black and white blur raced across Riza’s apartment upon hearing the door open and then close, and suddenly Roy felt something running in between his legs and barking.

“So this is the famous Black Hayate I’ve been hearing about for months,” The dog in question stuck his tongue out as Roy leaned over to pick him up.

“Yes, this is the dog you’ve been mercilessly making fun of ever since the first night you met me,” Riza deadpanned as she watched her fluffy Shiba struggle in between the arms of her date, “I hope he meets all of your low expectations.”

With a pout on his face, Roy put the dog down, and he darted in between the legs of his master, “I don’t understand why you always insist on twisting my words to say something negative about him. It’s almost as if you want people to insult your dog.”

“Well maybe you should stop saying things that could be taken as insults, then,” Riza stuck her nose up in the air, but then quickly laughed and brought the black dog up into her arms effortlessly.

“Try and take this negatively,” Roy stepped closer to her and scratch the dog’s head, “I think this dog is a perfect match for his amazing owner, and that the two of them look incredibly cute together.”

“Thank you, Roy,” Riza kissed Hayate’s head, “I think you’re incredibly cute too.”

concept: i move to a cute coastal massachusetts town, befriend the locals, and finally learn to sail. i buy an old boat and fix her up. there’s a montage. sometimes a cute girl comes to watch me; she works for the local historical society and walks by the harbor on her lunch break. one time I fall into the sea trying to wave to her. she is amused
i enter in The Big Boat Race and win it, and also her heart, and we buy a dog or maybe a lizard or both, and lots of books

damien is amazing and i needed to draw him with some dogs goodnight

(also MC dad probably gave him that shirt. and took this photo who knows)


Anyone remember when I said I was gonna draw that “First Kiss” comic? No? Well, no wonder because was really long ago. I ended up scrapping a few older versions because they weren’t silly enough and I couldn’t fit them in my 10-page limit. But here it finally is in all its cheesiness.

who wants to fight against gravity?

Results of last night’s stream, and one of several title pages for the DOFP PDF! These will include text later!

I dunno if I will post all of the finished textless pages here or not, but at least wanted to give an idea of how they’ll look!

Surprise! I’m your secret skk valentine, @soukoku-writes!!
I suppose this can also count as my gift to you for uploading your first fic~
Guys, please check out Bob’s amazing writing. Here’s her ao3. 
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