dogs make everything ok

Fuck having a “lovely home”

My dream house has doodles on the walls of every room, blanket forts instead of beds and couches, desks and tables with graffiti carved into every inch, dog hair EVERYWHERE, and beautiful paint stains in the carpet.

Birthday Suprises // Asher, Paige and James

Paige had been up for the past hour running around the house making sure everything was ok. Hiding the dog was probably one of the hardest things she had ever had to do. Thankfully Asher could sleep through a war and not be woken up.

She had just got changed and was now sitting in the kitchen having a coffee while the puppy napped beside her. Flicking through a magazine when the door bell went. Looking over at the door she frowned. Checking her watch for the time she realised it was just going 10am. Which means it could only be one person, the only person who really knew where she now lived. It was also somewhat tradition. Getting up from the table she abandoned her cup of coffee and walked towards the door. Something told her this whole thing was either going to go well or Asher was going to have a flying fit when he eventually woke up. Taking hold of the door handle she opened it up to find the exact person she knew would be standing behind it. “James.”