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Name: Lea
Age: 17
Country: Germany

Hey there!

I am looking for fellow hippies and art nerds from all over the world!

I am very passionate about art, music, travel, the environment and human/animal rights.
If you would like to discuss and share art (drawings, paintings, photography, anything you love) with me, share vegan recipes, rant about stuff, have a little book club, talk about shows on Netflix, or love music from the 60s and 70s (for example David Bowie, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin) and/or Indie bands (like Arctic Monkeys, Radiohead, The 1975), come say hi!
I love analyzing books and shows or art pieces and discussing current events.
Apart from all that nerdy stuff I am also a sucker for memes and puns and a huge animal lover. I have a dog who is my absolute best friend and I love looking at cute pictures and videos of all kinds of dogs and other cute animals.
I hope to one day inspire people with my art and make a difference as an activist for the beautiful humans and animals of this world as well as our planet itself.
But right now I am just a teenager who wants to make some new cool friends! I am very open-minded and nice so don’t be shy! :)

Preferences: People around my age would be great, maybe 16-20 :)
First European restaurant to serve cats?
This restaurant apparently serves cats---and asks the question “Why do we eat some animals but not others?” This video has a surprise ending--keep watching! ...

So tell us, why love some animals but hurt (eat) others?


I actually have had more dogs in my life than cats I would say. When I was… In our house… as a family we had both, we had a dog and two cats. We had a golden retriever called Muffin, named after her mother Crumpet, who was my best friend in the world… And she was around for ten or twelve years, and we had two cats called Orlando and Grace. (…) I love dogs too, I’ve always wanted to have a dog actually as, you know, for myself but… I travel too much, it wouldn’t be right.”


“Like master, like dog”

rainbowish-unicorn  asked:

Hello! I'm sorry if this was discussed before or if it's a dumb question in general but what can a veterinarian do in a zoo? (I'm not a vet nor am i asking for a friend but I love animals and when I was choosing, I chose medicine over veterinary science because of several practical reasons.) Today I was at the local zoo and all the old animal-loving feels came right back at me. ^^ Thank you for your answer!

A zoo vet is just like the ones who take care of cats and dogs, or livestock; the major difference is that their patients are mostly exotic animals, many of them very large and/or very dangerous. So a vet in a zoo performs surgery, diagnoses illnesses, and administers treatments, just in a really unique setting which can pose several unique challenges. For example:

-There can be very limited records on certain diseases and conditions for exotic animals. Some things are transferable – like if a lion has renal disease, you’d likely treat it similarly to how you would treat renal disease in a domestic cat. But what if a tapir gets cancer? What if a sea lion goes blind? What if a crane breaks its leg? In many cases, zoo vets just have to consult with their colleagues and take their best educated guess on how to move forward, and it can be a lot of trial and error.

-Zoo animals usually can’t be handled like cats, dogs, or even livestock can. How can you treat a tiger when you can’t touch it? How can you treat something as big as an elephant, or as dangerous as a cobra, with minimal risk to both human and animal? To be honest, most of the training that makes these things possible is down to the keepers. But the vets also need to be creative in their approach, whether by helping come up with tactics or designing special equipment or what have you.

-The diversity of species in most zoos is massive, and a good zoo vet will have a working knowledge of all of them. Everyday zoo vets are mostly generalists; they need to know the natural history, anatomy, physiology, and special requirements of everything from newts to hippos.


He was a Human: Pictures of Adolf Hitler

From left to right

  1. Hitler takes Eva Braun out on the Town. Hitler was known to occasionally have one of his underlings put a reservation into a restaurant under a false name, then dress up in civilian clothes and take Eva out to dinner. The SS would always be informed and secretly make sure the only other people in there were undercover SS agents - but Hitler never knew that, and always thought he had pulled off the perfect disguise.
  2. Hitler and Maria Reiter. Maria was a childhoold crush-turned-fling of Hitler’s. They drifted apart after their relationship ended, but upon rising to power, Hitler sought her out - this time, not as a relationship, but rather to personally thank her for how well she had treated him when they were together. They stayed in contact as friends until Hitler’s death.
  3. Hitler “Dances” with his Dog. Hitler loved animals more than life itself, and was never seen without his loyal dog, Blondi. He also had anyone accused of animal rights violations executed.
  4. Hitler says Hello to his Troops. Hitler was not distant from his people, and until Germany began to fall, would often make surprise visits to random units. He would ask the units what they needed, and more often than not, make sure they got it.
  5. Hitler takes a Child on Parade. Hitler was famous for stopping parades to welcome a random child into his car. According to him, he loved their smile as they got to pretend all of Germany was saluting them.
  6. Hitler at a Party. Hitler often threw balls and parties, inviting the entire families of German command, the SS, and even regular soldiers. He always had a smile, and the ladies loved him - even though everyone knew his heart belonged to Eva.
  7. Hitler signs a Copy of Mein Kampf. Hitler often invited divisions of the Hitler Youth to visit his house, and would entertain them personally as well as hire entertainment from across Germany.

Thank you to madchenfurwolf for correcting an error.

Stupid vegans¿
  • Majority of humans: “Calcium comes only from cow’s milk, which is essential for human health”
  • Majority of humans: “But drinking human milk is fuckin gross eww, ur not a baby anymore whoever drinks their mums milk after age of 3 is fucked up yuck”
  • *meanwhile vegans eat leafy green veggies richer in calcium than milk is*
  • --------------
  • Majority of humans: “vegans are so aggressive”
  • Majority of humans: murders and eats innocent beings daily
  • --------------
  • Majority of humans: “We are omnivores”
  • Majority of humans: “But I’ll never eat an insect or a spider or a whale or dolphin or dog or cat or horse ew no that’s gross and just mean!”
  • --------------
  • Majority of humans: “If I ever visited a slaughter house I’d never eat meat again”
  • *Vegan shows you a picture of animal slaughter*
  • Majority of humans: “I hate you! You spoiled my delicious steak!!”
  • --------------
  • Majority of humans: “I love animals, they deserve rights too”
  • Majority of humans: “Stupid fucking vegans get lost! You can’t save the animals, they’re gonna die anyway!”
  • --------------
  • Majority of humans: *Looks at pig* “Mmmmmm bacon, can’t wait to eat you”
  • Majority of humans: *Looks at dog* “I love you doggy, ur my friend, I’ll never hurt you or eat you!”