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A brazen challenge

Synopsis: Imagine admitting to Loki that you never manage to orgasm when are with men, making him smirk mischievously in response.

“Is that a challenge, my dear?”

So for the next couple of hours, he magically locks the two of you in your room and makes it a challenge as to how many times he can make you cum in a row. He pleasures you with his soft hands, his skilled and long fingers and his silver tongue before he fucks you roughly.

Pairing: Loki x Reader
Rating: M
Chapter: 1/1 (Oneshot)
Words: 4040
Warnings: smut. a lot of smut.

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also more junior with woofington :D

Palapups au

Allura has to move in with her god father Coran after her father dies in action (he was a dectective).And Coran can tell that she’s really struggling with everything, with moving and losing her only family, and she’s pretty much closed herself off from other people.So he decides that maybe getting her a dog might help her come out of her shell and start the process of grieving for her father.He goes to the local pound and sees a lot of different types of dogs, but just doesn’t see any that he believes would be a good with Allura.

That is until he sees one of the workers, a big burly man with a scar over his eye (I wonder who that could be) drag this three legged husky/shiba mix out of its cage and starts to pull it towards the back door of the pound.

Coran knows what’s about to happen, and calls out for the worker to wait. It’s obvious that he’s gotten on his guys nerves but Coran Wimbleton is not one to back down when he sets his mind to something! So he tells the worker that he’d like to adopt the dog, much to the displeasure of the worker.

(FYI, the dog pound worker is Sendak if you hadn’t already guessed) Anyways, sendak tries to dissuade Coran, telling him how hard it will be to take care of a dog like this one, and coming with reasons why he shouldn’t adopt him, but Coran is adamant about his decision and at the end of the day, he’s leading his new dog to the car.

When he gets back to the house and introduces the dog, which he has skillfully named Shiro, Allura is a bit hesitant about taking care of a dog, especially one with only 3 legs. She thinks that it could be difficult and be too hard for her to handle (she’s like 12 right now so, yeah) but with each day, Shiro gets more healthy and energetic, and Allura realizes that it doesn’t matter to Shiro if he only has three legs, he can still do anything any other dog can. And the more Allura plays with him, the more she’s starting to open again and actually talk with people (usually to apologize for Shiro who is both super friendly to every kid in the park but learey of adults and might even growl if people start to yell around him.) plus, Shiro is best guard dog. and therapy dog. If he thinks that Allura is in a dangerous situation or something about this stranger is just wrong he will not hesitate to put himself between them and growl and bark at them.

After a couple of years with Shiro, Allura is doing much better, she has friends at school, her grades are well and she’s a part of the debate team at school. But he beat part of her day is when she walks out of school to see Shiro at the front of the school, waiting for her. She still goes to the park every day and plays with him, and takes him practically everywhere in town.

And then one day…..

Coran’s police buddies call him up, saying they just took down a big dog fighting ring and say that they found an adolescent pup that doesn’t seem to have been treated kindly, and while he growls at anybody that walks by he doesn’t bite people like the other dogs. They ask if he can foster the pup until they can find a suitable home for him to go to.Coran happily accepts, hoping that he’ll be able to help give this poor dog a second chance on life. When Kolivan, who lead the bust, comes by he notices that the dog is a young Rottweiler who does indeed growl none stop, but only gives off barks when he feels he’s threatened (which is pretty much every time Coran or kolivan get too close to the front of the crate).

When they eventually get the adolescent dog out of the crate by its own free will (no way were they going to force it to come out) he’s still really weary of it all, rushing off to hide under the couch. Coran and Kolivan share a look of pity that the poor thing is so skittish of the slightest thing. Coran puts down a second bowl of water and food near the couch so it doesn’t have to go too far to eat or drink.He even goes as far as laying down those potty training papers around and as under the couch as he can. With each day, the puppy slowly gets used to seeing Allura running by as she races out the door to school, and notices how Shiro is always trotting with her. They both decide to name the new dog Keith while he’s there with them, and the more Keith comes out of his hideaway, the more interested he is of Shiro.Soon enough, wherever shiro goes you can see Keith tumbling after him. While he’s still super nervous around people, he’ll lay next to Shiro if he’s laying by Coran or Allura. He even starts to come with them to the park (on a leash of course, because he still just a pupper and they don’t want him to get lost) and whenever Keith get overwhelmed with all the people around, he’ll get as close to Shiro as he can, going as far as to try and hid between his legs.

By the time Kolivan comes back around saying that he’s found a possible home for Keith, Keith has gotten to be really close with Allura and Coran let alone Shiro. He’ll follow them around the house and worm his way between them and any hard surface, enjoying the physical contact. If Coran is sitting at his desk doing paper work, keith will either lay down beside the desk or he’ll figure out a way to get his head in Coran’s lap, getting the head rubs he loves so much. Kolivan can’t bring himself to take away the dog that has finally found a place where it doesn’t have to worry about anything other than getting the much needed positive physical contact, so he calls the other home and tells them that he regrets to inform them but Keith has already found his forever home.

The next dog they get is a little Pomeranian from a neighbor a few doors down from them. This sad kid comes up and knocks on their door, telling them that his parents were spitting up and his dad (who he was moving with) told him that their new apartment didn’t accept dogs, and his mother has always been allergic to dogs, so he asks if they’ll take in his dog since they seem to be really nice to their dogs.They of course accept, and when they ask what her name is, he tells them it’s Pidge. Allura and Coran are pretty confused about it until the boy explains that it’s because she always tries to chase after the birds in their backyard and the name just sort of stuck.

They wish the boy good luck and promise to take care of Pidge. Keith isn’t the best when it comes to change though, so when Pidge starts to lay on Coran’s lap or curl up next to Allura when she’s studying, you can say that he got a bit jealous. But in the funny way, where he tries to do the same thing so whenever he sees Coran sitting on the couch he’ll jump up and try to curl up in his lap like Pidge can, or will try and lay next to Allura on her bed, but that usually ends up with him spreading out and taking most of the bed space. But Keith starts to accept the new addition to the family when she starts to lay next to him when she takes a nap and it becomes obvious that she is very secure with herself and doesn’t need a lot of physical affection as Keith does, so he lays off in trying to out do her. Pidge loves watching Coran on the computer, it’s one of the few times that she will climb up in his lap, so she can watch all of the images and fast words being typed up. They of course take their newest puppy to the park with Shiro and Keith, but she usually just lays down next to Coran while Allura plays with Keith and Shiro.

It’s a year after they got Keith and Pidge that Allura and Coran have to move bc Coran got a better job in a different state. They of course bring all three dogs with them (no one gets left behind!) and once hey get to their new home, it’s obvious that it’s much different than their last neighborhood. While they got a really great house, just a couple blocks down from their neighborhood is the ‘bad side’ of town. They usually do their best to avoid it, Allura even walking the long way to school just to avoid going that way. After a couple of months of getting used to the new place and the new school and even finding a new park to take the dogs to, everything seemed to be looking up for them. That is until one day there’s a big wreck right outside of Allura’s school, pretty much closing down the entire sidewalks on both sides on the route that she usually takes home. So she has to go through the rough side of town.

Of course, Shiro waits for her at the front of the school and braves the journey of going through that neighborhood. But she does realize it’s not as bad as people make it out to be, it’s mostly immigrants from Cuba and Mexico and the Colombian republic, and yeah she does get a few woof calls here and there but there’s usually a loud smack to immediately follow and she can hear mothers and girlfriends alike berate them about denouncing women like that. So she occasionally, if the debate club runs longer than usual (which it occasionally does) she’ll go through the immigrant neighborhood and she’ll talk with some of the older women who sit out on their porches or some of the kids will come up and ask if they can pet her dog or if they can play with him and give him treats, which she agrees to, and usually whenever the kids from the neighborhood plays with Shiro, Allura will sit with the other girls from her school or some of the younger ones and helps them with homework or talk about gossip.

It was one of these times that Allura figures out why so many people considered this the bad neighborhood.

Mr.Iverson, a hateful man that for some reason lived in the heavily immigrant part of town and yet would gladly see everyone of them, and probably Allura too, get deported or sent to jail, was outside of his yard for probably the first time since Allura moved there, hunched over in an alleyway repeated hitting something.

The more that she moved closer to see what exactly he was doing, the more Shiro grew agitated and tense, letting growls slip out as Allura finally saw what Mr. iverson was doing.

He was hitting a poor dog, starved and dehydrated and had obvious signs of years of abuse and neglect. And he was beating on it as if it was no more than a punching bag, as if every whimper and cry from the poor thing wasn’t even there.

It seemed that Shiro had had enough and ran off, slipping in between the man’s leg and positions himself over the cowering dog, growling up a storm and even going as far as to bare his teeth. Iverson is quick to try and hit Shiro, but Allura is so NOT letting this asshole hit any dogs especially her dog. She grabs his raised hand and easily takes him down, using an old technique her late father had taught her, all the while the smell of alcohol is overwhelming as he swears like a sailor. She doesn’t hesitate to tell him that her godfather is great friends with the cops (old friends of Kolivan’s and Alfor) and he backs off, but before he can run off she takes several pictures of both him and his hands to show the cops later.

Once he’s gone, Allura returns her attention to the poor dog under Shiro, still cowering and even covering its eyes with its paws, when she picks up the dog, she realizes just how light he is and sees just how much worse the situation is. He has patches of skin with no fur, obviously scratched raw and bloody, and a rope that is tied around his neck has practically fused with its skin from it being constantly rubbed raw. The poor thing doesn’t even have any fight in him, just accepting whatever fate he has now. Allura books it back home, Shiro hot on her heels. She passes by home and keeps running straight into town, and crashes into the vet clinic crying out for help. It takes the vets hours of surgery, all the while Allura is sitting in the waiting room, Shiro laying his head in her lap as she keeps fumbling with her phone. She already told the vets about what happened so their sure to take pictures of the abuse, but she can’t help but wonder if he will survive, if he’s going to be ok. That’s how Coran found her once he was able to get off work, still sitting in the waiting room, dried blood staining her blouse as she keeps glancing back at the door, hoping for one of the surgeons will come out soon but also dreading it.


After hours of waiting in silent tension, the doctor finally comes out from the surgical room and tells them that while there is a lot of damage that’s been done, they were able to get him stable. They were able to identify that he is a Doberman/collie mix. He will need to stay there for a while to make sure that there weren’t any complications and in case something else comes up. So Allura and Coran head home, already settled that they’ll both come by tomorrow to see how he’s doing.

It takes days for the vet to clear the newly dubbed Lance, and they have to take him back regularly for constant check ups and to make sure the infections that had entered his wounds haven’t come back, and Coran is carrying a bag of medication for him while Lance leans against Shiro as he slowly makes his way to Coran’s car, all the while Allura is constantly making sure that the new collar isn’t too tight and irritating his wounds or bandages. It takes a bit of coaxing to get him in the car but once they do and make sure that he’s completely calm, they slowly make their way home.

Keith is very jealous at first, cause Shiro and his humans have been constantly ignoring him (they weren’t ignoring him they’ve just been giving him less attention) but once he sees the new dog limping in with barely any fur on it and obviously nervous of everything, he joins the protect Lance dog squad in his own way. He gives Lance space. when they do share a room he makes sure to make himself look smaller than he is (although it doesn’t really make a big difference bc Lance is already bigger than him, he definitely got the Dobermans height) and if he’s not in the same room, he’ll guard the doorway to make sure only the right humans (aka Allura and Coran) can come in and see his new brother. Shiro almost never leaves his side, making sure that he eats and helps keep him relatively calm when Coran has to administer medication or rewrap his stitches and healing wounds.

It was during one of Lance’s weekly check ups that they found a large dark Komondor dog being brought into the clinic as a stray by an old man who had found him digging through his trash. The clinic was being very cautious, fearing that the large hulking dog could attack someone. Instead he was calm and very sweet. But it was when Lance was struggling with allowing the doctor to do his check up, scampering around and hiding behind Allura or he table and the large dog just trots in, his dreads swing back and forth and he lays down in the middle of the room, panting quite a lot but other than that he just relaxed on the floor, showing that it was perfectly safe for Lance. It was the sweetest thing Allura had ever seen and instead of going home with one dog, she comes back with two, Lance and the newest addition, Hunk.

When summer comes around, Lance is back to a healthy weight and his fur has grown back completely, although there are a few scars here and there, but he doesn’t let that bother him. He loves to play with Shiro and Hunk in the backyard but when they go to the dog park he rarely goes out and plays with Hunk shiro and Keith, he’ll usually just sit next to Coran on his usual bench with Pidge.

Also, during the summer all of the mothers from that ‘bad neighborhood’ ask Allura if she’ll babysit their children while they’re at work, so she gets in a lot of money (she doesn’t charge a lot, but it builds up after babysitting half of the neighborhood kids) and they love it when Allura is babysitting because they get to go to her house and play with her dogs! Shiro is always a good sport and is playful with the kids, Hunk is probably their favorite because he looks like a mammoth to some of them but is as gentle as a butterfly. Pidge usually hides away in a room whenever the children come over, Keith doesn’t really like having the kids keep touching him, he hasn’t seemed if they are safe or not, so he’ll usually hide away with Pidge if it gets to much. Lance loves the attention to an extent, he can get overwhelmed and will usually curl up or find shiro or Hunk to hide behind. After this happened a few times the kids ask why and Allura does her best to explain that Lance didn’t always get happy touches, so sometimes he can mistake happy touches for mean touches and will hide away.

The kids obviously feel bad, and only touch him if he comes up to them.

All is right in the world and no one could be happier!

(Although with the amount of dog hair that gets everywhere, everyone is constantly perplexed on how Allura’s and Coran’s clothes don’t have a hint of dog hair on them?)

guide on how to cause a mass heart attack: official arts. for days.



me: *chokes on sardines at 7 pm*



me: we’re not running a hardest shipper contest jfc



me: oh good you’re not over-the-top crazy today

BONES: we have shin soukoku on the front and soukoku at the back

me: okay that’s not so bad . i can take it. 

BONES: there’s probably gonna be more in it when it’s published

me: well okaY WAIT WHAT SHIT–


me: okay no BONES info today. it’s going to be a peaceful day.

YOI fandom: viktuuri grocery shopping. otayuri friendship date. earphone sharing. dj bad boy otabek wearing CARDIGAN. CODE BLUE. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. I REPEAT. OTABEK WEARING GRANDPAPPY CARDIGAN. 


Okay seriously though? If you run a blog that loudly promotes or even agree swith the idea that ‘fat girls do it better’ or ‘skinny chicks are gross’ or ‘real men like meat, only dogs like bones’,

UN 👏🏻 FOLL 👏🏻 OW 👏🏻 ME 👏🏻

And go fuck yourself while you’re at it. I’m ALL for fat girls loving themselves. We are amazing and we deserve recognition. But throwing another body type under the bus is NOT the way to gain love for yourself and it makes you absolutely no better than the people in your life who have hurt you by making fun of your size. Learn to love yourself in a HEALTHY way, not by being a bully towards other people because by doing that, you make the rest of us look bad.

Body positivity is for EVERY. BODY.

glitter-me-bones  asked:

Maybe some Sebastiancat carrying Lillycat around? Thank You! ❤❤❤❤

I mean, I deliver if asked so nicely, but … I usually dont draw cats. Thats why I have the Dog AU, I mean.
So heres Seb carrying aorund his kitten Lily as requested anyway.

Also if you like TEW cats you should go check out @gotta-art-gotta-scream‘s art, they make wonderful artworks of TEW cats!

Okay Hollywood, hear me out;

A roadtrip bromance movie with supergirl and batgirl where Barbara and Kara just drive around, visiting random cities and solving crimes along the way, Scooby Doo style.

No big bad villain. No specific plot. Just these two gals being super pals getting around, getting lost, and getting on each other’s nerves only to discover, in the end, that the real super power is the strength of their super friendship.

Call me. 

hazyxthoughts  asked:

"Why would you keep dog food inside the cabinet where I store all my snacks??"

Draco:  Why would you keep dog food inside the cabinet where I store all my snacks?

Harry: Those are Teddy’s.

Draco: You’re feeding him dog food?

Harry: *deep sigh* Those are Scooby Snacks.  

Draco: *pointing to Scooby-Doo on the box*  This is Scooby? 

Harry: Yes.  You realize we don’t even have a dog, right?

Draco: They’re shaped like bones, dogs on the box.  This is…

Harry: They’re just graham crackers! Merlin, chill!

Draco: What the hell is a graham cracker?

It Must Be True

Characters: Reader, Sam, Dean, Cas

Pairing: N/A

Warnings: Language, I think that’s all

Prompt: Urban Legends

Word Count: 993

A/N: This is my second entry for @deansleather​ Halloween challenge. This one is considerably shorter than the first, and I’m not really sure how great it is, but I was kinda stuck and this happened. So, let me know what you think, it would be greatly appreciated.


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Originally posted by mekade24

“A little help here, Y/N?” Dean grunts as he shovels another scoop of dirt out of the grave that he and Sam were currently desecrating.

“I don’t think so.” You wrap your arms around your frame, hugging your jacket tighter against yourself as you fight against the breeze that was blowing against your skin. The crisp fall air is something that you would usually revel in, but in a graveyard on Halloween night was the last place you wanted to enjoy the finer things in life. “I don’t even want to be here, Dean, and you think I wanna jump into some rotted grave so something can snatch me up?”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“You and Sammy are bigger than me and I’m prettier than you. I’ve seen the movies, the doe eyed damsel in distress is always the creepy nightcrawler’s person of interest!” You whisper shout at him, looking around as if you’re afraid you may have woken the dead.

“That’s ridiculous.” Sam says popping up, his hair plastered to his forehead along with a thick layer of sweat. “You’ve never had a problem with this before, why are you all of a sudden acting like you’re afraid to touch a grave with a ten foot pole?”

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Wanna Bite (Dean x Reader)

sorry the pic is so effin’ big. tumblr hates me today…

Characters: Dean Winchester & Reader
Summary: One-shot, where the reader is going on a diet and Dean wants to make sure she’s okay. Works for Plus-sized reader (like myself lol), but really we are pressured into body insecurities? Tried to keep it racially open, as well.
Wordcount: 2100-ish
Warnings and Ratings: Fluffy, romantic flirting, sexy talk; Body insecurity, little bit of angst
A/N: This was fun to write. Would love to hear your feedback - pushing myself to finish and share more of my SPN story ideas. 

“Wanna bite?”
Dean’s voice nearly echoed through the quiet of the Bunker Library. He holds out a fork full of pumpkin pie to your mouth, playfully teasing you with the creamy harvest orange creation, daring you to give in. You want a taste of something alright, but he’s not offering that just now. You do get a tiny thrill from his little wicked smile, as you make him wait.
“Nope. I’m on a diet,” you announce.
“Since when? Come on, I need your opinion.”
Dean had bought 6 different pumpkin pies, including Patti Labelle’s brand, for taste testing. You can not break his Pie-loving heart. You open you mouth for Dean and catch the pie on your tongue.
“Mmm…I give pie number three 4 stars outta 5…I know, you probably can’t tell…” He must be surprised in some part because of the pizza you chowed down on with him last night. And now this. You couldn’t resist - you have to live, right?! You ignore the tiny bit of guilt that is clinging to your conscience. “But yeah, I have to do something.”
“About what? What’s wrong with you?” His eyes scan your body from head to toe, for the thousandth time since you’ve known him. He catches your eyes and frowns in disapproval. He’s not co-signing your dieting decision.

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Farscape: Dog With Two Bones
Part 4 of 8 - Whole scene


apparently studio bones thought that manga Lovecraft wasn’t creepy enough so they essentially turned the body horror dial up to 1000%, a fact I am very much celebrating because LOOK AT HIM