dogs in stupid jackets

Ok so historic Laurens was a total animal person right? Just imagine Hamilton coming back to their tent and there’s a stray dog on his bed. And Laurens is all “Alex look at him he licked my foot that means we’re best friends” and Alex is like on the one hand that thing is all over his bed and definitely has fleas and he’s never really liked dogs, the only ones he came into contact with on St. Croix were not exactly lapdogs. And on the other hand he never sees John this happy, this kind of pure, little kid happy. And so he sighs and humors John and the stupid dog poops on his jacket but John’s laughing and playing with the thing and he hasn’t heard him laugh this much in a while. And so when they finally shoo the dog away Alex has a few token gripes but John’s smile is infectious, hopefully more so than those damn fleas.