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I forgot to post this until now! This was my contribution to @plus-dog collective’s 3rd anthology, our theme this time was ‘Adventure’.

I’ve been trying to do something mostly autobiographical for each submission, so this one is about when I was a very gay 6th grader with my first real crush. I want to make a point here that originally this comic was gonna be sad, because we never felt safe enough to express our feelings about one another. And while yes, sad stories about the real experiences of queer kids have a place, especially when told by us, I just didn’t want to add to the huge list of “sad queer kid” stories. Even if irl things ended bad, it’s still important to acknowledge the good stuff too.

Walking The Dog Day!

Did you know that February 22nd is official “Walking the Dog” day? Here’s some selections from our collection to help inspire you to get out there and spend a little quality time with man’s best friend.

Joan Neuman (later Miller) walking dog and baby doll on the 1700 block of Eutaw Place, age 5, 1921-22. JMM 1983.69.4 

Dr. Lucille Liberles outside with Pete the dog, JMM 1980.29.113b 

Binswanger the dog is out for a walk – but who’s holding the leash? JMM 1993.174.2 

Adele Szold and this lovely pooch enjoy a walk lakeside in Wisconsin, 1895. JMM 1992.242.6.43a 

The adorable Louis Berman Lapidus with his equally adorable dog, c. 1925. JMM 1997.60.3

The Weinberg family enjoys a romp in Druid Hill Park with their dog, 1910. JMM 1996.50.27k.5 


4.13 pm

Georgina is sitting outside the stables with Douglas when Joël and Jared return from Athena’s. Joël parks Roy’s SUV neatly in front of the garage and Georgina and Douglas watch as the dogs come tearing across the yard to greet them, Jared almost bowled over by their collective enthusiasm.

Georgina: The dogs are going to miss our visitors so much.

Douglas: I think you’re going to miss them too. 

Georgina is glad her back is towards Douglas so he can’t see the blood rushing to her face. The tops of her ears are burning. She’s a damn fool, a grown woman with children of her own acting like a lovesick teenager. She ought to be ashamed, embarrassed, sick with guilt. But instead the sight of Joël makes little bubbles of happiness fizz inside her like champagne. 

Georgina: Shhhh. They’re coming over.