dogs in costume

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Stay the fuck out of our tag, you've done enough by ruining our photo-op. We don't give a shit about you or your fucking fandom of bullies that play the victim. Fuck off.

you seem stressed. being misinformed and rude can do that to a person. enjoy this picture of a dog in a spaghetti costume.

shark derp face

Soooo here’s the thing. Dogs love treats. And at Halloween, everyone loves treats. Like, all the time. So this year, we wanna get some Halloween treats to dogs who need it the most. Every time you tag your post with #howloween, we’ll donate a bag of Beggin (up to 10,000 bags) to adoptable dogs at a Petfinder shelter. So let’s see your pumpkin patch poodles and your derp-faced dracula, and don’t forget to tag ‘em #Howloween!

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