dogs for breakfast

anonymous asked:

Since that was Cole on the elevator with the flip flops, is that dog the same from the breakfast date? Bc it looks a lot like it. Does that mean they have a dog? Or I'm nuts?

It’s a different dog, so I honestly have no idea…it does kinda look like Troll’s legs and feet though….

212.8 Friday –> 211.2 Saturday –> 210.8 Sunday –> 209.4 Monday –> 209.6 Tuesday –> 210.8 yesterday –> 211.2 today

Hahaha, OMG, WTF.

It’s not real! It can’t be real! Can it?

Yesterday I ate:

- two hot dogs with mustard for breakfast
- half a bowl of chicken breast with cucumbers, green peppers, and red onions for lunch
- the other half for a snack at the end of the day
- steak and broccoli cooked in butter for dinner
- blender sherbet for dessert

I thought I was being sooooo good! I woke up this morning thinking I’d be at my lowest weight since 2013! And then I had GAINED weight.

I guess I’m still down 1.6 pounds from last Friday. But I’m back to what I weighed on Saturday. I know the keto group on Reddit talks a lot about too much protein kicking you out of ketosis, so maybe a bunch of chicken was a bad idea for me. Bacon and eggs today!

Friday May 12th,

Lunch when you’re to lazy to make anything else. Today I found myself super busy and I baked a lemon cake for Mother’s Day and had a lot of cleaning/washing up to do. By 5pm I was drained and ready for bed! I had a good talk to my dog after breakfast, which probably seems weird as she can’t understand me, but as we (my family) put her to sleep on Monday I felt like I wanted to thank her for all her love and happy memories, even though she had no idea what I was saying. Maybe this will help me say goodbye. I am so tired right now (probably emotion based) and excited for sleep, but first I want to journal and draw and obviously I need something for dessert before I settle down. Oh, and I have the kitchen to clean for the hundredth time today, yay.

In another life…. 

In another life Stiles rolled over and the bed was still warm from where Derek had been sleeping just minutes before. The house smells like coffee and he can hear Derek talking to the dog while he makes breakfast. 

In another life Derek throws his head back in a laugh when Officer Stiles Stilinski accidentally set his fire alarm off one night while making popcorn and offers to teach him some fire safety tips when he’s off duty.

In another life two grad students bond over their TA positions and how much extra work they have. Stiles ends up bringing Derek a coffee the next morning and the rest is history. 

In another life Stiles falls for the tattooed barista. It turns out he’s a writer and the tattoos are for his family that died. It turns out they both found each other when they needed someone the most.

In another life professional baseball player Derek Hale ends up falling for a up and coming ESPN reporter. When he retires 15 years later he’s happily married to him and they cohost a new show for the network. 

In another life.

In another life they’re happy. In another life Derek stayed. In another life there are no werewolves and no dead family members. 

In another life Derek wakes to the sound of laughter and tiny feet. 

In another life Stiles catches a serial killer and goes home to his bearded husband making him dinner. 

In another life.

In another life.

But not in this life… at least not yet. 


all the boys // panic! at the disco

Sirius Black carrying around with him at all times even though he has them all memorised anyways a parchment full of dog jokes because there’s no time like the present and telling james that his favourite type of pizza is ‘pupperoni’ and watching his reaction is beyond hilarious