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ask-risorgimento-italy replied to your photo “hey how about lutz but with a beard bonus jealous gilbert with his…”

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ask-risorgimento-italy replied to your photo “hey how about lutz but with a beard bonus jealous gilbert with his…”



A Friendly Memorial Day Reminder

Memorial Day has come to mean a long weekend, a getaway trip, a sale, Figawi, a barbecue, another occasion to get drunk while the sun is still out. And I suppose there’s nothing wrong with that. But that’s not what Memorial Day is about.

Memorial Day is about commemorating a sacrifice. The military women and men sacrificing their lives, not only by dying for our freedom, but losing limbs and not being able to stand and cheer for their children at sports games. By missing the weddings, births, first communions and graduations of the ones they love and attending far more funerals than anyone their age should. It’s about the families constantly living in fear of whether or not they will ever know the comfort of hugging their military man or woman again. It’s about the children that lose parents and the women and men losing the loves of their lives. It’s about the sailors, marines, soldiers, airmen, and guardians that return feeling alone and afraid even though they’ve been welcomed home with open arms, unable to get a full night’s sleep or assimilate to normal civilian life, or even get full medical coverage for work related injuries or illness. It’s about appreciating the selflessness that drives these people to defend their country.

It repulses me to see people take for granted the privilege that is to be American, almost as much as disrespect/lack of appreciation for our troops does. Whether or not you support our foreign endeavors, you absolutely owe every ounce of your ovation to the people that risk their lives for this country, and the families enduring unbearable pain in their absences.

Eat hot dogs, drink beer, enjoy the beach, but take a moment to consider the heart ache, bloodshed and altruism that brought this holiday into existence in the first place.

Puppy Love

Imagine Sam getting turned into a puppy on a hunt gone wrong.

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Warnings: The f word.

A/N: This is my first imagine on here so if you guys want to send me requests I’d love to write them!

“Dean!” you screamed in fear as you stared at the small form laying on top of a pile of Sam’s clothes. His heavy footsteps could be heard running down the hall towards the room where the last five minutes had gone horribly wrong. Dean skidded to a stop behind you and peered through the doorway to the spot where his brother had stood a few seconds ago.

“Is that-?” Dean mumbled with a confused look on his face.

“Mhm,” you hummed in response as you slowly walked towards the sleeping creature, who was actually the youngest of the Winchester brothers.

“I’ll call Bobby,” Dean sighed as he pulled out his phone. You could hear the beginning of the conversation as he stomped down the hall towards the Impala.

A small whimper pulled your attention to the German Shepherd puppy, who was actually a 6’4 moose man, as he twitched and wiggled around. His black and brown paws moved as if he was running. You let out a giggle as you thought about the dreams that must be going on in his puppy brain.

Sam was so not gonna hear the end of this when he changed back.

You lifted him up and carried him out of the warehouse. As you set him in the backseat of the Impala you heard the ending of Dean’s conversation with Bobby.

“Ya, a witch.” You could hear Bobby’s response and Dean saying, “No I didn’t see what happened he was with Y/N.” You walked back into the warehouse to get Sam’s clothes, but when you came back out you heard shouting.

“I swear to god Sam if you mess up Baby I will castrate you!” Dean screamed as he reached for the furball that was rolling around in the backseat. Sam stopped and stared at Dean as you sat in the front seat. When you turned to look back at them Sam was lifting his back leg and staring straight at Dean with a look that said he would do it.

“Don’t you fucking dare,” Dean said through clenched teeth. Sam let out a growl and put his leg down.

“Dean, let’s go,” you said while reaching for a tape to put on. As Dean got in the car he glared at Sam through the rear-view mirror. You rolled your eyes before turning towards the window. Next thing you know Sam is jumping into your lap. He turned around and stared at you with an accusing look in his eyes.

“You’re literally a puppy, you can deal with not having the front seat for once,” you scoffed. Sam stared at you for a few more seconds before laying in your lap, almost as if he was pouting. You let him lay there for a few minutes before picking him up and rolling onto your side so that you could sleep. He nuzzled his way in between your arms as you let out a yawn. All you remembered was petting his soft fur before falling asleep.

* * * *

Dean watched as his younger brother, who was now a puppy, stared at you as you slept. Even Dean knew that Sam had liked you for some time now. It was obvious.

“Some case of Puppy Love, huh Sammy?” He said as he finally got the dog’s attention. Sam growled as if telling his older brother to shut up. Dean chuckled as he turned into a motel for the night. “Wake her up while I get a room, would ya?” Dean asked his brother as he ruffled the fur on Sam’s head. Sam nipped at his hand before turning towards you.

You woke up to a tongue licking at your face. Your hands flew up to push him away from you, but he yelped as he slipped and fell to the floor of the impala. “Oh gosh,” you muttered as a chuckle escaped your lips. Sam glared up at you as you reached down to lift him up.

You looked up as Dean walked towards the trunk of the car. “We’re in room 12. I’m gonna go grab some food and beer,” was all he said as he handed you your duffel bag and a key to the room.

As you made it to the room you set Sam down so that you could unlock the door. The first thing you did when you walked in the room was flop down on the bed.

“Hey Sam?” you looked up to ask him a question, but started laughing at what you saw. The usually graceful man was now trying to hobble through the front door on four nimble legs. He slipped on the linoleum and slid nose first into the carpet. You couldn’t help but laugh as his big copper colored puppy eyes glared up at you.

You spent the next ten minutes watching him sniff around the room before you got up to take a shower. He whimpered as you stepped into the bathroom and went to shut the door.

“I’ll be out in a bit, why don’t you go chase your tail or something?” You giggled as he nipped at your toes, but you shut the door before he could bite you.

The warm water relaxed your sore muscles as you cleaned the blood from a cut on your cheek. It happened when the witch you were hunting sent you flying across the room and a nail had scraped your cheek, leaving a deep cut that would most likely scar. As you turned off the water and reached for a towel you realized that you had forgotten to grab your pajamas from your duffel. As you exited the bathroom in only a towel Sam looked up at you. His puppy eyes went wide and he froze in his spot. You laughed as you realized what he had been doing.

“When I told you to chase your tail I didn’t think you’d actually do it.” You crossed the room to your bed where you duffel bag sat.

As you were digging through the bag trying to find your pj’s Sam jumped up on to the bed and walked towards you. He stared at your face for a few moments before he started to whine and whimper. “What Sam?”

Sam came closer to you and brought his face closer to yours. His wet nose rubbed against the cut on your cheek carefully before he pulled back and stared at you with a look of sadness. “It’s no big deal Sam,” you said as he nuzzled his head against your hand. You spent a minute petting him before going to get changed. When you came out of the bathroom Dean was walking through the door.

“Finally! Took you long enough,” were the first words out of your mouth. Sam barked in agreement as he jumped down from the bed.

“I was gone for half an hour,” Dean scoffed as he pulled burgers out of a to-go bag. You grabbed a beer before responding in a sarcastic tone, “Well excuse me your highness.”

Sam’s paw ran down your leg as he stared up at your beer with a begging look in his eyes. “Hey Dean, are dogs allowed to drink beer?”

“Hell if I know,” was his genius response. You shrugged as you grabbed a glass and poured some of your beer in it. Once you sat it on the ground Sam lapped it up greedily.

“Bobby called and said that Sam should be back to normal by morning, but for tonight the little fleabag is sleeping in your bed,” Dean stated around a mouth full of fries. Sam’s tail thumped against the ground as he happily chewed on a piece of burger you had given him.

“At least this way he can’t complain about the food,” Dean said as he stared at his brother. Sam growled before going back to eating some fries.

The rest of the night was spent with Dean calling Sam a variety of names like Mutt, Fleabag, Bonehead, and watching old reruns on the motel tv.

You ended up laying in bed with Sam, wishing that it was the real him and not the puppy version, but as Dean turned out the lights Sam cuddled into your chest and licked your nose. Your hands reached out and wrapped around him, pulling him closer to you. As you fell asleep you wondered if he would still growl when he changed back.

* * * *

The morning sunlight seeped through the motel window as you yawned and tried to stretch, but an arm wrapped around your waist prevented that. You looked down to see a toned arm holding you against a muscular chest. As you looked up at the persons face you let out a squeal of happiness.

“Sam!” you shrieked as you turned and wrapped your arms around him. He blinked and reached up to push the hair out of his face.

“Morning,” he yawned. His eyes became wide as he realized that he wasn’t a puppy anymore. “I’m back! Yes!” he shouted as he pulled you against his chest. Things became awkward as you both realized he was naked. You rolled over and faced the wall so that he could put on some clothes.

“To bad you won’t be able to chase your tail anymore, huh Sam?” you asked in a sarcastic tone.

All of a sudden you were turned so that you were laying under Sam. He looked down at you with a lustful look in his eyes before saying, “You know Y/N, I spent all last night having to see you in that towel and in your short shorts, and that was pure torture, so now you can repay me by letting me do this.”

Before you could respond he brought his lips down on yours in a deep, passionate kiss. You couldn’t help but be thankful that it was Sam you were kissing and not a puppy.