dogs dressed for christmas


Two famous online dogs and cats at Christmas celebrations go viral

Photographs of Niuniu and Duanwu, a Samoyed dog and a Scottish fold cat, dressed up for Christmas have gone viral online.

The two pets are already famous on Chinese social media. Ma Jianguo, the owner of the pets, posted pictures of them in different Christmas styles wishing people Christmas blessings and hopes that everyone can stay with their loved ones over the festive season. Ma got over 40,000 replays and 10,000 comments on weibo, a Twitter-like social media platform, in just ten hours.

Ma started the account @huiyizhuanyongxiaomajia on weibo in January, 2013. He became a Chinese Internet celebrity after his cute photos of Niuniu and Duanwu attracted the affection of innumerable netizens.

Ma initially used the social media platform to air his feelings of heart ache after breaking up with his girlfriend. However after his pets got huge number of fans, Ma concentrated his posts to mainly focus on photos and videos of his pets’ daily lives. The posts mainly captured the pure and warm friendship between a dog and cat. He also shares some useful tips on feeding pets.

Ma Jianguo officially became the most popular weibo celebrity at the 2015 weibo influence summit held by Sina Corporation in December. He regularly posts advertisements on his personal account to make money although the exact amount he earns from his popular pets and his online celebrity status is undisclosed.(Photos:@huiyizhuanyongxiaomajia)