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Такса Джексон

Такса Джексон

Решила нарядить таксика в новогодний тёплый свитер. Сколько до Рождества и Нового Года осталось?

Только чуть удлинила туловище, но как вижу это его не портит .

Свитер снимается, можно менять наряды по сезону.

Такса связана по авторскому описанию, которое можно купить в моем магазине.

Бонус описание свитера ( спицами)

Dachshund Jackson

Decided to dress up for Christmas and warm the dog a little.

This is an author’s toy.

Crochet Pattern PDF Dachshund in the shop ETSY

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Secret Santa with BTS and exo M

“Can we just invite Xiumin or does it have to be the whole gaggle of geese?” says Yoongi and the rest of Bangtan murmur collective praise over Minseok. “He’s the trend~”

“We’re going to be nice hosts and invite the whole group,” Namjoon pauses, “Well the whole subgroup. Things have been not sunshine and dogs in sunglasses for them lately.”

Christmas day comes and everybody dresses in their favorite ugly sweaters. Taehyung prides himself on decorating the house with beautiful, red poinsettias. He shows his leader who replies, “Those aren’t…that is a bowl of apples.”

There is a knock at the door and Hoseok gallops towards it, greeting, “Welcome friends!”

Taehyung searches the faces of their Exo companions and screams, “WHERE IS MY MOTHER?”

“Baekhyun is in Exo-K.”


“That’s enough Taehyung. We are very happy to be spending the holidays with our good friends in Infinite.,” 

“Jin, this is Exo-M,” Namjoon tells him.

Jin throws himself on the couch, pouting, “Exo-M. Exo-Q. Exo-Whatever. I resent you for not inviting Kidoh.”

With Jin’s ensuing tantrum behind them, the two groups gather in a circle to reveal their Secret Santas.

“I’ll go first,” Jongdae says. “I got Minseok. Buddy, your present is me calling up Luhan and telling him we’re spending Christmas at BTOB’s place.”

Minseok launches himself across the circle and crushes the chiseled cheekbone singer into an embrace. “Thank you.”

“Why don’t you go next Yoongi?” says leader Namjoon.

Yoongi sighs, “I got Jimin.”

The smile on Jimin’s face grows immediately, “What did you get me?!”

Yoongi reaches behind him, pulls out a big red bow, and places it on his own head. “Merry Whatever.” This is the best Christmas of Jimin’s life.

Hoseok got Jongdae. “I made you a bouquet of flowers in the shape of a horse because I think you’re swell!”

He hands it over to Jongdae who drops it and screams, “Do you know how allergic I am to flowers AND horses?!”

Hose jumps to his feet and covers his chest with his hand like a soccer mom, “OH MY GOD.”

“Nah, man. I’m just playing,” Jongdae says deviously. “Thank you.” Hoseok continues to soccer mom throughout the rest of the holiday get together.

“Rapmon, as leader you should gift their leader,” says Jimin.

Tao starts crying and saying “We are one” under his breath. Yoongi asks, “Oh yeah. Who is your leader now anyway?”

“Duh. Their leader is JR.”

“Taehyung you’re thinking of Nu’Est,” Namjoon tells him.

“No, he’s thinking of Got7,” says Jimin.

“I think their leader is JB,” pipes up hot trend Minseok.

Yixing wonders, “Isn’t there a JR in there somewhere too?

Taehyung stands on the coffee table a screams, “THEN WHO AM I?”

Namjoon sets the wild pigeon boy back on the ground and says, “I got Tao. Merry Christmas man. You get to feature in my Bobby diss track. Here’s your verse.”

“Seriously?” Tao wipes his eyes, reaches over, and takes the piece of paper from Bangtan’s leader. He reads it and says, “All you wrote was ‘Dear Bobby, your rhymes are not fast’ with a poorly drawn picture of Sonic.”

Namjoon rubs the back of his head, “Yeah well…it’s a work in progress. Anyway, Jungkook why don’t you go?”

“I forgot to do it.”

Yixing says, “I forgot too. Nobody told me we were spending Christmas with Block B?”

“This is Bangtan,” Minseok says.

Dance boy points to Rapmon, “You mean to tell me this isn’t Zico?”

Yoongi lies down for a nap, “This Christmas has been a conundrum.”

Leader Namjoon decides to leader, “What say we just forget this whole thing and go eat copious amounts of food?” Everyone fervently agrees because food is great and they do not stop eating until Christmas is finished all in the name of our lord and savior Jesus Christ. Amen. 


Luhan grips Eunkwang’s shirt and dramatically falls to his knees, “What do you mean he’s not here?!”

nygmobblepot said: Is Will going to dress his dogs up in little Christmas outfits? That would be adorable, I think… ((And maybe Hannibal could help… ;) ))

“Well…” Will laughs as Buster yaps at him, already trying to wriggle out of the little green sweater wrapped around his body. Trouble, that Buster. But smart. He knows just who to growl at. “I don’t usually, but…it was really nice of Hannibal to buy all of them presents, so…”

He shrugs, as though it’s not a big thing, as though it barely registers at all, but there’s no hiding his grin, or the obvious pleasure that seeps out of him as his eyes flit over to the other man. No big thing, mhmmm. 

 "So, we’re all -“ His gaze drops, chiding, to address the pup in his arms. "going to enjoy them, aren’t we?" 

We turn to see if Hannibal wants to comment, but he’s too busy in his glaring match. Uh oh Buster, looks like it’s coal for you next year. 

***Everyone please give a hundred thousand thanks to shawarma-palace for saving me (crazyphases) by drawing these adorable puppies for you guys (aren’t they cute?). He is an amazing artist and writer, and you should follow him if you have not yet!*** ||  (F-aa-la-la-la-low!!)


Two famous online dogs and cats at Christmas celebrations go viral

Photographs of Niuniu and Duanwu, a Samoyed dog and a Scottish fold cat, dressed up for Christmas have gone viral online.

The two pets are already famous on Chinese social media. Ma Jianguo, the owner of the pets, posted pictures of them in different Christmas styles wishing people Christmas blessings and hopes that everyone can stay with their loved ones over the festive season. Ma got over 40,000 replays and 10,000 comments on weibo, a Twitter-like social media platform, in just ten hours.

Ma started the account @huiyizhuanyongxiaomajia on weibo in January, 2013. He became a Chinese Internet celebrity after his cute photos of Niuniu and Duanwu attracted the affection of innumerable netizens.

Ma initially used the social media platform to air his feelings of heart ache after breaking up with his girlfriend. However after his pets got huge number of fans, Ma concentrated his posts to mainly focus on photos and videos of his pets’ daily lives. The posts mainly captured the pure and warm friendship between a dog and cat. He also shares some useful tips on feeding pets.

Ma Jianguo officially became the most popular weibo celebrity at the 2015 weibo influence summit held by Sina Corporation in December. He regularly posts advertisements on his personal account to make money although the exact amount he earns from his popular pets and his online celebrity status is undisclosed.(Photos:@huiyizhuanyongxiaomajia)