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There were many things that George loved about the city of New York. Other than the hustle and bustle that actually helped to soothe his mind, there were so many smells and sights to behold. Hot dog stands around every corner, different people doing different things on the street corner in an effort to make a living in the city that never sleeps…

His eyes caught onto a young woman on one of the corners, standing by what looked like a couple of paintings. A couple of paintings that draw his eyes over pretty much instantly and made him falter mid-step, staring at the paintings and the woman who stood with them.

i hope you all enjoy this new Dog Of The Day thing i am doing because i will do it every day without fail so you see some of the best and brightest underappreciated pups

suggest me some dogzzz

One of my favorite things to do is think about Next Dog, and what Next Dog might be, and where Next Dog might come from, even though that is likely to be 4-5 years down the line. A lot can change between now and then – but it’s fun to think about.

I have a shortlist of breeds I think about a lot, but would love to hear suggestions!

Strongly prefer:

  • Decent potential for off-leash reliability. 
  • Reputation for long, vigorous lifespans. Obviously there are no guarantees, but a decent shot at 12 or more years with a dog is really important to me.
  • More inherent biddability and drive to work than what I’m used to. I think I’m pretty fluid in how I’d define this – considering the dogs I have already, I don’t feel too scared off by breeds that have a tricky to motivate, “what’s in it for me?” reputation. (So even a sports prospect puppy in a “non-traditional” breed might be a good fit?) I already spend time every day training and thinking about training, but currently find my appetite for it surpasses Chalo and Priya’s. I would love to not have to work quite so hard next time around, in that sense. More god-given (dog-given?) food and toy drive would be fun.
  • Reserved, aloof nature around strangers; cuddly with me. 
  • Medium-sized, athletic, rustic, leggy build. 30-40 pounds is The Ideal, but not of utmost importance. 
  • Short, wash-and-wear coat, with minimal daily grooming requirements. 

Would prefer to avoid:

  • High likelihood of needing a crate-and-rotate situation. I don’t mind some selectivity with other dogs, but reasonable potential to live harmoniously with Chalo and Priya is very important. 
  • Gregariously excitable, needs-to-meet-everyone, would-jump-in-the-car-of-a-total-stranger personalities
  • INTENSE physical exercise requirements, at least by my personal definition. I’m willing, ready, and able to do more than my current dog exercise routine (a structured 1-2 hours a day, including hiking 3-5 times a week), but it’s important to me that a dog be able to tolerate a couple physically low-key days here and there without bouncing off the walls.
  • Barking for the sake of barking.
  • Drooling.
  • Docked tails.

Currently dabbling in, and would like to continue dabbling in:

  • hiking hiking hiking
  • useless tricks galore
  • agilitating
  • obedience and rally

Thinking often about these (I recognize they don’t all unanimously tick off all my boxes – but it’s a loose list where I’m willing to compromise on some things):

  • Kelpies
  • Australian cattle dogs
  • Rhodesian ridgebacks
  • German shorthaired pointers
  • Whippets
  • Cirneco dell’Etna
  • Canaan dogs

WHAT ARE YOUR SUGGESTIONZ, DOGBLRZ? What am I not thinking of, but should be?

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I really admire your extensive knowledge of the books and world. This may be a kind of pedantic question, but what are your methods of note-taking in the books, eg, underlining, symbols, how you mark pages, characters, themes etc ?

Thanks so much! And I… don’t. Um. Highlight or underline or mark pages or anything. The most I do, when, say, reading a new TWOW preview chapter or TWOIAF or one of the novellas, is take notes on a piece of paper or in a notepad file, but that’s only if I’m sharing with other people. Maybe I’ll stick a torn-tissue bookmark in a book to mark a particularly favorite quote, or dog-ear a page, but usually I only use bookmarks to remember where I’ve left off. Otherwise I just work with my memory.

(I was a terrible student. Well, no, actually I was an excellent student – I test extremely well – but my study skills were godawful and I just depended on my memory and lecture notes 95% of the time. Which was fine in high school, but led to a spectacular implosion in college, as many gifted kids do. But really, I’d buy highlighters and post-it flags and never ever use them. (Pre-owned textbooks with highlighted passages were usually just distracting.) And people use highlighters for fiction? I mean, they must, Kindle wouldn’t have the option if they didn’t, but to me that’s just like… wow, why, no.)

I plan on doing another major reread of ASOIAF when TWOW’s release date is announced, and I’ll probably take notes to share (since people seem to like it when I do that), but I still don’t expect to use any highlighters or anything. (Highlighting? a book? one of my books? a fiction book? ugh ugh ugh.) Even the combo AFFC/ADWD I’m putting together (I bought two used paperbacks, I’m going to cut them apart and put them back together in the combination reading order, because I am a great big nerd), I still can’t imagine doing anything else to. And TWOW itself will be read as fast as I can (which is pretty darn fast), and any notes there will be from memory, most likely…

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Give me domestic Kunikida/Dazai pls for my birthday?

Kunikida is almost always the first to wake up. He wakes up to the morning sunlight filtering through the curtains and turning Dazai’s dark brown hair into warm, shimmering copper. Kunikida notes that Dazai’s hair is a mess of tangles and knots from tossing and turning at night before reaching over to brush the hair away from Dazai’s face. Dazai’s hair is soft and gently warmed from the sun’s rays. Kunikida’s hand lingers for a moment before smoothing Dazai’s hair back again. It’s still a mess but Kunikida finds that it suits the man who is still sleeping with a content expression on his face. His expression is almost a contradiction to the blue-green bruising that Kunikida can see just peeking out from the top of the bandages at Dazai’s neck. It’s healing, but Kunikida still frowns. The contrast of the bruises with Dazai’s pale skin is always vividly in his mind along with the image of what made that bruise in the first place. Gently brushing his fingers along the bruise, Kunikida can’t help but think that Dazai looks so vulnerable now, and yet so relaxed, like he’s only now able to sleep like this. Kunikida gives the man beside him a long, soft look and lets him sleep.

Dazai is almost always the last to go to sleep. He looks over to moonlight shining on Kunikida, watching as his chest moves from his even breathing. The moon’s glow catches on his eyelashes. Dazai imagines that Kunikida’s the envy of all the ladies with how thick and long his lashes are. Even with his eyes closed, Dazai can see how beautiful they are, because there are only so many chances he can get to see Kunikida without glasses. And every second of that time is precious. Dazai’s attention wanders over to Kunikida’s hair, which has been freed from let loose from the ponytail it’s in during the day. Kunikida’s hair glows like starlight against the crisp white of the 800 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets that he insists on. Dazai watches the strands of hair slip through his fingers like liquid gold, thinking about how Kunikida was worth more than any amount of actual gold in the world. He settles down on his own pillow, taking one last look at the man next to him before closing his eyes and falling asleep.

The ironic thing is that I don’t really care that much about Chris Evans when he’s not doing marvel related stuff, so while all these people have been unstanning him because of Jenny, I’ve only started paying attention to him recently because of her.

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I find that corgi owners, including myself, have a tendency to refer to the fact that their dog is a corgi when they talk to them. (So I might say to my dog, "Look at you, corgi! You're such a pretty corg!" or "Good morning, corgi!") The answer to this query might involve some crowdsourcing, but I'm wondering if there is a tendency for owners of any other particular breeds of dogs to do the same thing. (I hope this makes enough sense.)

Good question!

If you have a specific breed, do you refer to your dog as their breed?

i had a dream last night where this giant black lab was in my yard playing with some other dog and having a good time, the lab was like twice the height of my mom and his head took up like 1/3 of my window when he looked in and tbh it felt like a pretty standard dream until he turned into markiplier, fell over the neighbours fence and left

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*hops into the kayak* Part 2, capt!

Welcome on board!! I’ve been churning so many AUs out recently, so please have this instead!!

> [10:09] oda sent:

about to start my shift. good morning when you see this.

> [10:10] gide sent:

good morning.

Oda does a double take, purses his lips. His fingers swipe towards the call button on Skype.

“Ah, Sakunosuke, you called.” A tired voice picks up.

“It’s three in the morning over there, Gide. What are you doing awake?”

“I couldn’t sleep because I missed you,” he murmurs with a breathy laugh. He can practically hear the other man smiling through the phone.

“Work’s starting. Get some rest. I’ll call you during my break, alright?” A slight pause. Oda doesn’t sound mad. 

“…Miss you too.” It is Gide’s turn to smile. As he lowers the phone from his ear, its blue light illuminates his sweat-slicked ashen silver hair and the dark rings under his eyes.

He lets his eyelids flutter shut and he can see it, hear it - the cacophony of explosions and shouts, the sparks from the Grey Spectre’s muzzle; it’s all too familiar, all too close. The phone clatters to the ground. His shirt clings to his back as he tries to steady his trembling hands and erratic breathing. When he opens his eyes, there is only the drab white ceiling that greets him in coldness and solitude.

Closing his eyes, he imagines the familiar scent of coffee, smoke, and curry wafting across the battlefield as he tries to sleep.

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Headcanons for Steinbeck bringing the Guild to visit his family for a good 'ol homestyle dinner?

Oh my gosh, lemme see…

  • Fitzgerald tries to be nice, but with how he is he ends up sort of insulting how/where Steinbeck’s family lives. Steinbeck isn’t happy.
  • Steinbeck’s little siblings aren’t at all affected by Lovecraft’s weird tentacles and he becomes their favorite right away.
  • Hawthorne mostly chats with his parents bc they’re happy their son had good religious influence while away.
  • Rosasharn finds Mitchell to be the cutest thing ever and probably develops a little crush, Mitchell is very flattered by this.
  • Poe spends most of the time trying to keep Karl away from the farm animals, he’d get crushed by a horse otherwise.
  • Alcott awkwardly answers any questions asked her, but doesn’t seem very comfortable sitting there with these people she doesn’t know.
  • Besides Lovecraft, Winfield thinks Twain is the coolest thing and likes playing with Huck and Tom whenever he can during the visit.
  • Melville tells Ruthie stories when Lovecraft passes out during play. She thinks the stories he tells are the coolest thing.
  • Montgomery is very awkward about it, and also sort of doted on my Steinbeck’s family due to her age. She gives the younger kids dolls by the end as a show of gratitude. 

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I've been hearing all of these awful things about commercial big-name dog foods and I was wondering if you had any sort of recommendations regarding what brands are the best(without costing an arm and a leg if possible)? I know you probably have more important things to do than recommend dog food but I was just wondering

Discussing pet food is one of my absolute least favorites aspects of being a veterinarian. People become so heated and it is impossible to have an actual conversation about it. Guess who puts those “awful things” about commercial big name dog foods out there? Other dog food companies that want to sell your their product but are also just as big and commercial. It is all advertising and it works very well.

You wanna feed Blue Buffalo? Do it. Fromm? Go for it. Are any of the organic, grain free, GMO free, boutique brands better than any others? No. Your dog or cat will live a long healthy life on pretty much any brand. I personally like Hill’s Science Diet and Royal Canin because they publish lots of research on their diets so they are scientifically proven to be good but also because they are affordable. What really makes me angry is when clients decline vaccines or medical treatment due to expense but they spend $180 per month on organic dog food.

Feed whatever name brand you want as long as it has an AAFCO statement and your dog is truly doing well on it. But don’t complain about the cost of vet care when you spend more than that on the food alone.