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Courage /Katz Fanfic - Forget & Catnip Pt.2

Pt.1 Just in case you didn’t read it

*comes out of hiding*
Shadow : …Is it gone?????
*looks around*
??? : Hey you~
Shadow : Oh no. WRITERS BLOCK!!! $%!!!!
~months later~

Shadow : So yeah….I’m sorry. I kept trying to write part two after it got deleted but I kept screwing it up. i know a lot of you have accumulated waitin for this so I hope this doesn’t bore ya.
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Courage tried to get away but found himself being hugged even tighter by the feline. Katz continued to rub against courage contently. Courage found himself in a panic as he loss the ability to breathe.

KAtz on the other hand was happy. Courage was here, he smelled divine, and everything about him seemed to glow. His hair was fluffy, his face adorable, everything was just…perfect. He didn’t know what he had gotten mad at the canine in the first place.

Kitty and Bunny walked into the kitchen. Kitty looked at the duo a big confused, but then stopped and began sniffing the air.

“Oh boy. Brother put Courage down.”

Katz looked to Kitty. To a point he looked saddened by the idea, but slowly put him down. Courage fell on the floor, and took a deep breath in his went from blue back to its normal pink color.

Bunny bent down and touched Courage’s hair.

“Oh boy.”

“Is it what I thought?”


Courage looked between the two who seemed to look at him with a bit of pity.

“Um…well…Courage. Did you rub up against anything?”

Courage nodded.

“Only a tree that suddenly appeared in the back yard.“

Courage looked between Kitty and Bunny.

“Was it brown with red, and purple leaves and had like orangish stuff on it?”

Courage nodded. Kitty face palmed and Bunny lightly giggled.

“I don’t like the sound of this.”

“You rubbed up against a Catsnipper tree. They hardly bloom anymore, but when they do they appear out of no where and let out this cat nip oriented pollen. I was never completely bothered by it, but brother…”

Kitty looked to Katz who was looking at Courage with a smile and looked like he wanted to hug him again.

“You get the point.”

“Don’t worry sweetie. It only lasts….bout a hour….or five.”

“At least until night time.”

“Just watch television or something the whole time. It’ll be over in a second…hopefully.“

Courage looked at the two nervously before walking towards the living room.

Katz followed right behind him. He walked upstairs. Katz did the same. While there wasn’t too much wrong with it the smile the cat had on his face was too sweet to be Katz.

Courage looked at the clock on the wall. It had been a couple hours since he had gone outside. It would be a while before this stuff would wear off. Courage looked towards the back of the hall but groaned when he saw who was coming their way.
“What’s up dog? You didn’t get into too much trouble right?”

Courage looked at Cajun annoyed before the fox spoke up again.

“Well Dog you made a mess of my cakes. But cheer up I’ll put a smile on your face. ”

Cajun looked at Katz and then turned back to Courage.

“What you doing out with this fool? Come on dog, we’ve got better things to do. I’m gonna make some awesome soup.”

Courage whined as he thought about it. After this morning there wasn’t any need for another problem in the kitchen, especially since Bunny was in there. Courage tried to stop Cajun but that didn’t slow him down.


“What’s up dog? Don’t you want you’re stomach to sing?”

‘Not in the way you’re thinking!’ Courage said to himself.

As Courage said this he saw a shadow come over Cajun and jumped back. A mallet was brought down on Cajun’s head causing the fox to fall over unconscious with a big knot on his head.

“What did I tell you about touching what’s mine?!”

Katz threw the mallet to the side before picking up Courage gently, and violently grabbing Cajun.

Katz threw Cajun into the spider room with a content look on his face, but Courage looked at him nervously. It became obvious that Cajun had woken up as His screams were heard from the room as Katz walked away.

“Maybe we should just watch television.”

Katz let Courage pick what he wished to watch and while he didn’t try to hug Courage he continued to have quite a chipper attitude.

After another half a hour Bunny walked out with two bowls of tomato soup and grilled cheese. Courage licked his lips as a serving was set down in front of him.

Katz carefully dipped his sandwich into the soup before taking a bite. Courage did the same with a piece of his sandwich and sighed content. Now this was relaxing. Suddenly the front door slammed open.

“Hu-huu! Look at this.”

Le Quack came in and threw his doctor bag to the side. He quickly walked towards Courage and Katz and looked down Courage’s lunch.

“I’ll be taking this dog.”

Courage watched as Le Quack snatched up the plate of food. He whined as he watched Le Quack walk away.

Le Quack went towards the dining room content but the plate didn’t have the sandwich anymore.


A heavy explosion was heard behind Katz and Courage as they looked to the tv again. Katz brought Courage’s plate from behind his back and and dipped the sandwich in the soup and brought it towards Courage’s mouth.

“Say aaaah.” Courage looked at Katz skeptical before taking the bite.

“See. Isn’t that good.” Courage chewed the piece contently but still felt nervous. This was getting a bit too weird. While it was nice Katz wasn’t Katz or at least he definitely wasn’t acting normal in any way.

After another two hours Courage looked at the catsnipper pollen a bit worried.

“ How long does this stuff stay on? It’s been hours!”

Kitty walked in and paused as she noticed Courage.

“Still haven’t come off?”

“No~ There’s no way to get it off?”

Kitty began to ponder it.

“Well usually it falls off but your hair seems to hold onto it, we could burn it off.”

‘Definitely not.’

“Or just shave you.”

“Ooh Courage would look nice wih his hair cut.”
Katz said this cheerfully from the red chair.

“Possibly have the were mole shake it off.”

He had already done that once in a rabbit costume. It wasn’t fun.
That was a definite no.
“Or maybe blow you up.”

Were they trying to get off the pollen or kill him?!

“I’m joking about that last one. I don’t have many solutions. Katz mostly dealt with it and the one time Bunny had it in her hair it fell out after a good washing.”

Courage ran outside with Katz and Kitty in tow. He looked around and found what he as looking for as he reached the water pump. A puddle of dis colored water sat as usual. He lightly touched it before a monster popped out and roared at him.

“Oh it’s just you courage.”

Dw changed back to normal and looked at him.

“What’s up?”

“He needs you to clean him off. Well. He wants to get off those orange pieces of pollen.”

“Not too well though.” Katz said out of nowhere.

“Hmm. Super soaker or fire hydrant?”

“Probably fire hydrant.”

“Alright dog. Too bad. Those little orange things look cute on his hair. Ready?”

Dw looked to courage who shook his head.

“Too late.”

Dw sent a heavy spray of water his way. The spray went all the way back to the farm house and hit one of the walls. As the water stopped Courage fell off the wall sopping wet.

DW giggled.

“That should do it.”

Katz walked over to Courage. Courage looked up weakly.

‘Did it work?’

Katz pulled Courage into a tight hug even though his fur was sopping wet.

Unfortunately no.

“Guess it’s really stuck on you. I can’t think of anything else .”

Dw shook her head.

“well when you guys want me to spray the dog again you know where to find me. With that DW went back into the water.

Kitty pulled Courage out of Katz arms. Katz looked at Kitty a bit annoyed but didn’t try and take him back from her. Suddenly an idea popped into Courage’s head.

‘I may know who I can ask.’

Courage jumped out of Kitty’s arms and ran into the house and went straight towards the stairs.

Katz footsteps were heard right behind him as he ran.

Courage quickly went to the attic where the computer sat idle. He began to type vigorously.

‘What can get off catsnipper tree pollen?”

“Do you have to type so hard every time?” Computer spoke up a bit sarcastic. Courage rolled his eyes.

“Also, i’m pretty sure that’s not how you sit in a chair.”

Courage looked to see that he was in Katz lap, while Katz sat in the chair. Courage had no idea when the cat had gotten there. Katz smiled at Courage, but when he looked back at the computer monitor he glared.

“Anyway, there is no real way to get rid of the pollen, well other than burning it off. They last until they bloom. No matter how long it takes. ”

Courage wasn’t completely bothered by it, it was more that Katz was obviously being affected by them. Courage slightly jumped as he felt Katz hand begin to scratch his head. It didn’t take him long to get into it though, since Katz found one of the spots he always had trouble reaching.

“Oh PLEASE. Get a room you two.”

Katz looked back up at the computer.

“Great idea. We could use this room, maybe make some extra space and get rid of a old piece of junk calculator.” Katz said this snarky remark as he continued to glare.

“You twit as if you actually have the balls to do that, or even come close to truly being around the dog when you aren’t high on daisies.”

Before Katz could punch the computer screen, Courage turned it off. That wasn’t helping at all.

“Dear boy why didn’t you let me mess up a few of his wires.”

Katz said this with a somewhat innocent voice as Courage jumped off his lap and walked to the door:

Courage didn’t know how to reply. While computer had said some stupid stuff there was no reason to break him. As they came from the attic Bunny walked turned to them.

“Oh good. I found you both. Dinner is ready. Katz do you think you can help Kitty with the silverware?”

Katz looked at Courage before walking down the stairwell. Bunny and Courage watched Katz walk down while looking back a couple times.

“Unfortunately distance won’t help much either but I wanted to tell you something. When we were kids Kitty and I found a blooming catsnipper tree. Kitty wasn’t as affected. She simply said it made her relax but when Katz took it in he became more truthful. It’s happened a couple times to him but he’s never been this sweet.”

“Bunny. Courage. come on down.”

Kitty spoke from the dining room.

“Oh we’re late for dinner. Let me hurry.”

Bunny bent down completely and whispered into Courage’s ear.

“Know that Katz is only like this with people he cares for. So you’ve taken a special page in his book.”

Bunny ran down the stairs upon saying this. Courage tried to take in what Bunny said.

Sure he knew Katz cared but not that much. He had expected that the pollen was just messing with his head but was it really more than that. Courage pulled at the orange pollen but it only separated and got a bit more on him. He groaned as he walked down towards the dining room.

The smell of delicious food filled the air. A roasted turkey, am, mashed potatoes, an array of vegetables. It was all looking so enticing.

Courage jumped into a seat and relaxed. Bunny sat on the other side and smiled at him. Kitty and Katz came out of the kitchen seconds later with a gravy bowl. He instantly went towards Courage and sat down. Kitty sat next to bunny contently. Only seconds later DW came out of her bucket which had been placed on a chair.

“Ah. Now this looks good. Unlike someone’s cooking.

She looked to everyone as she picked up her knife and fork. Courage simply scratched his head.

Were mole came through a hole in the floor and growled as he looked at the food. Big foot sat to the side as big toe began to talk about how he could eat a horse with the smaller toes yelling out agreement.

“Now let’s eat.” Katz began to cut at the ham.

“Katz…” Kitty spoke to him with a somewhat stern voice. Katz sighed and stood up.

“Fine.” He stood up and took in a breath.

“Come down and eat you pathetic excuses for beings!!”

Katz yelled this before sitting back down and smiling kindly at Courage. Seconds later Le Quack walked in, his hair still blackened from the dynamite. He glared at Katz before sitting down near DW. Last but not least was Cajun. The fox crawled tiredly towards the table. His glasses were half broken and a spider still nibbled on his tail.

“Ooooh ham~”. Cajun licked his lips as he looked at the smoking ham. He quickly picked up his fork and only seconds later everyone began to dig in.

Courage chewed content and swallowed the succulent food. While he and Katz could cook and occasionally Cajun no one could stand up to Bunny’s food. DW threw a plate of meat down to weremole who immediately began to eat. As Courage looked towards Katz the feline dropped another helping of food onto his plate.

“Here dog. Eat up.” While always was acting weird Courage couldn’t hate this. Everything was delicious and peaceful.

“Pass the ham already cat! Stop giving it all to the dog!”

Well almost.

Courage chuckled as he looked away. Katz smiled his way causing the dog to look away lightly red.

‘Finally time to sleep.’

Courage walked towards the bedroom relaxed. Dinner had gone somewhat well. No one dared to question Katz change in personality so in the end things went peacefully.

As he went past the bathroom the door opened. Bunny and Kitty walked out.

“Oh hi Courage sweetie. Going off to bed?”


“Well enjoy the night you’re gonna need it.”

Kitty said this and walked towards the attic, bunny bent down and kissed Courage on the head before following after Bunny.

Courage walked into the old bedroom. The smell of seniors be still be smelled but it was almost completely gone. Replaced with a different smell he didn’t hate as much. Courage sat on the bed and let out a long sigh.

"What a day.”

Courage thought about what Bunny said again. Had Katz really cared that deeply for him. The idea wasn’t impossible but it was weird. While Katz was a bit…off today. His kindness reminded him a bit of Muriel. It was nice but it wasn’t Katz. Not the one he had come to-.
Courage swallowed hard. His mouth grew dry. Was it his fault Katz was acting like this? What would happen when the pollen came off. If it ever came off. What if Katz left?! Courage began to panic. Or worse his stupidity led to Katz death. Sure the feline could survive a hell of a lot of stuff he couldn’t imagine what could happen.

He looked down in order to hide his reddening eyes but he found his chest growing wet. He rubbed his eyes as tears fell.

Suddenly he felt himself being picked up and wiped away more tears.

Katz looked at him as he held Courage. Courage’s face going slightly red as he didn’t his best to get rid of the tears. Katz held Courage close to him.

Courage held back the urge to say anything but found his mouth moving in the end.

“I’m sorry. Just dont-”


He looked up as he grabbed his ear. Katz moved his mouth away and looked at Courage seriously. As Courage went to speak he shuddered as he felt Katz lick the sore ear he had just left.

The little people in the back of Courage’s mind were panicking.

'Captain I think it’s gonna blow!’
One of the little pink people ran over to serious dark pink one.

'If it does I will go down with it.’
The little captain put his hat on his head and looked forward.

'But captain! You’ll die.’

'Yes private but I’ll die with honor!’

The others ran but the captain stood his ground. The private swallowed and took the captain’s hand. Captain looked up surprised as the Private looked back both seriously and sincerely.


The two looked forward towards the breaking levy of emotions as it cracked open and blew up.

Courage covered his face in a panic as he turned red with extreme embarrassment. Before Courage could do anything Katz held him down so he would look back up at him.

“Why did you apologize dog?“

Katz made sure Courage was looking at him as he went to speak again.

“Did today not go well?”

Courage shoot his head.

“Did I ruin it? Did I not make you happy? Do you hate me?”

Courage looked up at Katz. Katz looked at him with serious eyes but it was obvious he was worried. Courage felt bad as he shook his head again. Katz sighed before bending down and rubbing up against Courage. He felt no reason to not enjoy the feeling of the feline’s touch but was still burning from embarrassment.

They stayed that easy quietly. The warmth was calming but he still felt like he could die from embarrassment. Of course he didn’t hate this Katz it’s more he didn’t want the feline to be tortured by the pollen but after hearing what Bunny said it was obvious the stuff simply made Katz more blunt and release his feelings. It wasn’t Katz fault, he just didn’t know if he was worth being loved this much.

"Is that so?”

Katz completely stood up and put Courage to the floor. He walked to the window and looked up for a second before turning around.

“You’re lucky dog.”

Courage looked at him puzzled as Katz walked towards the door of the room. He looked to Courage to ask him to follow. After a second he did so. The old house was silent. Everyone had fallen asleep in such a short amount of time.

After sneaking by Cajun and the weremole the two went outside. The sky was filled with clouds but the moon shined through with a yellow glow.

Courage looked around confused but looked up at the bright stars. After a little while the clouds moved and the moon shined on them. The two walked a few miles away from the house. The tree only a few feet way from them. The air was warm and calming.

Courage began to looked up to Katz but the feline simply looked up at the moon. After a few minutes Courage saw what looked like something orange enter his sight. He looked at the pollen on his fur and his eyes widened.

The pollen began to come off not as orange balls but white and orange petals. They were taken up by the wind into the air quickly. Katz continued to look up as if at peace. Katz pointed to the tree. The pollen on it began to blow away as flowers too, letting off a beautiful orange light. The tree itself began to turn pure orange and finally bloomed into more flowers.

Both watched in awe as the last of the flowers blew away and no where was empty once more with only the vegetable garden to represent the plant life of the land.

Courage continued to watch the sky until the pollen went completely out of sight. He looked to Katz but he didn’t get a smile back. He obtained his usual glare. Courage lightly whined as he looked away. Katz turned his back to Courage and began to walk towards the farmhouse.

Courage stared in silence.

After a second Katz spoke.

“So…did you learn your lesson?”

Courage nodded even though he still blamed the real culprits.

“Good. You coming or what?”

Courage ran to catch up with Katz as he walked back towards the farm house. The two walked in silence and Courage closed the door.

Courage turned to Katz who looked away from him.

Courage tilted his head confused.

“For blaming you for the mess this morning. Now hurry up or I’ll lock the bedroom door.”

Courage watched as he walked off. Sighing as he tried to hold back a smile. Now this was the Katz he cared about.


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"WHERE ARE THE DOGS IN THE 100 I ASK YOU" This thought has plagued me for ages. Mostly because, have you ever seen someone more in need of a dog than Marcus Kane?


A nice, middle aged golden retriever who would go with him on walks through the forest and would sit next to him on guard duty and would run to greet Abby every time she came in the room and Marcus would just be like, yep my dog knows what’s up.

And if Marcus ever went somewhere he couldn’t take his dog, his dog would just lay around in medical at Abby’s feet until he came back and….WHY HAVE THERE BEEN NO DOGS REALLY THO.

Horses and jaguars and deer have survived the nuclear apocalypse, I know we got dogs roaming the forests, ready to do their awesome dog things.