dogs being jerks

kalikoke  asked:

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13:   Do you have a Snuggie?


28:   What’s the most emotionally/mentally painful thing you’ve ever experienced?

Realizing as a teenager that all of the adults in my life were completely oblivious to the frankly incredibly obvious mental health problems I was having, or else they did notice and just decided it would be easier to pretend they didn’t. It was like I was drowning and there were lifeguards everywhere but they all had their backs turned.

30:   What’s your favourite book genre?


35:   Do dogs like you?

They do! Partially because I know how to interact with strange dogs without being a jerk, which has come in handy a few times when there were loose dogs in the neighborhood.

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A note on dog training because I’ve gotten questions: If you are training your dog and they are enjoying it, bonding with you, and not stressed - I support you, no matter if you’re balanced, R+ only, or whatever. Do what works for your dog and for you. I will celebrate every little success with you and console your setbacks. I don’t care what training you do with your dog as long as it is not abuse (aka Cesar Milan type nonsense). We all need to stop arguing methods and just do what works for our own dogs and stop judging others. My two are trained VERY differently because what Remy enjoys and learns best with stresses Rogue out and vice versa. Both are happy and eager to learn during training because I use methods that work for THEM, not a one size fits all. Shaping? Remy is all about that, but Rogue stresses because she’s not getting feedback. Correction? Rogue thrives on this because it’s direct feedback and allows her to move on and try something correct that gets her the reward. Remy cannot deal with correction and shuts down.

Stop arguing with each other and SUPPORT each other. Happy, well trained dogs are our common goal; start working toward it.