dogs being jerks

Things that happened in 90s very early 00s cartoons

  1. Drunk parents
  2. Parents with anxiety
  3. Depressed parents
  4. Neglectful parents
  5. Spoiled brats being forced into reality
  6. Realistic tomboys
  7. Real world events being showed without fear
  8. Abuse
  9. Gambling is bad without having to say it outright
  10. Extreme poverty
  11. Perfectionism downfalls
  12. That even the smartest person can be gullible enough to be conned and taken advantage of .( hey Arnold)
  13. Learning doesn’t have to be boring (wild thornberries)
  14. Family is who loves you not just genetic(cat dog)
  15. Being buff and a jerk will get you no where (Johnny bravo)
  16. Baby shows of every existing show (baby looney toons)
  17. Poc without feeling they were tokens .
  18. Dwarfism without turning into a big deal (hey Arnold)
  19. A show about an internet hero that erriely predicted meme culture … (freakazoid)
  20. Lots of advice about day to day life no one actually sat through (sailor moon dub and etc)
  21. Because you are beautiful doesn’t mean you are a moron(powerpuff girls)
  22. Animators have the filthiest minds in the entertainment business ( animaniacs,ect)
  23. Sometimes cartoons are made that animators themselves have no choice but to make it .( pinky,Elmira and the Brain ! Just listen to the theme song)
  24. That being intelligent is something to be proud of but its not all you are
  25. Friends you have as a kid aren’t meant to be forever (Pepper Anne)
  26. You can be annoyed with your siblings for legitimate reasons and still care about them in your own way ( dexter laboratory)
  27. Also exboyfriends can become stalkers(pepper Anne)
  28. The not to dos about life . By giving us incredibly bitchy protagonists who implodes their own lives to not imitate. ( as told by ginger, brace face,etc)

anonymous asked:

i know borzoi can be a little...unpredictable around other dogs. russian breeds are my favorites, i'm getting a samoyed in june and a hopefully a borzoi a few months after. samoyeds in my experience do well with other breeds, so i'm concerned about borzoi. is it less risky to keep a borzoi with a larger dog, like a samoyed? are there any tips specific to borzoi to help them get along? or is it a bad idea altogether to keep very different breeds with borzoi?

I’m a little confused as to where this notion that borzoi are unpredictable around other dogs came from. My borzoi, and the vast majority of borzoi that I know, are happy and playful around other dogs. They want to chase and bounce and have fun!
Some borzoi aren’t safe around small dogs but again, in my experience most of them don’t give a hoot. It’s a possibility to be aware of for sure, but not something that plagues the entire breed or anything.

My boys are very much of the “do no harm, but take no shit” mentality. They don’t start trouble, they listen well to body language, and they treat new dogs like long time friends. But if another dog is being a jerk to them and not listening to their body language, they’ll give ‘em a piece of their minds. To be clear, they’ve never harmed another dog or person ever; the most I’ve seen was a very angry kind of “fuck off” bark and snarl which made the instigating dog yipe and run off. To me, that’s predictable behavior 🤷‍♀️

So with all that said, yeah, get a borzoi from a great breeder who cares about temperament, and you’ll likely have a happy household :). One of Galileo’s brothers lives with a Samoyed actually and as far as I know, they’re doing fine!

A note on dog training because I’ve gotten questions: If you are training your dog and they are enjoying it, bonding with you, and not stressed - I support you, no matter if you’re balanced, R+ only, or whatever. Do what works for your dog and for you. I will celebrate every little success with you and console your setbacks. I don’t care what training you do with your dog as long as it is not abuse (aka Cesar Milan type nonsense). We all need to stop arguing methods and just do what works for our own dogs and stop judging others. My two are trained VERY differently because what Remy enjoys and learns best with stresses Rogue out and vice versa. Both are happy and eager to learn during training because I use methods that work for THEM, not a one size fits all. Shaping? Remy is all about that, but Rogue stresses because she’s not getting feedback. Correction? Rogue thrives on this because it’s direct feedback and allows her to move on and try something correct that gets her the reward. Remy cannot deal with correction and shuts down.

Stop arguing with each other and SUPPORT each other. Happy, well trained dogs are our common goal; start working toward it.