Montreal target of boycotts, petitions and celebrity takedowns over pit bull ban
Singer Cyndi Lauper calls ban 'sad day for Montreal'

Montreal’s new pit bull ban is being condemned by animal-rights activists across North America, with petitions against the policy garnering thousands of signatures and celebrities voicing their concern.

Others are threatening to boycott the city altogether until the ban is overturned.

“Make a commitment that you will not visit Montreal or contribute any money to their economy, until they repeal this ban,” reads the text of a New York-based petition against the ban.

The petition has amassed more than 60,000 signatures.

“These are innocent dogs,” Amy Calmann, the New York resident who started the petition, told CBC Montreal’s Homerun. “They have done absolutely nothing and we want the mayor to understand how serious we are, that the U.S. is standing by Montreal.”

“We are there to do whatever we can to help.”

Another petition, supported by organizations across Canada, has collected more than 150,000 signatures.

“As long as you have breed-specific language in your laws, we will boycott the city of Montreal,” that petition reads.

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