A Beautiful Book That Celebrates the Love Between a Baby and His Dog

Adorable photography series, Reagan Doodle, portray three-year-old toddler and his best friend, the cutest labradoodle, whose touching images have won the hearts of millions of people all over the world .

The baby in the photographs is Buddy, a foster child who wears cute little matching outfits with his dog Reagan. The deep-seated love and strong bond of friendship between the two is evident in each frame, Buddy never forgetting to include his furry companion in everything he does, all throughout the day. Sandi Swiridoff, the little boy’s foster grandmother told Daily Mail that the family felt that it was their responsibility to unfold the story of the duo to everyone, to spread their tale of love; the family has decided to release a charitable book that celebrates the duo’s love, to show their support to a foster parent organization.

Buddy met Reagan when they were both mere 11 months old and has been fond of the adorable dog ever since. View their photographs on Instagram and find their calendar on their Etsy shop.