• Tae: (practicing his English with Namjoon in the group chat)
  • Tae: Oh man I want some dognuts
  • Namjoon: ....
  • Namjoon: Wtf Tae?!
  • Tae: What? I bet you want some too, it's been a while since I had them ahh it's watering in my mouth-
  • Namjoon: TAE SHUT UP wtf is wrong with you!!
  • Jungkook: Hyung, I think he's talking about doughnuts...
  • Tae: Yeah that's what I typed, dognuts!
  • Namjoon: (leaves the group-chat and blocks Tae's number)

I love how the series uses modern slang. I love it.

I only wish the disease would’ve happened after 2016. And they would just use memes to describe shit. And still look back at 2016 as a mistake.

*Ed ranting*

Ed: I just wish the disease never happened!

Kyle: I honestly think its an improvement

Ed: ….

Kyle: ….

Ed: …?

Kyle: 2016 was a nightmare

Ed: true