This is Nate. He left vault 101 after Shay killed people and threw the place into chaos. He thought he’d be better off trying his luck in the wasteland. Although, he did not take into account of his poor perception skills and he missed Megaton all together and somehow made his way to the scrapyard, then some raiders beat the shit out of him. Well, not really. All it took was one good smack across the face with his own baseball bat and he was out. However, this was not the end for him. He woke up with a sticky, wet cheek. Dogmeat had mauled the raiders in Nate’s defense. Nate didn’t know he was an animal person, or that he has no sense of direction. So, Nate decided going to the wasteland wasn’t his brightest decision, but it would definitely be a learning experience.

fallout 4 announced for real!!

“we are very excited to announce fallout 4 which is written by us at bethesda and not obsidian,” todd howard announced today. “i can’t reveal much about the plot but i can tell you that several of your favorites from fallout 3 will be returning, like three dog, dogmeat, three dog, the ant-agonizer, and three dog.”

orby-orb replied to your post: Dean as Dean

featuring in the next Fallout New Mobius

Ha~ Prolli not, I don’t actually really have Fallout characters in F:NM, with the sort of exception of Dogmeat. It’s not the ‘same’ Dogmeat though as there have been many Dogmeats- it’s a Fallout tradition.

Also I don’t know how I’d handle actually Fallout characters in F:NM. I’d probably keep them human, though it’s fun to think of what species they’d be if they were thropes.

I’d certainly be tempted to make Dean a rat, though. Hmmmnmm.

OH FUN FACT: When I first got Dean and Arcade (rats), I debated naming Arcade Elijah. I decided that he didn’t seem like much of a Elijah, though. To be fair he’s not much of an Arcade Gannon either, but hey, he’s my handsome ratty.

holy tits I spent all day on fallout 3

but I had s o m u c h f u n

like I found s o m u c h s h i t I never found in my first playthrough and there’s so much exploration and I’ve almost died so many times to raiders and super mutants and now I have dogmeat and I surprisingly despite all my theiving I have good enough Karma the talon company fucks wanna rip my face off

just damn 

get way too absorbed in this game 

shittylionman asked:

petunia is not afraid of any known animal, and probably most that are unknown, too, but she is terrified of clowns.

Karma is both capable hunter and talented when it comes to taking care of animals, but robots make her feel weird, she has a hard time trying to figure out how they fit into her world views.

On the other hand Sayuri is great with robots, she can fix them and they make for good and useful company, but animals are strange, dirty and usually hostile, she really freaked out when Dogmeat started to follow her around.

Adventures in Gaming
  • Husband:The caravan's leader is Hook.
  • Friend 1:And is his sidekick's named Smee?
  • Husband:Of course. And Hook does have a hook, by the way. He lost his hand in an encounter with an orc bandit named Tick.
  • Friend 1:So when he relates the tale of how he lost his hand, would he be giving us the Tick Talk?
  • Everyone at the table:*groan*
  • Husband:There are also the guards. There's Jimbo and Itch, and four more I haven't named yet.
  • Husband:Oh, and six horses.
  • Me:We need names!
  • Friend 1:Yes! Names.
  • Me:Dogmeat!
  • Friend 1:Steve!
  • Friend 2:Nerath!
  • Me:Flea Bottom!
  • Husband:Okay, then.
  • Me:Wait, that's only four. You said there were 6.
  • Husband:Six horses. Four guardsmen.
  • Me:Oh.
  • Me:Oops.
  • Me:Does Flea Bottom scratch a lot?
  • Husband:Yes. And he's a she.
  • Me:Oops. Sorry, Flea Bottom.
  • Husband:Okay, we're going to be traveling through Gnoll territory.
  • Daughter:What's a gnoll?
  • Husband:Think dog-man.
  • Friend 2:(in character) I hear they like bones.
  • Husband:(in character as Hook) I have it on good authority that if you throw a bone it'll distract them in a fight.
  • Daughter:Really?
  • Me:(in character) And who did you hear that from, Mr. Hook?
  • Husband/Hook:I have it on good authority!
  • Me:(in character) So is that authority good still alive?
  • Husband/Hook:That's beside the point.