dogma: mine

fast forward to ten years in the future. the date is october 31st. shouto todoroki opens his door for trick or treaters. there’s a kid on his doorstep dressed up as the pro hero “shouto.” the kid looks up at todoroki and holds out his halloween bag. todoroki nods and drops a few pieces of candy in the kid’s bag. the kid grins, turns around to wave goodbye. as he’s leaving, the kids shouts, “that’s a cool Shouto costume mister, but the scar’s on the wrong side”

my favorite thing to think about is louis backstage at harrys shows, i can see him hiding in the corner of the room wearing harrys merch sweater, they are dressing harry, fixing up his hair and putting on his makeup while jeff is going over harry schedule for the next few weeks, grammy people want more events and interviews, the label wants to talk about the kiwi mv and the uk tour leg venues want a full list of things he wants in his room by friday and as always tries to sneak in a plea- “h please stop throwing water around the security are complaining” -and ofcourse harry isnt paying attention cause hes been doing silly faces at louis in the mirror as louis does it back at him like they are both 3 years old, louis kissing him good luck before walks on stage, harry running back to him for another kiss and kisses him all over his face while saying i love you and louis just laughs and pushes him away before the stage people have a heart attack cause hes late, he cant really be out to see him cause he may be seen so he stays behind the curtains in the dark, harry stills sees him and smiles right at him and louis smiles extra cheesy back and does two thumbs up at him, i cry my mind is a soft place when it comes to larry headcanons lmao