dogma film

If Chinese Dogma was filmed like an actual music video
  • <p> <b>Chlordane:</b> Sir, I'm sorry, there is no way I can hold this pose for the entire video<p/><b>Director:</b> Well, we have three of them for you, but you already opted out of the second one<p/><b>Chlordane:</b> I can't do the face for the sexy pose unless I'm turned on and I refuse to let somebody start what they're not going to finish<p/><b><b></b> *Maria's coffee mug hits the floor and shatters*</b><p/><b>Director:</b> While we're discussing this, Guys, I've already told you that the projector is to make <i>Rakurai</i> look bigger.<p/><b>Director:</b> Not your dick pics.<p/><b>Fen:</b> What am I supposed to do for this video? I'm only in it for about thirty seconds.<p/><b>Director:</b> Just stand over there and look menacing<p/><b>Fen:</b> *awkward smile*<p/><b>Maria:</b> Sir, can I talk to the Costume Designer again? I don't think they've ever seen what a real nun looks like--<p/><b>Director:</b> Would you rather wear your costume from the Enkantada video?<p/><b>Maria:</b> Nevermind<p/><b>Morian:</b> You can just do what I do and go around shirtless<p/><b>Director:</b> No, no, if we have more than one shirtless person this will be mistaken for a porno. I'm not directing those anymore.<p/><b>Everyone:</b> UMM--<p/><b>Director:</b> Let's try it again, from the top!<p/></p>

A SimDoughnut Get To Work Retail Build: Moobie’s Fast Food Restaurant

“You know, sometimes I wish I did a little more with my life instead of hangin’ out in front of places sellin’ weed ‘n shit. Like, maybe be an animal doctor. Why not me? I like seals 'n shit. Or maybe an astronaut. Yeah… I’d be the first motherfucker to see a new galaxy, or find a new alien life form… and fuck it. And people’d be, like, “There he goes; homeboy fucked a Martian once.” -Jay

Okay so I guess it’s no surprise I’m a big fan of my Jersey homeboy Kevin Smith and his films. After all we grew up 20 minutes from each other.  This build is my homage to the fictional fast food chain Mooby’s portrayed in his films Dogma and Clerks 2, with my own personal The Sim 4 spin on it.

The build was a lot of fun, and by far the biggest I’ve done to date custom content wise.  The funnest part was play testing the retail aspect of the build. My Moobie’s gang raked in nearly 2k simoleons during their soft opening, so I’d say it was a hit with the locals. 

As with all of my builds you can find this build in my SimDoughnut gallery. Just make sure the “include custom content” button is toggled and use the hashtags #moobies #clerks2 #retail or #simdoughnut.

And stick around because next up is the custom content kit for this build.

Have fun :)!