Here is the truth of the matter, regardless of your personal opinions, in the eyes of the law, there is a distinction between joking and hate speech, and it’s an area that has been contended so many times there have been many court cases over it.
This may have started as a joke, about how you don’t see buses full of trans people with “down with cis” written on signs attacking innocent cis people, as a sort of play on that “you don’t see this minority group hating on and attacking this majority group”. That, in its original context made so satirical that there is no way a reasonable average member of the public would believe it was true, is fine.

What people are doing, with this out of context “down with cis” thing and using the meme as an excuse for hatred is not the same. People are actually using slurs against cis people, saying they hate cis people, and going beyond a joke to the point it is an excuse for hate speech, something no doubt Toby and everyone else who worked and contributed to Undertale are not pleased to see people using their characters as a weapon of hate. They are drawing characters wearing shirts supporting hate.
It’s one thing to do fanfiction or fan art of characters with headcanons, it’s another to use someones intellectual property as a pawn in a campaign of hate.

It doesn’t matter what it started as, or how it was supposed to be ironic because obviously trans people are not going to be forming anti-cis hate groups, except that they actually did, like every majority and minority in history. Remember historically how at one point, the Jewish people and Pagans were the ones torturing and killing Christians? Remember how there were cases in Africa of whites being the ones slaughtered? There are extremists for every dogma, that’s just a fact based on the sheer amount of people and different opinions, that no matter what there will be some people that are outliers and are extreme in their views far beyond what the average person with their ideology would support.

Because we laugh and make jokes about how such a thing as a minority making a terrorist attack against a certain majority is unlikely, until the day that it happens. No matter your views, there is someone out there that is extreme about them and a case in history where an extremist did something horrible for that cause. It will almost certainly happen again in the future, statistically speaking. The best thing we can do is not hate an entire dogma when extremists pop up inside it, but to instead separate and Identify these extremists in groups, stop supporting them before that support is turned into hate, and take away any alliance, recognition, or support they have from the official or majority of the dogma. They are not truly part of that ideology. They are extremists and twist entire ways of life to the perverted point of hatred and terror.

This goes for every group out there. Every extremist has potential for violence, so find them, stop them, and cut them off to stop them using your community as a platform and recruiting grounds for hatred. It’s been the most effective tactic historically and we still use it to this day.

This is no longer a joke. For those who made this “down with cis” comments originally in context as a clear satire, I’m sorry these extremists have stolen and twisted your idea and words into a weapon of hate. It is the same feeling the creators of Undertale, Steven Universe, and other creations with fandoms that are perverting characters as mascots and supporters of hatred and damaging the community as a whole. If you’ve played Undertale, you’ve learned the dangers of waiting and not stopping something until it escalates to the point you have no choice.

And remember, although we could quickly use our strength and power and hatred to stamp out any group in our way, it will only result in us destroying everything. Mercy and determination is the way to go.

I’ll have more actual Undertale stuff later, I just hope Toby isn’t too disappointed by the fanbase, as I said, extremists in every community.

Artwork by Kronos-M (mobile reblogging with this post wasn’t posting it, may want to check your posts settings?)