The water is tenacious

Tonight I ate a lot of cottage cheese. I like how its cottage, like its nestled in the woods somewhere secret and special also weren’t hansel and gretel  cooked up in some haunted cottage somewhere sounds like the type of weird place some new cheese would be cooked up. Ya I know cottage cheese aint a new thing but that story is old so it would have been new then (random A hole saying `wow this guy is an idiot i read that book like 20 years ago, in a purposely stupid deep voice. Cause the book is centuries old). anyways she was obviously a good cook so props thinking whatever century. Ya I just had a cottage cheese rant why case its the shit, but you know whats better and my brother in china would agree is a good ol`2 am craving of tuna mix it up tuna is the best i thought I should have died years ago from mercury i think im amune mmmmmm tuna, mmmmmmm cottages, I mean cottage cheeses m m mm m m m m m. mmmmmmmm to tuna.

and cottage cheese

but not together thats disgusting

Now Hiring!

I am recruiting all people who look like jonas brothers and act like me, you know who you are.

-this job includes being like me, I guess but don’t make me feel like I am a narcissist for saying this 

- You can live anywhere in the world china is looking for you and I’m assuming Chilliwack and lets just put Mexico and Alabama on there too.

-I also need help with our gang name either Pat riots, Southwestern Ghosts, or Hell Ride Rebels. Pat Riots is lame but I like it so I’ll probably go with that one.

I like dim light and cooking for one.