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I am heading down the east coast for a few weeks in January with a full band. This band features Chris Carrera of Weak Teeth, Rafe Bouchard of Without, and Sean Wisowaty.

JAN 02 – Burlington, VT @ 242 Main
JAN 03 – Boston, MA @ They Live We Sleep w/ The Hotel Year
JAN 04 – Philadelphia, PA @ Mt. Thrashmore
JAN 05 – Virginia Beach, VA @ That’s How I Beat Shaq
JAN 07 – Savannah, GA @ TBA
JAN 08 – Tallahassee, FL @  Franklin Manor
JAN 09 – Ft. Myers, FL @ Manna Reading Center w/ Tanner Jones
JAN 10 – Gainesville, FL @ 1982 w/ Tanner Jones
JAN 11 – Orlando, FL @ Uncle Lou’s w/ Tanner Jones

JAN 12 – Asheville, NC @ TBA
JAN 13 – Wilmington, NC @ The Soapbox Laundro Lounge
JAN 15 – Frostburg, MD @ The Warren w/ Dogjaw
JAN 16 – Lancaster, PA @ Laundry Room w/ Placeholder
JAN 17 – Willimantic, CT @ The Handsome Woman w/ The New & Very Welcome
JAN 18 – Lowell, MA @ Wilder Zangcraft w/ The Hotel Year
JAN 19 – Providence, RI @ AS220 w/ The Tower And The Food, Bloodpheasant

See you soon.

Seattle, WA! Alda and Body Betrayal haven’t played in this city for awhile. We are extremely excited that we get to share this night with some pretty spectacular artist. Come see us off before we head out on our journey and come wish three of us in Body Betrayal a happy birthday! This will also be a joint birthday party for Frances, Josef, and Matthew!

Also, we just uploaded all of the tracks from our new EP onto the bandcamp, and you can download everything for free. Check it out!

POZ Showcase: Dogjaw

Please list all of your band members and their roles in the band.
Tim Ryan – Bass
Jim Price – Guitar
Kyle Wagoner - Drums

What’s your hometown (or what are your hometowns)?
Jim and I are both from Ridgeley, WV. Kyle lives in nearby Fort Ashby, but I tend to just say we’re from Cumberland, MD or Frostburg, MD. More people tend to be familiar with that. 

How did the band come together? How long has it been?
Jim and I have been in a band since sophomore year of high school. We never bothered taking anything very seriously though until our first year of college when our original drummer became something of a nomad and Kyle joined. 

How have you grown since you started?
We can write more cohesively as a group now, and I think that’s definitely helping us develop a “Dogjaw” sound, instead of wearing our influences so obviously on our sleeves. 

What sets you apart from other bands?
I guess being from a small town in West Virginia where we’re never going to be hailed as “hometown heroes” is kinda unique. We could get signed to friggin’ Columbia and tour supporting a hologram Clash and no one around here would care. 

What’s the best part about being in your band?
It’s really hard for any of us to actually piss each other off, I think. I guess it’s just super fun. 

More times than not, influences tend to bleed through. What bands are currently inspiring the music that you’re making?
I think there will always be a lot of CYLS-esque emo influence, because we’re super close to Perfect Future, and play with or see so many of those bands because they come through Frostburg to play the Warren. We all really love Dead to Me, Cobra Skulls, Alkaline Trio – the more melodic “Org-core” bands, I guess, along with the Sidekicks and The Menzingers. Kyle and I are slowly getting Jim into Refused, and Kyle and Jim are way into Tigers Jaw. 

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last minute show! DOGJAW // SHARKPACT

DOGJAW olympia witchy dark forest jams

SHARKPACT olympia ex-hail seizures

ROPE666 screaming black skinny jeans from frederick

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the void aims to prioritize the safety of women, people of color, people with disabilities, queer& trans people. many band members at this show and people who live at the house are queer& trans// don’t assume genders, don’t exhibit oppressive behavior, don’t be a jerk.

no drugs // no booze // no cops // no assholes

ask a loser for the address

icpvevo  asked:

hey what would you recommend for a queer as fuck nb who's into lo-fi sort of stuff like teen suicide and pill friends and whose favorite band is neutral milk hotel?? really looking to get into queer artists that i can look up to and identify with :) thanks !!

Sorry it took me a couple days to answer this! First, I must tell you that I love teen suicide, but had never heard of pill friends, so now I have more awesome music to listen to, which I always appreciate. Second, I highly recommend the blog Chug Life, which, while not a queer focused blog AT ALL, has a lot of really great lo-fi music of all sorts of genres, although there is a big emphasis on screamo/skramz and its many derivatives. That’s where I first found teen suicide, and a bunch of other bands I like that aren’t queer (as far as I know), like The Pine and My Dad (both of whom you’d probably really enjoy if you like teen suicide), Innards, and The Sky Above and Earth Below.

But anyways! Queer bands in that vein-ish, kinda maybe, I gotta admit I tend to err more on the pop-punk side of things, so I may be personally biased in my recommendations: Filthy Liars (acoustic Canadian emo-ish feelings! Also, go down the rabbit hole of their recommendations, there’s a whole awesome Halifax queer punk scene going on that’s well worth your time), Shady Hawkins (definitely more garage punk than anything, and harder than the stuff you mentioned liking, but they have a lo-fi vibe and are fucking awesome), Aye Nako (they’re pop-punk, and so good), Dogjaw (should be right up your alley, lots of trade off female shouting vocals, dirty guitars and trebely bass, plus they put on a great live show), Little Waist (again, more pop-punk-y, but front woman Audrey Zee has released some acoustic tracks on their bandcamp as well, which might be more your speed).

I hope that’s a good start! Please write back if i got all of these wrong and you’re looking for something different. Followers, reblog this with any recommendations you may have! More awesome music for everyone!


Hey look! Bad pictures from this past Saturday’s RVIVR shows. Sadly, I’m not a great photographer, and i didn’t manage to get pictures of Dogjaw, who played both shows and was absolutely incredible. Seriously, check them out if you haven’t yet, because they were so good, passionate and yell-y (one of the vocalists sounded like Kathy from Circle Takes The Square, one of the highest compliments I can think of) and punk rock all the way. I also didn’t get any pictures of the night show’s opener, Extra Feeler, a Brooklyn three piece that played some fun punk rock. The legendary Shellshag also played the evening show, a duo that’s been around for close to twenty years. They opened with a music video and a home made commercial for their new action figures (!), and it was hilarious and adorable.

Both shows were so fucking good, y'all. I haven’t been to a show as good as either in a very long time, and I am beyond grateful I got the chance to see RVIVR twice, especially when I don’t know when the next time I’ll get to see them is. They’ve become one of my favorite bands recently and these shows just cemented it. Even after a month long tour in Europe, they were all smiles and unbridled joy throughout their sets, and seemed in awe of the crowds’ response, singing along to every word and being just as happy to be there as they were. Between the two shows they played almost every song off their two full lengths, including the recently released The Beauty Between. A few got played twice, including my favorite song off the new album “Wrong Way/One Way,” intro-ed as a song about being gender queer and being as queer as you want or need to be, and that’s cool. 

I hate going to punk shows now. I hate the violence and machismo, and especially stage divers and crowd surfers, in particular those who get up by just jumping up on people until someone boosts them up. But these shows were the first I’ve been to in a long time where I didn’t hate everyone around me. Yeah, there was pushing and people hitting up against each other, but there was no malice, or trying to prove anything to anyone. I had a bit of space just to dance, which I much prefer to hitting and shoving people. I know there are scenes out there that are all about this sort of stuff, but it’s definitely hard to find in straight edge hardcore Syracuse, so I was overjoyed to be in the somewhat safer spaces of these shows.

On top of all the great music, I got to meet some awesome tumblr folks, including Mike, the drummer of The Homewreckers, who opened the afternoon show (and had my favorite lyrics of the day “And even when capitalism falls, I’ll still meet you at the shopping mall”), and Shady Hawkins, who y'all seem to really like. And that was super cool.

Yeah, I would consider the day sufficiently rad.

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Dogjaw - Evelyn

Aaaah so good!

And the whole album is free/donation on bandcamp go get it!