French street artist OaKOak (previously featured here) just created an awesome new piece of whimsical, site-specific street art in his hometown of Saint-Étienne, France. Oakoak noticed how the shadow cast by a parking meter on a nearby wall resembles Snoopy’s doghouse and created a wheat-paste of the ionic hound happily snoozing atop its peak.

We enjoy knowing that during the day it must look like the sleepy beagle is levitating, something we’re sure the imaginative dog fancies he’s perfectly capable of doing.

[via StreetArtNews]


The Red Barron and other aerial scoundrels had better watch out because there’s a certain World War One Flying Ace patroling the skies from aboard his doghouse Sopwith Camel. That is, thanks to R/C builder Otto Dieffenbach of Flyguy Promotions who built this awesome remote-controlled quadcopter that looks exactly like Snoopy sitting atop his iconic red doghouse wearing his goggles, helmet and scarf. Inspired by the upcoming release of The Peanuts Movie Dieffenbach created his custom Peanuts-inspired flier to fly around the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con.

Here are a two videos in which you can watch Snoopy fly:

We love how Snoopy’s head turns from side to side as he flies around, scanning the skies for evildoers or perhaps just looking for Woodstock.

[via Geekologie and Laughing Squid]