reasons why my grandpa is the best:

  • he made my wife and i (i’m a woman) a giant banner for our one year anniversary 
  • when i was pregnant, the baby was kicking and when he touched my belly, the baby stopped and he called him a little shit
  • he once called and left a voicemail asking how to spell styrofoam
  • he flipped a table bc he saw someone hit a dog
  • he beat skrim in 4 days
  • he served in the korean war and when he came home, he learned korean so if he ever ran into a korean vet, he could “give them the same respect he’d give an american vet”
  • my son has two moms and there was a “special guy in your life” day at his school for father’s day so my grandpa went and showed up in dress pants and a pressed shirt bc he “didn’t want to embarrass him”. also, there was a little boy who didn’t have anyone there and grandpa asked if he could be his “special guy” and the little boy beamed
  • he knows all of the secrets to the zelda games
  • he’s had 4 open heart surgeries and can still kick your ass
Viktor Nikiforov in Yuri!!! on Ice Episode 9

I’ve said my fair share of thoughts and rants about Yuuri in Episode 9 in this post, but then I started thinking…

What about Viktor? He only showed up in the beginning and at the end, but while Yuuri was struggling in the Rostelecom Cup, Viktor must’ve had his struggles, as well, back in Japan.

At the end of Episode 8 and in the beginning of Episode 9, these are the faces Viktor made.

And then at the end of Episode 9, this is the face he made when he finally saw Yuuri arriving.

Maybe it’s just me, but Viktor seems exhausted in this scene. His pose when sitting may also suggest that he’d been there, waiting for quite some times.

Even though we didn’t get to see what he was doing after going back to Japan, it is a matter of fact that Viktor was dealing with the following problems:

  • He was worried sick about his dog
  • He actually didn’t want to leave Yuuri alone in Russia and was extremely worried about him

And while it wasn’t shown or mentioned in this episode, judging from his expression upon seeing Yuuri arriving, we could safely assume that Viktor must have watched how the free skate went.

He immediately offered a hug without saying a word, because Viktor must have seen the following

…and still despite all these, Yuuri showed his love.

Makkachin was saved, which means that’s one problem down. But it was after this problem had been solved that Viktor was finally faced with his concerns regarding Yuuri.

Seeing how the free skate went, it must’ve made him think how he should proceed from now on, what he could do as Yuuri’s coach, how he could support Yuuri. He was probably thinking about all of these while waiting at the airport and planned to tell Yuuri once he arrived.

But then before he could say anything, Yuuri already went ahead of him

*) Several people have pointed out that Yuuri was actually saying something like “Please take care of me until I retire”

Viktor most likely had been feeling anxious all the while, but Yuuri’s words blew it all away at once.

I don’t know what Viktor was thinking of telling Yuuri, but Yuuri’s determination here was the reason why his exhausted, worried face in the end changed into

To me, this isn’t just a face of happiness, but also relief.

Upon hearing the decision Yuuri has made, Viktor was finally able to make up his mind and came to a conclusion, as well:

…that he wants to stay by Yuuri’s side and never leave him.

Redbeard is Victor Trevor !!!

This is my theory and if something here was said before, I’m sorry.

I saw some theories saying that Redbeard is a human rather a dog and that is clear for the fact that no one can suffer the lost of his dog more than 5 or 6 years or maybe you can, but if someone mention it after 20 years it is impossible have this reaction 

That is not a face of someone who lose a dog

  • He is clearly terrified and surprised that someone knows about it
  • He stop his speech and have the need of clear his throat before to keep talking (A signal of doubt)
  • Plus: Look down for a second, trying to avoid the eye contact with Magnussen before to take control of himself again 

Even John notice it and look at him with surprise

  • He knows Sherlock better than no one and, he can recognize when Sherlock express doubt, that is not too often ‘cause Sherlock is Mr. Confident
  • John look back to Magnussen with angry, he don’t know what it means “Redbeard” but knows that is something really important to make Sherlock doubt 

And made me think on the first time Redbeard was mentioned (TSoT)

Sherlock clearly met Redbeard when he was a child and remember whatever it happened with him make Sherlock sad 

After that, to avoid the shock, Sherlock search in his mind palace for something that can calm him down and by first time we see Redbeard (HLV)

And we see but not observe (or overthink),

The mental image that Sherlock have of himself being with Redbear is a boy between 10-12 (we cannot give an exact age, this is an adaptation and a lot of things are just inspiration from the books) the age when Sherlock met Redbeard.

Looking that phrase “Good Boy! Clever Boy!” again made me lead back when Sherlock and Mycroft talk about the first time they met another kids

Why it was a mistake? 

Sherlock always have been the sentimental brother and he looks thinking and a little bit sad AGAIN, so why he could be sad of meeting more kids and realizing he was smart? yes, his brother is a genius, but he wasn’t and idiot.

This is a speculation mine but there is no record of Sherlock having a friend before John in his adulthood in the BBC series but what about his childhood? He had the oportunity of made some friends, know the warmth of friendship, be less lonely and he took it. 

In ACD canon his first real friend was Victor Trevor when he was at college.

After all this writing nonsense we can see the conection, Redbeard is a metaphor or a doppelgänger of Victor and his dog as one self, that kid and his dog were always together you can’t concieve one without the another, originally the dog is a bull terrier and don’t look at all like the Redbeard of the mind palace, but WHAT IF the name and the appearance are from Victor, the nickname was assigned by Sherlock for Victor’s hair (Maybe he was a ginger boy with curled hair) and what they used to play when they were friends, the pirates. Also he was a clever boy to Sherlock (maybe in his own peculiar way, like John about human nature)

All the sentences of Mycroft have sense when you realise Victor died, his dead affected Sherlock in the very core, after 20 years he cannot think in his friend without express the pain of his lost. 

That can explain why Sherlock doesn’t reply to the bell of his heart [X] and maybe another or the main reason to fall into drug addiction at an early age (around 15-16)

Till this point looks plausible but after, I turned it in really something creepy with the question What or WHO killed Victor?

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reasons to appreciate dazai osamu

i got a few requests to do this so here are reasons you can appreciate dazai for! (mostly me appreciating some of the panels he’s in because dazai makes some quality faces)

(shoutout for the earlier style dazai is drawn in it was the best tbh)

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is allkpop seriously trying to start a controversy over the fact that jenissi confessed to smoking? in a country where smoking is already so abundant? trying to justify it with “it’s illegal”? does allkpop realize that there are worse things than admitting to smoking at a young age? does allkpop realize that they have no proof that jenissi still smokes? does allpop recognize that his entire album was meant to be honest? does everyone honestly believe that because a kpop “news” source published an article about then it must be true? smoking is bad, yes, but given the context and the fact that all he said was that it did happen, there’s nothing worth publishing rather than history. these types of speculations are what cause artists to cover up and hide themselves from their audience. stop.

Phil’s Livestream // 9.27.15 (Part 2)

Part 1

He came back using the mobile app because his laptop crashed

Holding his phone is making his arm sore

Showed us his laptop stickers

“Zayn #rip”

If he got a dog he would get a medium or small dog

He meowed at someone’s cat


His voice is quite croaky from rehearsals 


He was pretty good at physics in school but he liked chemistry because he could burn things

If you’re coming to the Brighton tour be sure to dress up!

He got his phone screen fixed

“It’s not my birthday stop lying to me.”

Spooky Week #confirmed 

He balanced his phone on Dan’s sofa crease

He’s currently burning Egyptian must 

“I am the weirdest thing in this room.”

He sniffed the book


Mentions of Dan: |||


Vendemmiare significa etimologicamente levare il vino. È una delle mie madeleine sentimentali. Uno dei periodi dell’anno che aspetto sempre con un filo di emozione, ancora adesso, che è più faticosa di quando ero piccolo e in pratica solo scorrazzavo per la vigna. Ci sono ricordi indelebili di questo periodo, che non è mai esattamente gli stessi giorni, ma ha gli stessi riti. Si iniziava la prima decade di settembre, una domenica, con il nonno che ci faceva tenere la candela mentre lui, altissimo, si insinuava nei tini per pulire i residui dell’anno precedente. Ricordo ancora l’emozione di quando mi chiese la prima volta di entrare, con una spazzolina di setole dure, lui che teneva una piccola torcia dall’imboccatura, e io accovacciato a raschiare quel leggero residuo violaceo, che sembrava uno smalto liscio, l’odore pungente ed afrodisiaco di quel legno, vecchissimo. Il tino non lo abbiamo più, ma dalle doghe ho ricavato con mio fratello un ricordo che ogni membro della famiglia conserva. Pulire i tini, riempirli di acqua per far rinascere il legno, che gonfiandosi si legava perfettamente ai ferri che li circondavano. E quando non bastava il nonno prendeva un pezzo di canapa e con un coltellino lo infilava nella fessura non ancora cecata, cioè chiusa. E i giorni della raccolta: il salire a cascione (cioè sul cassone) dell’ape car (ne abbiamo un’altra, la quarta consecutiva, ancora oggi) per portare i contenitori vuoti e raccogliere i pieni, che zie, cugini, amici, vicini, venivano a raccogliere,vestiti di tute un pochino vecchie, che presto si macchiavano di acini spremuti. E ricordo che dai contenitori tante dita pescavano gli acini per assaggiare. Si raccoglievano le ultime noci, le prime castagne, i fichi. La vigna è come allora piena di piante di finocchietto, i cui semi gialli sono quasi pronti per essere raccolti. E oggi al posto mio o di mio fratello, a scorrazzare ci sono i cuginetti, i figli ed i nipoti dei vicini. E alla fine, al ritorno nel cortile dove abbiamo la cantina dove si iniziava a macinare l’uva con una macchina che prima era a mano, ma che con grande colpo di genio motorizzammo con un ex motorino di una lavatrice, si stendeva una tovaglia su un tino, ed una deliziosa torta di gallette faceva bella mostra: strato di biscotti inzuppati nel vermut con la crema al limone, strato di biscotti inzuppati nel caffè con la crema al cioccolato. E dopo le corse, i ragni nei capelli, le risate, i rimproveri a non farci male, era il dolce più buono del mondo.

Da questi giorni ho imparato tante cose: la dignità del lavoro, l’importanza di stare insieme, la sacralità della terra, e i valori che quella polvere alzata dal correre ti mette dentro. Spero che semmai avrò dei figli, vengano a fare la vendemmia con me, proprio per cercare di capire queste cose. Avrò almeno la sensazione di avergli fatto capire qualcosa di importante della vita. 

Glamour magick!

(*Please make sure you are not allergic to any of the following items before applying them on your skin*)

So this is a magick face pack for acne, uneven skin tone, tanning and fairness


1) gram flour
2) honey
3) lemon
4) milk
5) rose water(preferably homemade)
6) rose quartz
7) lavender
8) jasmine


1) take a little gram flour. To it add rose water and lemon .(use little of this so as to not make a gooey paste and just a hard dough)
2) mix until dough like(hard dogh) and add a little honey.
3) add milk and mix again
4) grind the jasmine and lavender till they form a paste( grind and add a fee drops of water. Continue till paste like)
5) add this paste to your mixture
6) mix mix mix mix
7) you will get a gell like mixture(not gooey nor hard) if its gooey, add more gram flour and if its hard add more rose water.
8) cover with clear foil and keep a rose quartz on top of the foil and keep out in full moon for atleast 5 hours.
9) put on your face and keep for an hour.
10) wash of gently with warm water
11) repeat weekly!