Bandit and Lady Pea, showcasing their new adventuring and questing gear! Bandit is debuting her new spellsword outfit – although still with the touch of fan-service thematic for the universe, it’s sporting more armor and protection than her last gear set and should serve her well as she continues to delve into dungeons and fight off monsters! The oft-shy and self-conscious raccoon-girl probably has no complaints about being a little more covered up, either. :P

Lady Pea is also wearing a recently acquired outfit (previously designed by Figgylicious), one very fitting for the fashion-conscious and fairly vain peacock-mage. As much as she appreciates the boon it gives to her spellcasting, she definitely appreciates the attention and double-takes walking down the street in it provides just as much!

Artwork done by doghateburger, as well as assistance in Bandit’s design. <3