everyone, meet this lil precious baby named abbie. she is a 3 year old chocolate labrador.
recently, abbie has been diagnosed with stage three cancer and needs to have surgery in order to continue to be in the lives of the ones who love her most, her family— including my oldest best friend since elementary school, alyssa.
unfortunately, abbie’s family does not have enough money in order to pay for the care she needs (surgery, treatment, and medications) and if the tumor is not removed in time it will spread to her other organs and cause her to be in excruciating pain, until her life is taken from her too soon. every poopy deserves to live a long and healthy life, and bacon, oh and also many besos and cuddles.
alyssa has started a donation fundraiser for abbie. you can find the link to her site in my bio, any help will be extremely appreciated! even if you cannot donate money, a share would be a wonderful contribution as well. thank you so much for reading and please please send your best wishes to abbie.
have a great day! 🐶❤️
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