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Can I get number 40 with the Der-bear (Derek Hale) please? ❤

#40. “I could hold you forever”

Curled up on the couch, a warm blanket covering us, I sighed happily. This was nice, being able to snuggle up and relax, enjoy the warmth that we provided each other and just be content for once in our chaotic lives. 

“I could hold you forever. Yes, I could, you little cutie pie,” I cooed, nuzzling the furry bundle in my arms. “You’re just the most precious little thing. Aren’t you? Yes, you are.” 

“Really.” Derek gave me an amused look as he set his book on the arm of the couch, glancing between me and the puppy that was cradled against my chest. Ignoring his sourwolf attitude, I continued to focus my attention on our new fur baby. “Y/N, it’s a dog.”

“Don’t listen to Daddy, he’s just jealous,” I told the puppy, petting her little head as she let out the most precious yawn, adjusting to try and get closer to me, making me smile from ear to ear.

“I’m not jealous,” Derek grumbled, returning his attention to his book. His eyes kept shifting over to me, though, watching me interact with our newest family addition. “I’m a dog, too, you know. Sort of,” he mumbled so quietly that I almost didn’t hear him. When my head turned over, brow kinked, a light blush appeared on his cheeks.

“Awwww, someone is jealous! Would you like me to pet you more when you’re in full on wolf form, Der?” I asked, only half joking, my tone playful. Face going several shades darker, my boyfriend shrugged.

“I dunno, it’d be nice. Feels good.”

“Come ‘ere, pumpkin. I think your daddy needs some puppy cuddles to cheer him up.” Lifting the puppy carefully, I scooted closer to Derek, forcing his to put his book down as I placed the tiny creature in his arms, watching her instantly curl into his warmth. A tiny smile graced his lips as he looked down at her.

“She is pretty adorable,” he agreed.

“And when she gets bigger, you’ll be able to teach her all kinds of doggy tricks.”

Doge-al Unit (Puppy!Vocal Unit)


  • Prettiest white+light brown shih tzu you will ever see
  • EVER.
  • Has the softest fur that needs to be brushed on the daily
  • Takes pride on the luscious coat of fur
  • His fur feels like it’s conditioned everyday
  • Puppy!jeonghan is pretty much a cat stuck in a dog’s body
  • Naps all day everyday
  • Is too good for people
  • Listens to no one
  • Lives on the couch in a bol of fluff 25/8
  • Doesn’t really move for anything other than food
  • you call his name?
  • he just lifts his head a little bit to look at you
  • returns his head to its spot between his paws immediately afterwards
  • Literally all he does is turn to look at you a bit
  • If that
  • Absolutely refuses to greet you at the door the way puppy!joshua does
  • Puppy!jeonghan does what puppy!jeonghan wants - which is not moving
  • Refuses to go on walks though he likes to explore the background for scraps once every blue moon
  • First time you tried to take puppy!jeonghan on a walk, you ended up carrying him
  • For most of the “walk”
  • He would not move, no matter how hard you pulled on the leash
  • Still doesn’t move on walks
  • You literally need to drag him outside
  • One time, you needed to feed puppy!jeonghan medication for the tear stains (bc he a white puppy)
  • He refused to eat it so you added some spam to it
  • Now he refuses to eat anything unless there’s spam in it
  • Freaking spoiled brat
  • You didn’t mean to spoil him
  • Now it’s too late
  • RIP you and your wallet
  • Puppy!Jeonghan pretty much rules the house
  • You thought you trained puppies?
  • This puppy is training you


  • gorgeous australian shepherd puppy
  • Best behaved puppy you will ever meet
  • Never barks
  • Some sort of puppy genius
  • Was potty trained before he left the shelter despite still being a v young pup
  • Master of doggy tricks and picks them up SUPER fast
  • Learned sit, stay, down, and roll over in the same day
  • His favorite trick though is playing dead
  • Is super extra about it
  • You shoot him with a finger gun and say “BANG”
  • He jumps up and falls over, legs splayed in really abnormal ways
  • Has knocked over other puppies doing this
  • Is sitting in front of the door, waiting for you when you get back home
  • Will sit there wagging his tail and panting with smiley eyes
  • Doesn’t jump at you bc he’s trained well
  • The type of puppy that doesn’t run ahead of his owner during walks
  • Walks next to the owner and only lets loose when explicitly given permission to
  • When he’s off duty from being man’s best friend, you can find him getting turnt with puppy!vernon and puppy!dk
  • or just watching puppy!seungkwan’s performance in awe and shock
  • Very caring of other puppies
  • Confused about why they all fight so much
  • Especially puppy!the8 and puppy!mingyu
  • Also confused by puppy!woozi
  • He’s so cute but so vicious sometimes?
  • Isn’t too worried about it bc puppy!woozi’s never attacked him
  • Still gets a little scared when puppy!woozi goes into icy glare mode
  • Had the toy since he was adopted and you honestly have no clue where it came from
  • Refuses to leave it unless it’s safely tucked away in his bed
  • Super attached to it
  • Who knows why but it’s cute
  • Sleeps with it in between his paws and rests his head on it like a pillow
  • If you see puppy!josh, the little dash of yellow is prob nearby
  • You took it away once to wash it
  • He waited in front of the dryer till it came out and snuggled with it as soon as it did
  • V koot


  • A freaking pomsky
  • AKA the cutest thing in the history of the world ever
  • Pretty like a husky but barky like a Pomeranian
  • Doesn’t understand how cute he is
  • Doesn’t understand why people stop and coo so much over him
  • Hates it
  • Just wants to be alone
  • Attacks puppy!wonwoo when puppy!wonwoo tries to bite his snout
  • Starts lots of puppy fights
  • Has mastered both tackling and biting
  • Tried attacking a stuffed bear twice the size of him once
  • Little floof attacking larger floof
  • Was v cute
  • Has also attacked puppy!seungkwan and puppy!mingyu a few times
  • Wants to get piggyback rides from the other puppies but his pride won’t let him ask
  • Secretly v happy when great dane puppy!mingyu offers to let him ride
  • Like VERY happy
  • But no one needs to know that
  • Also a huge fan of using other puppies as his personal pillow
  • Will wander over to puppy!dk when he’s sleeping
  • Looks around to make sure no one’s watching
  • And plops his head on puppy!dk’s back to go to sleep
  • Puppy!dk just snores through the whole ordeal
  • Puppy!woozi is super cute and everyone loves him
  • Everyone falls for his kootness and wants to pet him
  • Lets no one touch him except for you and his puppy!friends
  • NO ONE
  • Attempts to bite off alien hands that try to pet him
  • Loves it when you pet him though
  • Esp when you rub behind his ears
  • He gets a super content smile on his face and kinda dozes off
  • Really cute >.<
  • Very scary sometimes though
  • Has the icy glare of a husky down to an art
  • Can silence puppy!dk and puppy!seungkwan and puppy!soonyoung and p much all the puppies with one look
  • Icy glare from little ball of floof
  • V scary, but also just super cute


  • V smiley dachshund with floppy ears!
  • You know what Ryan Higa’s dog looks like? Looks like that
  • Ears flop whenever he runs
  • Tail wagging 50 billion mps at all times
  • Also very panty and lowkey drooly
  • But it’s ok bc he’s cute!
  • Shows affection for the other puppies by nipping at their tails with his smol teeth
  • Puppy!seungkwan is done with puppy!dk biting his tail
  • Barks at E.V.E.R.Y. squirrel he sees
  • Every. Single. One.
  • Also barks at very biker that passes by while he’s on his walk
  • Lovessss going on walks
  • All the people at the park where he goes for walks love him
  • He’s the sweetest puppy ever
  • Gives everyone lots of kisses, making him super popular
  • Despite being super cute and lovable, he’s a handful
  • Seems to especially like the taste of shoes
  • And laptop cords
  • Puppy!dk does also eat hw
  • He’s done it a few times but he ended up puking it back up >.<
  • Paper doesn’t sit well with his tummy
  • Hates seeing you sad
  • When you look down, he’ll waddle over and plop himself down in your lap and stare at you with the cutest puppy eyes
  • Then he goes to grab his toy for you to play with him
  • Never fails to cheer you up
  • How could you not?
  • Puppy!dk is literally the cutest
  • Ball of endless energy
  • Freaking BOUNCES everywhere with his floppy ears !!!!
  • Only puppy bouncier than him is possibly puppy!hoshi
  • No one else comes close
  • Wakes you up in the middle of the night so he can go outside to pee
  • Wakes you by walking into your room and nudging your face with his bold, wet nose
  • gets real annoying
  • but he koot so you forgive him


  • Epitome of swaggy corgi pup
  • Acts like he’s too cool for his human
  • He has a little pair of sunglasses that are too big for him
  • Wears them all the time anyways
  • Lowkey salty about puppy!Vernon being the one to start the party when the owners are out
  • Gets over it really quick bc he steals the show real fast
  • Shoves his shades onto his snout and steals the mic from puppy!vernon
  • Howls and barks like it’s nobody’s business
  • Also dances while doing this
  • Has tried to learn how to backflip from puppy!hoshi
  • Didn’t end too well
  • Only reason he didn’t break anything during the backflip attempts is that he didn’t really turn….
  • Minor details
  • Still convinced he was super close to succeeding
  • Puppy!hoshi lets him think that
  • V easily scared
  • One time, he was sitting in the backyard when a leaf fell onto his snout
  • He freaked - jumped up and ran around until his little legs fell out from under him in a panic
  • Refused to go outside for a solid 4 hours after that experience
  • Spent those 4 hours trying to get into the treat bag
  • Never figured out how to open the ziploc and ripped open a hole
  • Was greeted by another ziploc bag holding the treats inside a box that had been in a bigger bag
  • Never got to the treats
  • Also LOVES attention from you
  • Will come and plop himself down in your lap, belly up and will even drag your hand to his belly if you’re taking too long
  • P much a demand for a belly rub
  • Gotta be able to read the signs
  • Whines when your hand stops moving
  • Doesn’t bc despite being a beagle, puppy!scoups is known for strength
  • Puppy!mingyu and puppy!seungkwan have different ideas of what constitutes the term “one bite”
  • Really salty about everything and holds his grudges against the other puppies until they bring him food or ignore him back
  • One or the other
  • Falls over a lot for no reasons
  • Prob bc his legs are so stubby
  • #justcorgiproblems

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