doggy outfits

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based off those nsfw harlos hcs, could you do a jaylos one? (I love you, you are my jaylos queen!!!)

D’awww, thanks :)

Jaylos NSFW/Kinky head canons

 - just again, Jay likes having his haired pulled. I mean, he really likes it

 - also bringing back bilingual!Jay and Carlos losing his mind when he hears his boyfriend speak in Arabic, latching on to Jay’s neck and chest and various other body parts because it’s so damn hot

 - and in the beginning, when Jay doesn’t know that many dirty terms, he just like recites tourney rules in Arabic because Carlos doesn’t know the difference

 - Jay also likes to set cheesy romance songs whenever they fool around and it slows them down because Carlos keeps laughing at the ridiculousness of it, but it makes them happy and goofy and cute, so neither shuts it off

 - “stop, Dude is right there, he’s too young to see this!”
   “He doesn’t even know what this is!”

 - they have to send Dude down to the girls’ room when they want alone time (which is when Evie gets his measurements to make all of his doggy outfits)

 - Carlos’ ears are crazy sensitive and touching them gets him riled up and Jay knows that and loves to torture him

 - neither likes to be held down or tied up. It’s too vulnerable and reminds them of the Isle

 - Jay leaving the school for away tourney games and Carlos sending scandalous pictures because he misses his boyfriend

 - celebratory fun times after every tourney game they win

 - Carlos secretly likes the hickies and marks Jay leaves on him. He likes the sense of belonging and knowing he is Jay’s

 - Auradon Prep has their own housekeeping for students on campus, but Carlos never lets anyone else wash their sheets because “do you remember what we did last night? No one should have to see that mess.”

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Even better, Derek huffing as Stiles helps their children drape the tinsel and lights over his wolf form. And then there's the dreaded doggy outfits that Cora convinced Stiles to buy from the pet store.

Sterek family Christmas with wolf!Derek patiently letting himself get coated in tinsel, their youngest determinedly draping it over his snout until Derek can’t help sneezing half of it off, and their oldest meticulously spreading the strands in even increments across his tail.