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Aren’t They Adorable?

Summary: Could I request a Raphael story please? Reader is a Vampire and one day she brings home a puppy. Raphael is absolutely against it but with a lot of pleading, she can keep it. And the puppy takes a liking to Raph and always sneaks off to sleep in his bed or ruin some expensive shoes 😉 So, somehow the puppy grows on him and he uses that to kinda ask her out, like walking the dog together. 😊 Just if you like the idea. 😘 Have a good day/night!

Characters: Reader, Raphael Santiago

Fandom: Shadowhunters

Word Count: 1516

Request: Anon

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(Thiam as Nolan’s Parent's -Part 4 )

(This one is more Nolan and Theo.)

 Theo: *From all the scenarios that went through his mind, he wasn’t expecting THIS reaction from their son when he accidentally saw him shift.*

 Nolan: Just for a little bit? *His big eyes light up in excitement.* …Please?

Theo: *He would argue but seeing as he’s fully shifted into a coyote, whining appears to be his best defense to his son asking him to play (fetch) catch.*

 Nolan: *A nervous smile forms on his small, freckled face as he gently pets the head of the whining coyote, still holding the ball in the other hand.*  And maybe I can bring you to show-and-tell…sometime? 

 Theo:  *Tail drops from the mere thought of a bunch of random children petting him like he was some kind of animal. (Because how rude.)* 

 Nolan: *Seems to understand the body language and kneels down, he drops the ball and takes the coyotes head into his small, unsure hands.* It’s okay… I get scared too. *His previously happy expression falls into a sad but reassuring smile.* 

 Theo: *His eyes shoot up to Nolan’s in shock at his sudden confession. It was the first time this kid really opened up to anyone other than Liam since adopting him about a year ago.*

Nolan: I’ll protect you, okay? *Gives his father his best attempt at a confident smile.* 

 Theo: “That’s my line, kid.” * He reflects as he nuzzles his nose into his son’s face, expressing his pride.* “Bond with our son, you say, I’d like to see you try one up-ing this man’s best-friend, shit.” *Tail begins to wag at the thought of seeing his husbands face right now.*  

 Nolan: *Bursts in giggles at the face full of fur that’s currently tickling his.* I can even get you a collar and everything! 

 Theo: *Backs outta there pretty fast after that comment.* -“OKAY and we’re done here.” *Decides he better leave before his son gets him a doggie bowl.*

A Fish Named Doggy

Summary: Michael and Jeremy want a dog badly but there dorms have a no dog rule so they go for the next best thing. A fish.

Warning: Like two cuss words

Genre: Fluff

Word count: 956

Author’s note: Sorry I was late and didn’t upload this till now. I was super busy Saturday and I completely forgot. Don’t worry though I plan the stay on my upload schedule. Once again sorry I was late, but hey it’s here now.

Michael handed Jeremy the tissue box as he wiped away his own tears.
“You ok dude?” Michael asked as he sniffled.
“ Damn,” Jeremy sighed as he took a tissue. “I forgot how much the beginning of Up fucks me up man.” Jeremy snuggled closer to Michael. They were sitting on the bed in their dorm having another one of their monthly Disney marathons. It was a tradition of theirs every since they became roommates in college. The last week of every month was Disney week where once they were done with their classes for the day they would get loads of snacks and binge Disney movies. Monday was classics starting with Snow White. Tuesdays was ninetys renaissance, like The Little Mermaid and Mulan. Wednesday was Pixar. Thursday was modern like Tangled and Moana. Fridays last but not least where Disney channel original movies. Jeremy didn’t know if it was impressive or embarrassing that his boyfriend knew all the High School Musical movies word for word by heart. But then again Jeremy knew all of the Lion King movies by heart so he couldn’t really judge.

The movie went on as Carl and Russell went on their journey to Paradise Falls. When finally the boys favorite character came on screen. Michael and Jeremy said in unison as he walked on,
“Hello my name is Doug and I love you!” They laughed and watched the cartoon dog chase squirrels and follow the boy on screen. Michael sighed, “Dude I want a dog so bad.”
“ If we could I would buy a dog in a heartbeat. I would buy so many dogs. All of them.” Jeremy joked.
“ And then what you end up like Charles Muntz in Up and live in a blimp filled with dogs?” Michael laughed.
“That’s the dream.” Jeremy chuckled.
“ This frickin sucks man. Why won’t they let us have a dog here? What’s up with this no pets policy? Pets bring love and happiness and can bring down stress!” Michael ranted.
“ Well technically it’s not a no pets policy. Just a no cats, dogs, birds, mice, hamsters, bunnies, guinea pigs, lizards, and turtles policy.” Jeremy said’.
“ What does that even leave us with?” Michael asked.
“ We could get a fish.” Jeremy suggested.
“ That could be cool.”

The very next day the two of them headed out to the nearest Pet Smart with their hearts set on a fish. They walked in and the smell of pet food and animals washed over them. They wandered around the aisles looking for the fish when the found them. A whole wall of fish tanks in the back of the store. Jeremy ran up excited and pressed his face against the glass and smiled. Michael darted up behind him and hugged him from behind. “ Sea anyone you like?”
“ Was that a god damned pun Mell?”
“ What are you talking about nothing fishy going on here.” Michael smirked.
“ Oh my God you dork.”
“ I’m shore you saw what I did there.”
Jeremy shook his head.
“ What’s the matter babe no need to,”
“ Michael don’t you dare.”
“ Clam up.” He snorted.
“ I can’t believe you. These jokes aren’t even funny. You could even say there below sea level.” Jeremy smirked.
“ I love you so much.” Michael giggled. They looked around at the tanks looking for the perfect fish. When Jeremy gasped and pointed in a tank.
“ What is it?” Michael asked.
“ Him. I love him. He’s the one.” Jeremy was pointed at a small gold fish swimming around in a tank by himself.

They got an employe to take the fish out of the tank and put him in a bag. Michael held the baggy as Jeremy looked for a tank. They picked out a small round classic bowl for their fish and got some colored rocks for the bottom and a plant. They picked out some fish food and went to buy their new fish and the supplies. They were in line for the register when Jeremy asked, “ So what are we gonna name them?” Michael eyes lit up.
“ I’ll be right back I have an idea.” And he darted off. He came back just as Jeremy reached the front of the line. In his hand was a dog collar with a name tag, engraved in the tag was the name Doggy. “ I know, I know. I’m a genius.” Michael smirked.
“ I approve of the name but what are we gonna do with the collar?” Jeremy asked confused.
Michael smiled as he hooked the collar around the top of the fish bowl, it fit perfectly.

Doggy was a setup in his bowl and was placed on Jeremy and Michael’s desk in there dorm. He happily swam around as they boys watched him smiling. “Hey I have an idea.” Jeremy said as he pulled out his phone. He texted the group chat him and all his friends where on.
“ Hey guys me and Michael got a doggy.” Jeremy’s and Michaels phones began to buzz.

From Jakes tiny boyfriend: Sick dude!
From Queen Bee Chloe: I thought dogs weren’t allowed on your campus?
From Player Two: He’s pretty cute.
From Player Two: Doggy that is.
From Player Two: But let it be said that Jeremy is also very cute.
From Jakes Tiny Boyfriend: Stop flirting with your boyfriend and show us your dog Mell!”
From Theater Girl: Please please PLEASE!!!!
From Player One: Ok.

Jeremy sent a picture of Doggy swimming in his bowl.

From Player One: His name is Doggy.
From Player Two: I thought of the name.
From Jakes Tiny Boyfriend: I should have known.

Lunatic Pt 3

Season 1 Masterlist

Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Word Count: 2,115

Warnings: None

   Stiles picked me up after going to the store. I told him I couldn’t go because I needed to catch up on homework, so he agreed to gather what he needed himself

   “You ready?” I asked as he pulled up to Scott’s house. He seemed excited, and I knew it wasn’t to see Scott, so he had something up his sleeve. Probably revenge, if I had to guess. I’d let him at it.

   Stiles carried a heavy-looking duffle bag as he unlocked the front door. I closed it as we entered.

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Doggy Park (Hanzo x Reader)

Request: Hello, I was wondering, if requests were still open, if you could do something with s/o being sick and not able to walk their dog and thus asking Hanzo to do it for them? How do you think he’d handle it or would he interact much outside with other dog owners? Thank you!

Dude, I had so much fine writing this! Btw im sorry because I kind of tweaked it, youll see what i mean later lmao. Hope you enjoy it nonetheless

Words: 1055! Dang

TW; None! Please tell me if I need to tag something

Hanzo stared down at your dog, Beau. Beau was wagging his fluffy white tail while cocking his head, as if trying to ask him ‘Where is my other parent?’. Just a day ago you were fine, now you were too tired to get out of bed and you could barely breathe out of your nose due to snot. Hanzo had to sleep on the couch due to you not wanting to be near him too much incase he got sick too. He had to do some of your normal chores that you always insisted to take upon yourself. One was walking your dog. You had adopted Beau from a rescue shelter just a year after you started dating Hanzo. Beau wasn’t quite used to Hanzo, as he had just moved into your house only a few months ago.

Hanzo sighed as Beau left him to go to his doggy bowl and lap at the water. Hanzo grabbed the dark blue leash from the dinner table and walked to the white dog. He hooked the leash onto Beau’s matching blue collar, and they were out the door in less than five minutes. Beau seemed to have memorized the route that you would usually take him on, seeing as he was leading Hanzo instead of the other way around. They passed multiple other people with dogs, some waving or saying hello to him. After about seven minutes of walking, they walked by a man with his cat on a leash. People were crazy nowadays, Hanzo thought.

After a few more minutes Hanzo could feel his heart drop in his chest. Beau had led them to a doggy park. Dogs of different shapes and sizes were running around, playing fetch or just playing around with other dogs. Hanzo sighed as he took them to a small empty bench. He sat down and bent down to Beau’s level to take the leash off of his collar. Beau had yipped happily and immediately ran in the direction of the nearest dog his size.

Hanzo scanned the park, some dog owners were staring at tablets or books while others talked to each other. Multiple dog toys were strewn around. Did people bring their own or was it provided by the city? He didn’t know. His thoughts were interrupted by a loud belch, and a body dropping right next to him on the bench. “Howdy, there.” The man said, taking a sip of what Hanzo assumed was beer. Did he sneak it in?

Hanzo didn’t know what to do. Does he say howdy? Does he tip his imaginary hat? Not knowing what to do, Hanzo stared at the man. The man scratched his rough beard and held out his hand. “Haven’t seen you ‘round the dog park before, you new?” He asked. Hanzo shook his head as they shook hands. “No, my-” “Wait, are you Hanzo?’ Asked the man. Hanzo slowly nodded. “Yes, actually. How did-” He was cut off, again, as the man began laughing loudly. The man seemed to wipe a tear as he took another gulp of beer. “Oh, man! All the regulars here know about ya! Y/N never stops talking about you.” He said, somewhat endearingly.

Hanzo could feel his cheeks flush slightly, it was nice to hear that you talked about him to others. “Didn’t reckon you’d ever come here though.” The man grinned, slapping Hanzo on the back. “So tell me, Y/N somewhere ‘round here?” He asked, looking around the park. “No, they’re sick,” Hanzo informed. The man sighed. “Hate to hear that, they’re a good person.” He pointed to a large golden retriever that was playing with a small ball. “Now that’s my girl, Jelly.”  Hanzo eyed him warily. Was he serious? “You…You named your dog Jelly?” “Yessir.” The man said fondly. “Girl can’t get enough of PB&J sandwiches.’ Dear lord, Hanzo thought. Dog owners were weird.

“How has Beau been? Last I saw that boy was up to my thigh.” The man said with a laugh. “He’s been good, the vet said that he’s finally stopped growing,” Hanzo answered. As if on cue, Beau had dashed to where Hanzo and the man were sitting. “Beau!” The man shouted, immediately getting onto his knees to play with the big white dog. “How ya been, boy. They treatin you right?” He asked, scratching the pooch’s stomach. Beau barked happily. They were like that for awhile, till the man’s own dog came back to him. “I reckon me and Jelly start heading back.” The man stood up and stretched, grabbing his beer and patting Beau’s head.

“Is that beer?” Hanzo asked, hooking the leash to Beau’s collar. The man seemed to be shocked. “Beer? This is an alcohol free zone, this is apple cider.”

 The two men and their dogs wished each other farewell before heading out in the opposite direction. While Hanzo was leaving multiple people stopped to ask him if he was Hanzo, seeing as the recognized the dog but there was no Y/N with it. After one conversation too many, Hanzo made a dash for the exit, with Beau running happily by his side. He did not want to converse with anyone else. Hanzo didn’t stop running till he was home, and wiped his feet off on the rug. He got the leash off of Beau, who ran for his water bowl. Hanzo slipped on his indoor house shoes.

He didn’t hear anything from your room, and he assumed you were asleep. He filled up a small glass with water, and grabbed a few pills that he had picked up from the pharmacy to help with your sickness. He knocked gently on your door, still no noise. He opened the door slowly to see you sprawled over the bed and comforter. Hair sticking up in unusual places and drool coming out of your mouth.

Even at the odd sight, Hanzo could feel his heart swell with love and adoration. Hanzo placed the water and medicine on the bedside, then leaning over to kiss the top of your head. He heard you mumbled something incoherent, before turning on your side to hug a pillow. He smiled, and heard the scamper of excited dog feet. He made sure to close the door properly after him, leaving you alone in your room.

losing to you ( Taekook)

Read chapter 1 here

Mpreg/ angst. 

Chapter 2

“Is this all?” Jung Kook said casually, loading the last two boxes of plain brown cardboard into his Cadillac, while Taehyung bent low and fumbled with the three small doggie bowls next to the now empty kennel. Soon Shim was in Hobi hyung’s place now, and Taehyung had bought new bowls for his dog with some of the leftover money from his severance pay. He stared at the bowls, trying to decide what to do with them.

“You want to toss those in?” Jung Kook prompted and Taehyung jumped a little , nodding hesitantly.

“If you don’t mind.”

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mrs.maverick: Hi. My name is Maverick Do(g)brev. I like long walks on the beach and candle lit dinners in doggie bowls. I have a brother named Goose and we’re both 9 weeks old. I keep hearing the giants around us say that we’re half Border Collie half Aussie Shepard, but I guess we won’t know for sure until we get a DNA test. We stayed at this hotel called @the_pet_care_foundation for a little while, and it wasn’t too bad, but I’m SO much happier where I am now. I have a yard, and toys, and a new mommy. Don’t tell her I said this, but I find it strange she has no fur anywhere except for her head. But she always rubs my tummy and showers me with love, so her lack of hair doesn’t bother me too much. Goose and I still get to play all the time since my auntie @cheeklane fostered him until he finds a forever home, so that’s cool too. I’m really hoping someone in their friend circle keeps him so we can continue to hang out because I love him very much. Mommy said that if it wasn’t for @puppyluvla she wouldn’t have found me, so I’d like to send a special Wuff Wuff to them. And to @the_pet_care_foundation for sheltering us until mommy came to rescue us. We appreciated all the food you gave us while we stayed with you. Anyway, mom’s calling, she doesn’t love it when I’m on social media too much, especially when it’s so sunny and beautiful out.. she says I need to get more vitamin D. Whatever that is. She’s already trying to teach me tricks, and I love to impress her, so I’m going to go show her how smart I am. I’ll take some videos so you can see how smart I am too. Did I mention I’m super smart? Oh, and I’m the cutest puppy in the world. That’s what my mommy says. Puppy Love, Maverick 🐶❤️

anonymous asked:

Imagine Derek was arguing with the pack on what movie they should watch because Derek is the only one who want to watch different movie while the pack all agreed on something else. Derek keep the remote to himself and raised his eyebrow as if to say "I have the remote now, what can you do? Hah!" The pack glare at him and one of them yelling to call Stiles who was in the kitchen making snack. "Mum! Dad is being mean and hiding the remote!". Derek's eyes went wide and he throw the remote- Z

Oh my goodness, that’s perfect. Thank you Z! 

The fact that he’s scared of Stiles comes in means this has happened so many times before and I can just imagine that Stiles gets tired of it and comes into the lounge room and glares at Derek until he finally gives up. And sometimes he has to convince Derek with kisses and promises that they’ll watch his choice of movie later or do something else Derek wants. And if Derek still doesn’t give up the remote, he gets punished like Stiles punishes Scott (cuffed to a radiator and left with a personalised doggy bowl of water).

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Thin Lizzie

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Pairing: WinchestersxReader
Word count: 3,160
Tagging at the end

Episode 5 of Season 11

When they finally walked back in the door, you shot up. “What the hell?!” You looked them over.

“We’re…fine.” Dean sighed.

“Like hell you are.” You motioned over both your bodies. “You and you. Park it.” You pointed at both of them. Dean looked at you, slightly surprised. “Now. You two are letting me at least clean you up.” You turned to find the first aid kit. “Stupid big brothers. ‘it’ll be fine’ they said, 'we got this’ they said.”

They looked at each other and chuckled as they sat down.

You were sitting in the library doodling while Sam looked for any hints of the Darkness when Dean came in. A beer for each of them, and a soda for you. “Don’t suppose you have a twenty on the Darkness?” He asked, doubt in his voice.

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“Well, I, uh, thought I had something earlier. Half a town flip their gourds, and started attacking people…but it turns out they ate rancid possum meat.”

Looking up, you made a face much like Dean’s. “That’s disgusting.” You gagged.

“Okay, they do realize that a possum is a giant rat, right?” Dean pointed out, seemingly less grossed out than you.

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You're Different (part 4)

Request: Hi! Are you taking requests? If not feel free to ignore this! I was wanting to request one where Jared Leto Joker meets the reader, Who is in the Suicide squad and takes an interest in them and their fighting skills :) thank you! By Anonymous

Word Count: 743 (Sorry, it’s a bit short)

Warnings: Fighting, swearing, guns, kissing.

part 1 part 2 part 3

“(Y/N)!? (Y/N) where are you!?” You hear Floyd shouting.

“I’m here! I’m good!” You sigh as you run up to Floyd, he immediately puts his arms around you and hugs you tightly.

“Are you alright…? Where’s Diablo?”

“I’m fine but Diablo… I think… He’s dead Floyd.” You say sad, he sacrificed himself for you.

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#BestGiftEver: Dogs

5 awesome gifts for your pet dog

It’s all about giving this season, so don’t forget to wrap up a special gift for your dog too! Shower your pet with gifts that are cute and stylish. From a cozy sweater and doggie bowl to a pet tote and fancy collar, wrap up the #BestGiftEver - something you know they’ll use and you’ll love. 

1. Shetland Dog Sweater by Free People

Dogs gets chilly too! Warm up your little pup with a cozy winter sweater.

Shetland Dog Sweater

2. Bone Dog Bowl by Henri Bendel

Say “Bone Apétit” and pamper your pet with a new dog bowl. Its cute bone shape and signature brown and white Henri Bendel stripes give your dog’s accessories a fashionable update. 

Henri Bendel Bone Dog Bowl

3. Wool Pet Tote by Tory Burch

Carry around your little four-legged friend in a practical and stylish Tory Burch tote. Made from soft wool felt, its side zippers open for easy breathability, visibility and comfort. 

Tory Burch Wool Pet Tote

4. Crystal Rivet Haircalf Dog Collar by Henri Bendel

Spoil your dog with a luxurious new collar made from leather, crystal rivets and leopard-printed haircalf. This pet accessory adds just the right amount of style to your pup.

Crystal Rivet Haircalf Dog Collar

5. Fireside Plaid Doggie Tee by Free People

‘Tis the season for everything plaid. Gift your pup this lightweight contrast tee so it’s easy for them to move around and not get too warm.

Fireside Plaid Doggie Tee

perpetualwhirlpoolofconfusion  asked:

How would you like to be treated if you die as a dog?

“look, once i’m dog i won’t have much to say in any matter, being a literal dog. that said, i can still lay down some rules as i am now. i can only eat food like i’m a person, that means no dog bowls. no doggie beds, treats, COLLARS or anything like that.”

“i am a skeleton. i have standards.”