doggie christmas

Christmas at GOT7′s Dorm
  • Christmas time at GOT7′s dorm should be happy, Christmas decorations and the smell of delicious food.
  • but its not
  • it was pure and utter chaos 
  • it started with mom and dad Jinyoung & JB agreeing to take the kids the members out to the city to see the lights
  • Youngjae would pet every dog he would see and then say “you are so cute but not as cute as CoCo.”
  • Jackson wanting everyone’s attention but Mark is the only one that is semi paying attention to him.
  • Jinyoung is trying his hardest not to kill Yugyeom
  • JB regretting bringing everyone outside of the dorms.
  • but during the trip to the city Bambam got an idea.
  • It was just an idea that meant no harm but it did start the whole crazy chaos.
  • His idea involved around 8,000 multi colored Christmas lights. He bought them on sale.
  • Bambam got Yugyeom to help him put the lights up
  • But since they live in a dorm and not a house they can’t anything on the outside of the dorm so take a guess what they’re about to do. 
  • yup that’s right they put all 8,000 lights all inside the dorm.
  • It doesn’t sound that bad but since the dorm is small and messy it made it bad.
  • All the lights literally  went through every room of the dorm including the restroom except it stayed clear of the shower.
  • How much tape they went through hanging the lights up.
  • and poor CoCo her little area was covered with lights.
  • It was a miracle that they had the dorm to themselves
  • but the rest of the members didn’t know what the two young one were doing 
  • so when the rest of the members arrived home Youngjae was happy, Mark was indifferent about it, Jackson wished there was more lights, and Jinyoung and JB wanted to murder the two idiots.
  • It took a while to get use to.
  • Lights everywhere.
  • Since Bambam was responsible it was his job to unplug all the lights well one week while they were away in a different country for schedule he didn’t unplug it.
  • well lets just say all of GOT7 got a 2 hour lecture because the sitter for CoCo ran out of treats so they had to go into the dorm to get her “favorite treats”
    • if she eats any other treat youngjae will throw a fit and scream at the poor sitter saying they tried to kill his beloved dog.
  • and the lecture was pretty much said “electricity is expensive so stop wasting money”
  • After that JB was starting to be strict on their Christmas decorations
  • Jackson wanted to get a real tree 
  • So with a lot of begging and crying JB said that Jackson could get a real tree.
  • JB was expecting a small or normal sized tree 
  • NOPE!
  • Jackson got a 12 foot tree and poor Jackson cried a little bit when it didn’t fit in the dorm 
  • Than he started bawling his eyes when they had to cut some of it off so it could fit properly into the dorm.
  •  Since the whole dorm was covered in lights the guys didn’t know if they should buy some more lights for the tree or just use whatever they have in the dorm, taking it away for some of the rooms.
  • Bambam already heard the word lights and already went running out the door to go buy more.
  • Few days later after the whole tree incident Youngjae saw a cute recipe online for doggy Christmas cookies. They were shaped like Santa Claus!!
  • Well as CoCo’s parents Mark and Youngjae had to make the cookies for their precious little bean.
  • No one in the dorm knew what they were making it smelled okay but not amazing. Yugyeom and Jinyougn didn’t know who the cookies were for so they each ate a few.
  • Youngjae screamed because they ruined CoCo’s treat, Mark was dying of laughter
  • and that’s when Jinyoung and Yugyeom realized why CoCo was staring at them.. lets say they instantly found trashcans and threw up.
  • It wasn’t even Christmas Eve, or Christmas Day yet and this was the only the beginning of the chaos.

there will be a post for christmas eve and day later on.

I’d like to formally introduce Helo (Hee-low) to our family!

He’s less than a year old (according to the vet) and is very healthy. :) Helo was found wandering up to someone’s doggy door on Christmas Eve. The family that found him could not locate the owners (no one ever came forward), however the could not keep him due to their dogs basically wanting to eat him. 😬

My husband and I decided to foster him until the owners came forward except no one ever did. And no microchip.

Now it seems apparent that he’s here to stay. 🙂 He’s a great addition to the ferret fam. He’s very playful and energetic. He’s also a bit cuddly. We’re not happy with his previous owners for apparently giving up on him, but grateful he’s in our lives now and safe.

Say hello to Helo! ☺️☺️☺️

Merry Meta Christmas!

Some grossly romantic Hollywood movie star KageHina fluff~ ( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ (not part of santababy… just something I wanted to write)


A Beverly Hills Christmas (almost). It’s December twenty-fourth, Christmas Eve, and the mansion is still busy with activity. There are no plans for a Christmas party this year, but many of the staff have stayed on tonight on a volunteer basis—though Kageyama is sure the amount of alcohol he has provided has something to do with that. It’s nearly a party anyway, and the hustle and bustle is sort of festive—plus, he needs all the help he can get.

Hinata has been shooting on location for three weeks in the south of France. He gets home that night (in five minutes, apparently, because he never calls ahead), and Kageyama has organized—with copious amounts of help from their friends and managers—turning the mansion into a surprise winter wonderland just in time for Hinata’s return. Hinata loves Christmas, and Kageyama loves Hinata, and so dumping him right into the spirit of the holiday season seems like a good way to say, “Welcome home (I missed you)”.

“Update—all the stairway lights are done, and they just hung the star on the tree in the foyer,” Suga says, falling into step beside him as he hurries down the stairs. “And you look very nice.”

Kageyama smooths his black vest over the dark red (Suga and Hinata would both call the shade wine) button down he’s wearing, and nods.

“Thank you for helping with this,” he says. Suga waves him off. He’s busy snapping pictures of the decked out house with his phone, which Kageyama is sure will go up on all their official social media pages in mere moments.

“I don’t fly out for another three days,” Suga says. He’s going back to Japan to see his parents, but wanted to skip the holiday airport traffic. “Yachi is hosting a little get together tonight, but that doesn’t start until later.”

They step into the foyer and Kageyama takes a moment to stop and admire the Christmas tree that’s been set up right in the middle. The mansion is three stories, and it has uninterrupted space in the entryway, right up to the lofty ceiling. The tree nearly touches it, soaring high into the air—they’re in the process of taking down the ladder necessary to reach the top.

“Excellent,” he breathes, staring at the intricate white lights and ornaments, and at the top, a gleaming gold Hollywood star that makes him smile. “It looks bloody brilliant, Suga.”

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