doggie bow ties


First of all, thank you to all those who messaged me Etsy shop name suggestions! I have finally decided on a name. While I definitely appreciated all the suggestions, I ended up coming up with my own name for my Etsy shop. I wanted something short and catchy. I also decided not to add anything too specific to the name (i.e., “bandanas” or “collars”) because I just didn’t want people to get the impression that particular item is all that is available. 

And so…I have decided to name it after the furry love of my life: 

Itsy Bitsy Gatsby

This is Winnie’s biggest bow and the closest to a “full size” bow she’ll ever get.  Lynne from Doggie Bow Ties was kind enough to size this bow down a bit for me, because I liked it so much but it only came in full size, which is way too big for Winnie’s petite head.  It was a very big hit on Thanksgiving weekend with my family.

*The Doggie Bow Ties website is currently offline…check back soon!*


I imagine this scenario to play out like this (which is silly because I can only guess what goes on inside my dog’s head, but I really enjoy trying!):

Winnie: “What was that?”

Me: “Look at me for your treat, please.”

Winnie: “Quick, Mom, throw me the treat, someone’s coming to take it…QUICK!”

When there are treats on the line, one can never be too careful…