Bayverse Dogformers Breedcanons-Decepticons

Megatron-Caucasian Ovcharka


Blackout and Grindor- Giant Schnauzer

Barricade-German Shepherd (Working Line)

Frenzy-Berger Blanc Suisse/? mix


Brawl-Dogo Canario

Demolisher-American Akita (Bet y’all didn’t see that one coming, right?)

Soundwave-Berger Blanc Suisse


Brains-Chinese Crested

Shockwave-Central Asian Shepherd


And that’s everyone I cared to make designs for. I’m tired.

I took some real time figuring out my dogformers.

Optimus Prime: A wolf hybrid, he’s the largest of them all, and leading comes naturally to him. He nobly regards his team as his family in either robot or canine mode, for that will never change.

Ratchet: An old Golden Retriever, he’s a loyal and trained service dog, skilled in his craft to help others in both a suit of armor and quadrupedal body.

Arcee: An Italian Greyhound, smaller than the rest but nimble and incredibly fast, she’s a smart warrior in both universes.

Bulkhead: A Bullmastiff, he’s a terrifying enemy and a wonderful friend, in either mode he’s a wrecker through and through.

Wheeljack: A bit of a mutt, Jacky’s an Australian Shepherd ((for his reckless cowboy side)) and a Rottweiler ((for his fearlessness)) mix, torn up from his past in either world he stays loyal to his faction no matter what.

Smokescreen: A pure white German Shepherd, chosen not just for the match in paint job ((for the most part)) but for his detail as a security guard at Iacon, he’s focused and confident, but still young, and underestimated in both bot and pup modes.

Bumblebee: A German Shepherd/Pitbull mix, he’s a cute puppy who grows into a fierce dog, a gentle soul he learns from Optimus all he can until his eventual take over as alpha of the pack.

As you can see I put in almost a week of labor and planning before designing these guys. I wanted their coats to match their bot counterparts without using insanely unrealistic colours. Also, I greatly apologize for the bad anatomy, I haven’t drawn a dog in 5+ years….

Bayverse Dogformers Breedcanons-Autobots

Optimus Prime-Japanese Akita/Akita Inu

Bumblebee-Lurcher (Whippet Mix)

Ironhide-German Shepherd (Working Line)

Jazz-German Shorthaired Pointer

Ratchet-Golden Retriever


Jolt-Blue Lacy

Mirage/Dino-Bracco Italiano

Que/Wheeljack-Standard Schnauzer

Sentinel Prime-Irish Red and White Setter


Drift (who will soon be Dead in Miami if things continue)-Kishu Inu

Hound-Blackmouth Cur

Cogwheel-Border Terrier

Hot Rod-Picardy Spaniel



Aaand that’s everyone…I think. I’ll put a link in for the Decepticons once I get them done.

Dogformers Decepticon edition…took almost as long as the Autobots but, I digress.

Megatron: A Cane Corso/Tibetan Mastiff mix, he is the epitome of a gladiator, and a king unlike any before him. His long coat gives him an elegant flare but the scars on his face remain as a reminder to all who cross his path that he is not to be messed with.

Starscream: A silver and red Doberman Pinscher. Now obviously the physical appearance of the canine is suppose to represent the con, so finding out Dobbies came in this shade of grey was really awesome. But to be honest, I would have made Screamer a Doberman either way, they’re fit dogs, really fit, muscular but not too much so. And as the leader of the Seeker Armada he needed to be fierce, able to fight and not completely over the top. Oh, and let’s not forget he’s way too smart for his own good.

Knock Out: A purebred Finnish Spitz. Seeing as he’s one of the most popular TFP characters in the series ((if not the most popular)) I feel many of you will be displeased with my decision, but hear me out, my dogformers had one rule: make them look realistic. So a cherry red pup wasn’t going to cut it. All I had in my mind was “he needs to have his papers, he needs to be a champion show dog.” and that’s where I decided to role with the Spitz.

Breakdown: A Leonberger with a bum right eye, he has to be able to go up against Bulkhead the Bullmastiff and still come out clean. Underneath he’s just as big of a softie though~

Soundwave: He’s a Basenji mix. What’s he mixed with? Well that’s the mystery isn’t it? All the team knows is he is silent, he doesn’t bark or howl, he may very well have been born without vocal cords. And while he isn’t very aggressive outright, he’s super intimidating to see coming down the street at night. Accompanying him is Laserbeak the raven.

That’s all folks, remember, dogs aren’t my specialty….

@absolutely-flabbergasted and i fell into inuyasha hell in our group chat so guess who got goaded into digimonifying sesshomaru’s dogform 👀

i just finished the lineart and im rly happy w/ it so now u all get to see it validate me

assorted worgen / gilneas thoughts

you will notice how easily ‘assorted’ can be abbreviated to ‘ass’, which incidentally is where a lot of these thoughts came from in the first place. this is just a compilation of random headcanons i have accumulated over the years and feel the need to share. also a lot of these are pretty old & im pretty sure that some of them directly contradict canon but like, to be fair a lot of the canon portrayal of the worgen is pretty silly 

i’ve divided this into “worgen thoughts” which is me spitballing about how the curse works and “gilneas thoughts” which is just like, cultural & worldbuilding stuff but theres obviously some overlap between those two categories. aside from this i also have a tag on my blog dedicated to me griping about the worgen so check that out i worked very hard on it

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Yeager Program AU where Cade and Tessa are barn cats and Optimus is a tired and abused old dog desperately in need of a place to rest. He didn’t count on picking up a scruffy barn cat as a mate.


Bayverse Dogformers Breedcanons-The Humans are Cats

Yes, in this AU, all the humans are cats. You heard me right.

Sam Witwicky-Domestic Shorthair/Moggy

Mikaela Banes-American Curl mix

Will Lennox-American Shorthair

Annabelle Lennox-American Shorthair (The cat pictured is a British Shorthair but you get the point.)

Robert Epps-Moggy

Carly Spencer (who deserves more love and respect)-British Shorthair

Charlotte Mearing (who should be respected and feared)-Maine Coon

Maggie Madsen-Australian Mist

Glen Whitmann-Scottish Fold

Seymour Simmons (who is a scumbag and deserves to be thrown in the trash)- Moggy

Joshua Joyce-Moggy

Dylan Gould-Charcoal Bengal

Cade Yeager-Moggy

Tessa Yeager-Moggy


Vivianne Wembly-British Shorthair

Sir Edmund Burton-Manx

I’ll probably update this once the movie comes out. In the meantime, enjoy!

Soundwave vs. the couch

A scene from chapter 6 of @bettsplendens‘s fanfic “Betrayal” illustrated in my anthro!dogformers AU. Soundwave is the black furbeast lifting up the Autodog’s one and only couch, Raf is the tabby kittenboy who was just woken up from a nap, and that little black blob under the couch is Laserbeak, who in this AU is a shapeshifter who can switch back and forth between raven and dog forms. Those white blobs on Soundsnoot’s shorts were supposed to be dog skulls (as his nickname in the fic is “Spook”), but Heck It. 

Yikes, Sounders, that’s a lot of scars. Are you sure you should be out of bed at this point, much less lifting couches?