A bit of levity for those still reeling from  of the spectacular Samurai Jack ending ^^



remember that time rory called jess doger and he knew it was from oliver twist?

or that time jess brought a care package to rory and said it was from luke when in reality he brought it for her because he wanted to see her?

or that time rory told jess to turn right?

or that time jess wrote in the margins of rory’s book?

or that time rory went to new york just to see jess?

or that time jess told rory that dean was right about all of it?

those were the days, man.

FINALMENTE LO HICE! :’D le dije a senpoi-cake que haria a su babu splat desde que salio (pero tuve un bloqueo de semanas y ahorita no sabia como hacerlo) me gusto un poco acomodar su besho afro xDUu ya que no se dibujar gorras muy bien estoy…bien con el resultado supongo c’: (splat shy~~)

Splat doge by: @crazycakesunesart espero que le guste nun

….deberia ser valiente y enviarselo?…no, me da cosita -blushing- (?)