The Way of the Buddha

‘To learn the way of the Buddha is to learn about oneself. To learn about oneself is to forget oneself. To forget oneself is to be enlightened by everything in the world. To be enlightened by everything is to let fall one’s own body-mind, and the body-mind of the ‘other.“

- Dogen in Ch'an and Zen Teaching, Series 1, Lu K'uan Yu.


The mercenary looked at the Fenrir tattoo on her hand while she spoke to the clown. Unlike most of his visitors, Mukuro knew his true nature. Or so she was told by higher-ups in her mercenary origination. She trusted them enough to believe in their words, as their information was never wrong before. 

She didn’t feel the need to greet him, so she simply cut to the chase. Standing in front of his jail cell, she faced him without showing any feeling.  

“Sirhan Dogen.”  She said, looking him dead in the eyes, searching for a reaction.