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Ask Meme Except The Prompts Are Actual Memes
  • All Your Base: How long have you been on the internet?
  • Bad Luck Brian: Have you ever had a string of ridiculously bad luck?
  • Bee Movie: What’s your weirdest ship?
  • Bird school, which is for birds: What’s your favorite class you’ve ever taken in school?
  • Crave that mineral: Do you ever get weird cravings for certain foods?
  • Denny’s: What do you do when you just can’t sleep?
  • Doge: Do you like animals, as a rule?
  • dril: How do you deal with people who hate you?
  • gun: How do you usually solve problems?
  • he scream at own ass: What makes you want to scream?
  • I AM FORCIBLY REMOVED FROM [X]: Have you ever gotten kicked out of an establishment?
  • Let Pearl Say Fuck: What’s your favorite swear word?
  • Loss.jpg: Are you a good storyteller?
  • Me, an intellectual: Do you think you’re smart?
  • Moon Moon: Do you ever feel like an outcast in your social group?
  • My Immortal: How would you describe your usual fashion sense?
  • Peasants: What part of your past are you most ashamed of?
  • Pepe The Frog: What’s something you find oddly satisfying?
  • Rickrolling: Do you enjoy playing pranks?
  • Shrek: Do you view yourself as being a complex, multilayered person?
  • Snake people, or sneople: What are your thoughts on the government?
  • Tag yourself: How would your friends describe you?
  • We Are Number One: If you were a fictional character, would you be a villain?

out:// Part of me, in a very poor jest, wants to make a silly joke sideblog and play a shibe. For no reason other than shits and giggles. And I love shibes.

Sterek!Doge AU

CourageWolf!Derek has noticed that Doge!Stiles is still having some difficulties adjusting to pack life. Stiles will often watch from a safe distance how the pack will play and work together as a whole unit, Derek can see the small jitters in his body when the timid Shibe seems to want to jump in and join the action as well, but seems to hold himself back. Stiles is at least a bit more vocal about his curious mind, “What this,Derek?” he asked when he saw Erica’s laptop on the living room table. “Can take this with me?” he will ask when he wants to eat a bowl of cereal in his room. “I can have one more?” he will more timidly ask if it’s requesting another blanket for his giant nesting habit he developed for his very own bed. Stiles has taken a liking to watching television, and when the new Star Wars trailers comes on, Derek can see his eyes widen and glitter with amazement, but Stiles, still in his timid state, is still to shy to ask Derek about it. So Derek decides one night - while the rest of the pack is out for date night (which ususally starts pretty early in the day and ends late at night)- to huddle with Stiles in his nest of beds and have a movie marathon the entire Star Wars films with him (starting with the originals of course). Stiles doesn’t really seem to have a preference for the old or the new movies, he enjoyed them all just as enthusiastically without any prejudice. By the end of the marathon as Stiles eyes slowly close and he huddles closer to his Alpha, he has decided that Yoda is his favorite and Darth Vader/Anakin needs one serious ultra bash. Baby steps, but Derek thinks Stiles is getting more comfortable with the pack and coming out of his shell. He considers that a success as he drifts off to sleep.