doge all the things

C̵̥͓̭O̻͔̝̼͎̻̳͝L̤̞͈͕̦ͅI̱ ͙̝̘̩͞N͚̺̹̖̖͚IG̞̪̣̞HT̹͚̰̮M̱̞̠̩͈͖A̻̠̜̞̮R̢Ȩ͚̯̟͍͖Ś͖̟̱̰̹͉̩

spends like an hour in coli, expenses this.

1. random beast knocks out a level 15 and 12 i wasn’t paying full attention, leaving only fodder

2. two boss beasts in a row, fail both.

3. finish battle with a slither of health left, game freezes.


5. going insane, only thing keeping me going is watching youtube in the top corner

6. clicking on wrong venue. (broken mouse)


keeps going anyway because money

[TRANS] Cnetz reaction to the release of Wu Yifan’s Time Boils the Rain MV 20150704

Trans: epikey@tumblr | Requested post | This is a combination of comments on Wu Yifan and Guo Jingming’s post

Wu Yifan [+8691] This sofa (first comment) I must snatch! [doge]

Wu Yifan [+10282] Waited for a year finally! Sofa let’s go!!! All of you don’t fight for it with me

Guo Jingming [+6218] This baobao you frightened daddy [shy shy shy shy]

Song Bingyang [+5731] I’ll like this first [clap] (but I haven’t been able to click open the file from the moment you told me until now [heehee])

Chen Xuedong [14569 reposts, +40244] Remember to come in for filming tomorrow [doge]

Tiny Times VS L.O.R.D Movie Weibo [+2117] “Even the blizzard cannot wipe away, the imprints we’ve left on each other” the promise form a year ago, Mr. Fan finally showed his face [shy] 7.9, Tiny Times 4, date first!

Lee Hyunjae [+2250] [thumbs up x5]

Ren Yankai Ming [+2033] [Yours truly kisses]

Vivian Dawson [+1878] [Doraemon flirty x3]

1. [+1671] Wu Yifan this kid has been overseas for over a week, one day not seeing him is like years, to be able to see a moving Wu Yifan here by Xiao Si (Guo Jingming’s nickname), Thank you master-Si, hope that the collaboration will be joyous <3 Tonight you are 2.8m!

2. [+1393] “I think even the blizzard cannot wipe away, in my memory, I’m pulling you, I’m embracing you, I’m looking at you, I’m thinking of you, under the setting sun our first kiss is our promise to each other” — From Wu Yifan’s TimeBoilstheRain.rap

3. [+1107] I can’t be the only one who can’t open the webpage up until now [cry cry cry]

4. [+898] We promised to not part, to always, always be together (lyrics from Time Boils the Rain)

5. [+738] From the song being released on 718 until now, it’s been almost a year, finally awaited your arrival. I did not betray our young and foolish youth (lyrics from Time Boils the Rain). Tiny Times, we’ll be there or be square. L.O.R.D Ice Fantasy, we’ll be there or be square. Wu Yifan, we’ll be there or be square. Xiao Si will be 4.8m daily, sell well sell well [love]

6. [+663] Once young, couldn’t bear bullying each other; today we’re far apart, the imprints are still there. There will always be sorrow in youth, always be sadness, always be memories. We cried, laughed, were insane, were dazed, we walked past the beautiful age where the rain fell and flowers bloomed. The flight of time, so fleeting. One day, we will all grow old. When you’re old, when your hair turns white, when you’re muddled and tired, falling asleep before the fireplace, will you think about the youth you once had? Who will be accompanying you to— boil the rain in time?

7. [+666] You’ve always withstood the wit and handsomeness you shouldn’t be withstanding at this age. Yes. That’s all [doge]

8. [+595] Wu Yifan, being busy is one thing, but when will you have time to marry me.

9. [+467] Won’t say anything else, I’m off to book tickets <3 <3 <3 Tiny Times sell well!

so, i work in an electronics store. we get plenty of interesting tech savvy (and not tech savvy at all) folks coming in. that said, nothing prepared me for this adorable little kid today.

this kid is like, maybe 8 years old, and he came to ask for help with his ipad. so i’m like, aight, i’ll just check this thing out and see if i can help. so he puts in his passcode, and i was greeted by a fucking meme tsunami.

his background was a goddamned doge, and the thing was jailbroken, ALL of his icons were separate rage faces, the whole shebang.

basically what it all came down to was me offering to do a reset on it to clean it out and hopefully improve its performance, but ultimately, the kid refused because i couldn’t guarantee i’d be able to recover his memes.