Day 4 for #dogdaysofyoga at @garden_state_yoga was warrior iii.. This pose is not so easy to balance, especially with the hips squared. Tip: Bring the weight to the inside of the foot on the floor and then try to lift that hip, That should even out the hips.. Probably make it a little harder to balance as well! Go for it! #yoga #love #yogabeyond #warrior (at Garden State Yoga)

Doing my go to pose for #dogdaysofyoga ’s day 1 challenge. #downwarddog pose requires a lot more form than people think. The biggest corrections I make in my classes are having people bend knees for tight hamstrings to lengthen the back; and for the over flexible people, taking it back a little to remove any kind of ramp look in the spine. Flat back 👍 #hotyoga #gsy @garden_state_yoga @theadventureyogi @lolbuttz @njg81992 @sassamacc @edenroc35 @edenbebe @ljp674 @skukuruda @ttmariec @carynreneeknapp @catherine0901 @cari5981 @tophersm @soulshine108 @cheryld126