Many months ago, I submitted a photo of Hershey, asking what breed everyone thought he was. We recently completed a genetics test and got the results back! Hershey is mostly Siberian Husky and Collie! Honestly, the results explained a lot. To keep up to date with his antics, you can follow him on Instagram @Hersheyx! -Aywood

Such a cold windy rainy day but they did their best and more importantly they had fun! Great end to the competing year. Lots of things learnt.


  • Thistle didnโ€™t bark or growl at anyone!
  • While she did attempt one fear bolt, she recovered quickly and shook it off.
  • Thistle is getting pretty good at ignoring judges, barely any freezing.
  • Thyme ignored the aggro German shepherds.
  • Thyme didnโ€™t get spooked by the flapping gazebos.
  • They both were having fun in the ring and being a bit silly outside it.


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