So during last weekend’s football game @pandamerium and I got yakking about how the UT characters would respond to a big game… and this happened…

  • Undyne happens to be one of the biggest American football nerds in the Underground. She can rattle off all the statistics of all the players and give detailed explanations about each team’s strengths and weaknesses. With her knowledge and her enthusiasm, she is THE person to invite to Super Bowl parties.
  • Undyne has been known to throw chips or turn over tables at bad referee calls.
  • Papyrus is a pretty big football fan too. He and Undyne get together every weekend to watch the games and sometimes throw a few passes on nice days in Snowdin. If game day meetups are at the Skelebro’s house, it’s a pretty simple arrangement. Papyrus and Undyne are talking animatedly to one another. Sans is chilling on the end of the couch eating all the snacks.
  • Toriel can surprisingly get into a game. She has slipped and sworn in front of Frisk when an incredibly bad call happened. Asgore will sit there during the games with a beaming smile on his face and say, “What a nice get together!” He’s chill watching the game but more in this for the social aspect.
  • Alphys is not a sports fan and doesn’t watch the game on her own. But just like Undyne will watch all of Alphys’ animes, even the ones she doesn’t understand, Alphys will watch football with Undyne, even though she doesn’t understand it.
  • Alphys will try to ask questions to understand the basics of the game’s rules since Undyne is *so* into it. Unfortunately, Alphys usually doesn’t get a good response from anyone. Undyne is so into the game and so emotional about it that she just spews off technical terminology and rants without making sense. Sans, meanwhile, with what he knows of the game (he’s got the basics down), will troll Alphys with false facts and make things worse. Asgore is the only person who actually successfully helps Alphys understand football.
  • One year, Undyne and Alphys decide to host a Super Bowl party together.
  • The brothers come over dressed appropriately. Papyrus is in a football jersey he owns - with shoulder pads underneath, which are completely unnecessary, but make him feel really cool. Sans took a marker and just drew a random number on his white shirt last minute. The number incidentally happens to be the number of the MVP on the opposite side Undyne’s rooting for. He gets major crap for this. Sans just shrugs. “eh gotta root for the underdog.” Papyrus misunderstands this comment and starts grumbling about annoying white dogs.
  • During the game, Sans takes the nearest item - a football helmet - turns it upside down, and fills it with popcorn. This turns out to be Papyrus’ specially ordered precious football helmet. Papyrus freaks out halfway through eating popcorn from the helmet. This misuse of his football helmet sparks a rant.
  • Toriel is the person who makes all the wonderful snacks in the kitchen that everyone wants to eat. Of course there is spaghetti from Papyrus, too, present, if untouched.
  • Napstablook is there but isn’t saying much. They brought snacks, as well, but they’re ghost snacks. Napstablook forgot that basically everyone just phases through those. Poor Blooky.
  • Mettaton is around and announcing everything. Everything. EVERYTHING. He is not just talking about the game over the actual announcers on the television. He is announcing every single meal that comes out of the kitchen. He is announcing every single time Sans throws a piece of popcorn in the air and catches it in his mouth. He is announcing every time Alphys actually makes a correct judgment about the game. And he is a little bit of a butt for every time she messes up.
  • ANNOYING DOG ARRIVES! …of course at the most obnoxious moment. The dog trips through the room and manages to unplug the television during the biggest play of the game - right when the losing team is about to score a touchdown, come from behind, and turn the game around.
  • This turns into everyone (except Asgore and Sans) chasing after the dog. They trip over the snacks. Food and nacho sauce get everywhere. 
  • Undyne consequently decides to make more food during halftime. Her suggestion she cook gets everyone very worried, and suddenly everyone - even Sans - is suggesting to do it for her. They don’t want the house to burn down. But she and Papyrus still somehow manage to enter the kitchen together for more nacho sauce. The creation process is a MESS. Toriel laments the cleanup that inevitably will come later.
  • Thankfully, some of Toriel’s snacks - the things people have been clambering over anyway - have not been disrupted. People are able to eat those cheerily during the rest of the game. The only snacks from Toriel people aren’t too keen on trying are the snail stuff. Well, Asgore’s fine with it, but others aren’t so keen to try it.
  • There is a point where Undyne gets so excited she starts tackling people. In the house. There go several of the chairs. And the table. Oops.

“Sheena is a punk rocker
Sheena is a punk rocker” When wandering doom dragon dungeon it is possible to encounter the occasional CYBERPUNK. Pew!!! Pew!!! #cyberpunk #characterdesign #characterart #visualdevelopment #vizdev #matthewart #matthewarmstrong #photoshop #neszapper #zapper #lasergun #pewpew #cartoongirl #cartoonstyle #cartoon #orange #blue #instaart #instaartist #doomdragondungeon (at Dog Lake Millcreek Canyon Ut)

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So. Undertale. 

This game is very important to me! It helped me get through a lotta stuff, helped me grow as an artist and a person, helped me stay determined. Never expected a video game to make such a big impact on my life, but here we are. 

I’m not very good at speeches, so i’m just gonna say this: thank you, Toby, and thank you, Undertale. Happy one year anniversary! c’:



Have an early holiday present on me (๑・ω-)~♥”

Christmas edition bbys to celebrate their freedom from “new home”.  Please take good care of them ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Group 1, Group 2, Gaster, Asriel Boss, Group 3

What? Frisk needed to practice a pose for Mettaton’s next show. Why do these ideas pop into my head, how even-

They needed a substitute for when Sans isn’t around. More dramatic poses are coming, I promise…


Reminiscence- Undertale Fan Comic Pg. 1

Next: Pg. 2 

Oh my gosh I am so excited to have finished the first page of my Undertale fan comic! This story is going to focus on my interpretation of Sans, Papyrus, and Gaster’s pasts so if you would like to see more pages in the near future I would love to have you follow my tumblr for this comic and more art.

Papyrus and Sans are getting ready to move on up to the surface with the help of Frisk and even though The Great Papyrus is in a rush to get on the move there’s always enough time to make a packing-peanut angel. I hope you all like the start of my fan-comic and get ready for the tale of the Skelebros!

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I hope you all have a great day! Stay safe and warm and don’t forget to brush your teeth before crossing the street!


Here’s the deal regarding my UT Mob Comics Updates

So, for the past two UT Mob comics, I haven’t been able to update it on time (I usually update them on weekends) and will have to postpone today’s update also.

UT Mob main story is ending, and the comics are just getting longer and more intense that it takes more than two days to finish. I spend between 25+ hours for my comics lately that my wrist and shoulder cannot handle it.

I just want to let you guys know that it’ll take 4 full days to finish my comics, which means two weekends.

I really hate doing this, especially with the story picking up pace and constantly leaving you guys on a cliffhanger, but I’m also feeling burned out lately…So, I’m going to try pacing myself.

Sorry to be doing this, my good friends. I promise you that I WILL update next weekend.

Here is one scene from the next comic: