christianandaspergers  asked:

This isn't exactly a question, I just wanted to share a tiny easter egg. When you change literally every value in file0 to 0, when opening the game, the screen goes black and the annoying dog appears, moving one of its legs, with a song I hadn't heard before. The more you know!

(undertale spoilers)

What you encountered is the “room of dog”! It is a room with a dog dancing to the music, dance_of_dog.

This script, scr_dogcheck, runs when the game loads the save file. It keeps the player from starting the game in certain rooms by editing the second to last number in file0. This list includes both used and unused rooms, such as Sans’ basement and Redacted A’s room. If the number meets any of the above conditions, the game is redirected to the “room of dog.” To avoid being redirected, dogcheck needs to be disabled, which requires editing the game’s file. (Highly not recommended as bad editing of the may corrupt your game!)

Also, there is a 12.5% chance of a sleeping dog to appear instead of the dancing dog! This dog sleeps to the music, sigh_of_dog.

hishap  asked:

Is there any example of monsters wearing the Delta Rune outside of the royal family? 'Cause while the rune is seen on doors and walls through the Underground, it seems that wearing it on your clothes might be just for royalty?

(undertale spoilers)

RG01 and RG02 appear to have the Delta Rune on their armor.

While not exactly clothing, Lesser Dog carries a shield with the Delta Rune.

Interestingly, no other member of the Royal Guard wears or wields anything with the Delta Rune. 

That’s the Delta Rune, the emblem of our kingdom. The Kingdom…
…of Monsters.

It makes sense for the royal family and for the Royal Guard to wear “the emblem of our kingdom,” but it’s never said to be reserved only for royalty. Consider what the royal family members wear their Delta Runes on: Asgore is wearing full armor regalia, and Toriel and adult Asriel are wearing robes. In comparison, most monsters that wear clothing have on casual outfits.

Ultimately, no other monster wears the Delta Rune unless it’s on armor. But this could be a sign that the Delta Rune is reserved for formal/traditional clothing rather than being only reserved for royalty.

anonymous asked:

What would UT/UF Sans and US/SF papyrus do if they FINALLY scraped up enough money to buy a decent engagement ring to propose to Thier s/o with and they set the ring down somewhere to practice how Thier going to propose only to come back to find the annoying dog obsorbing the ring!💍

UT Sans:  He got a really nice ring, the small gemstone on top fitting to your eyes, the ring itself golded silver, his and your name engraved on the inside. Yeah, it’s kind of sappy, but he thinks it’s cute. Then the dog appears, Sans petting him like everyday. But the dog seems…tense? He fixes his gaze on thhe ring, not blinking, not moving. Then it just jumps at Sans, absorbing the ring with one loud bark, jumping out of the window and flying majestically into the nightsky.

Sans just lies down onto the floor. Completly wordless, staring at the ceiling. Papyrus gets really worried, so he gets you. Sans still ignores everybody around you, so you poke him in his side. He looks at you, completly done with everything and leans against you. Please still marry him, he’s got a ringpop.

UF Sans: Fuck he is so nervouse. He can’t do it. He just can’t. He scraped all the money he had left together, left from from paying bills and buying groceries, and some things Papyrus gaze has lingered in the store. He has to make his little brother happy after all. And now he got the ring. And actual ring, for an actual engagement.

He was actually going to do it. Shit, shit ,shit, no, no, no. He was sweating and shaking, maybe he shouldn’t do this? A bark rips him out of his frantic thoughts, oh it’s the mutt! He likes that dog, especially since it loves to mess wth Papyrus as much as Sans himself loves to do it. 

The dog barks again, suddenly charging at Sans, sailing over him dramatically, his fur flowing with the wind, absorbing the ring and runnign away into the wildness. Sans face switches between despaire and anger. Is this a sign from fate? He really doesn’t deserve you, he should never have thought about doing this…You will find him in a heap of misery, on the floor in the living room. 

US Papyrus: He got a really nice ring. Muffet helped him pick one out, he himself doesn’t really have an eye for this things. The may come from his lack of eyes in generall. Who knows.

It was a simple ring, silver, covered in rose-gold. Three small gems in one line at the top, the colour fitting to you. Muffet helped with that too, so it should be perfect, she really had a good eye for everything shiney. Papyrus chuckled at that, promptly triping over something in the snow.

He landed on the floor, face first, the ring flying out of his hand. He looks up in a frenzy and starts searching trough the snow. He can’t lose the ring here in the snow like that, it took him so long to get the money together. Then the lump he stumbled over moves, the small white dog jumping out of the snow pile and hoping around infront of him.

“ah, bud not right now…”, Papyrus pushed the dog to the side, petting him on the head quickly. The dog jumps back infront of him, diggin in the snow with his front paws, uncovering something shiney and metallic. Papyrus eyeligths sparkle, the ring! He is about to grab it, when the dog absorbs it, barking at him and just…disappearing. Papyrus slams his face down into the snow. Well shit.

SF Papyrus: He hasn’t been taht excited in years. He has a ring and he is already on the doorstep. Noting can go wrong now…well except for he fact that your not home. Ah, he can wait, it’s not like that ring will run away.

He flopped down on the couch, stretching his overly long legs all over the couch, leaning back to really take up all of the couch. Something wiggles next to him, howling sligthly and climbing onto his lap. “heyy, doggy”, he pets the small dog affectionatly, man that dog always appeared out of nowhere all the time. The dog sniffed the ring in Papyrus hand and Papyrus giggled sligthly at that.

The dog absorbed the ring, disappearing into the depths of the couch without another sound. Papyrus was sitting there completly perplexet, before grabbing into the couch. But to no avail, the dog was gone and so the ring.

You come home a few hours later, Papyrus lying half on the couch, half on the floor, facedown. Shit.

Dog Food Bag

(undertale spoilers)

When it comes to the bag of dog food in Alphys’ lab, the flavor text is interesting. Under certain conditions, the flavor text will change. The most infamous flavor text is “(You just remembered something funny.)” The conditions for all these have been tested and proven previously, but the following are excerpts from the code.

Map of English text (v1.08) 

Code from obj_dogfoodbag (v1.08)

Note: The code structure for the obj_dogfoodbag is the same in all versions. However, as of v1.05, the dialogue strings have been separated out into a textdata_en.js and textdata_ja.js files because the game can now be played in English and Japanese.

Default: Monsters have been killed

The default string text is “(It’s a half-empty bag of dog food.)” This would be the text seen in most neutral routes if the following three conditions are false.

Condition #1: No monsters have been killed

The first checked condition is if the kill count is zero. If this is true, the flavor text is replaced with “(It’s a bag of dog food.) (It’s half-full.)”

Condition #2: Killed more than 20 monsters, including the Snowdin Canine Unit

The next checked condition is if the kill count is greater than 20 and that each member of the Snowdin Canine Unit has been killed. Flag 52 is for Doggo, 53 is for Dogi, 54 is for Greater Dog, and 55 is for Lesser Dog. Each flag is set to 1 if the monster has been killed. It is only in these circumstances that “(You just remembered something funny.)” is added.

It’s important to note that this requires killing all of the dogs and having killed more than 20 monsters. This is commonly mistaken as genocide-exclusive text because of these conditions. While this is not the case, this flavor text will always be seen in the genocide route.

Condition #3: Before the lights are on (in the neutral route) and murderlv is less than 12

Lastly, if you try to check the dog food before the lights are turned on, it will be too dark to see the dog food. In the genocide route, your murderlv would be 12 after defeating Undyne the Undying, so this condition would not be met.

Note: murderlv is NOT the same as LOVE. It is used to keep track of the player’s progression of the genocide route. A review of murderlv can be found here.