it was so hot today.  like living on a tropical island in the middle of the pacific ocean.  hellmurder island, if you will.


Soo this weekend will be an exact year that I’ve been cosplaying Jade and wow does it feel like progress. Through the pictures you can see my progress and I’ve made a lot. The first picture was actually at the con last year. And the last picture is of when I recently cosplayed her for fun. I’ll be doing gt Jade again this year at the same con and I’m so excited. Time does make a difference if you set your mind to it.


I just wanted to show you guys kinda a uh.. Progress of my Jade cosplay?
The first two pictures is when my Jade cosplay was complete and I used my real hair for the bangs and had a half wig. I wasn’t happy with the hair at all.
The second set of two pictures is when I finally got a wig. It’s wavy and what not. That wig slowly became horrible and I upgraded. The last four is with a new wig and better glasses. I’ve become almost in love with the cosplay, all I need is ( to me ) better ears. I’m making this to prove a point. Cosplay takes time and dedication. Be happy with your cosplay because one day you can totally make that shit the best thing ever, never give up because it’s not like what others are like. Don’t give up because it’s “not perfect.” Every cosplay is perfect no matter what. So please learn to love it! Because I promise with the hard work you put into it and no matter how long it takes. You’ll look amazing.