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The first night he’d had the bruise, Sebastian had thought that maybe he’d get away with it. It wasn’t too bad, just dusting along his cheekbone and curling a little up around his eye. Jonas had added to that the day after over something stupid and so now it had blossomed up pretty bad, a mixture of purples, blues and yellows. The bruising on his side was horrific and he still struggled walking straight, but he tried to hide it, as he did with the hand-shaped bruises along his arms with long sleeves, heading to Parker’s suite, his dog trotting behind him. 

“Parker, it’s me.” He called as he knocked lightly, keeping slightly turned away to try and keep the bruise out of sight from her for first viewing. He waited patiently, just watching Flounder sniff around the hallway.


started playing blood money, became disinterested almost immediately and loaded an earlier save. NOOOOOOOOPE i do not care for the idea of cautiously inching back and forth and shooting radios

the atmospheric changes when you move from area to area are wonderful.  the dark green of the irradiated NCR outpost does a pretty spectacular job of making the place feel unsettling.

i am pretty indifferent to the NCR as a faction overall but the fact that the legion exists makes me automatically like YEAH I’M GONNA HELP YOU GUYS! GO NCR *HOOTING NOISES*

currently playing through old world blues, it’s the best and i want to marry all these fucked up brain robots (BUT ESPECIALLY THE ONE WITH A BIOLOGICAL CREATURE FETISH). i fucking LOVE all the goofy-horrible experiments you uncover. ROBOT DOGS WITH SONIC ATTACKS. SUITS THAT CONTINUE TO MOVE AROUND LONG AFTER THE PEOPLE IN THEM HAVE DIED. 


We bought a jumpsuit for Wilson! Here is the original video

Ah the spring turns every two colored corgi into a tricolor. this is Wilsons first walk with a suit on. You have to check the link for the noise that suit makes as he passes by. :D

We bought the suit custom made from Janutex and are very happy for the quality and price. That is seriously the very first time we put any clothes on Wilson and the suit doesnt bother him one bit. (Also, I’m not affiliated with janutex in any way lol)

On the Internet, Everybody Knows You’re a Dog by Ted Rheingold

When comments on the megapopular TechCrunch blog were tied to real Facebook profiles, the experience went from a juvenile insult-fest to a civil value-add information exchange. Tumblr has motivated readers topublish their reactions to their own tumblr, making every reader an author and every author a reader.SoundCloud adds music to the experience. Twitter allows spontaneous ad hoc discussion groups on any topic at any time, simply by @‘ing a Twitter author – which thanks to the public nature of the platform immediately makes the responder a public author as well. And on, editor-in-chief Jane Pratt canannotate articles with a highlighter – and authors’ responses to reader comments are also highlighted and elevated so they’re an ongoing part of the conversation.

The bit about the evolution of comment systems for context specific platforms is good and all but to be honest, I’m really reblogging this b/c it has Ted in a dog suit covered by a venn diagram.

As the weather heats up please don’t forget about your pets.

Cats and dogs have fur body suits, their body temperature is what we consider a fever in humans, and they don’t sweat the same way we do so don’t forget about them.

You might be melting in this heat but your furry baby has it worst than you so watch out for signs of heat stroke and keep them as cool as possible.