I was commissioned to do a portrait of Dinky the Great Dane by his dad Ron.
Don’t know who Dinky is? He’s the Great Dane throwing an adorable tantrum at Ron for not getting “lovies” ;]
See it ~here~  totally worth the watch! 

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If there’s anyone I miss most, its this cutie! He is such a handsome boy and is my almost complete favorite out of the litter! If Lily wasn’t an option then I would of picked him for sure. He has the biggest heart and the most meaningful eyes I’ve ever seen.

Project Complete!

This Golden Retriever was SO much fun to create. I can honestly say that I had a great time with this entire portrait, glorious golden fur and all. Thank you to my very dear client who commissioned another portrait with me. I appreciate your support and admire your great love for your furry family members. You know who you are!