Ralph in red by DigitalBite


New additions to my Etsy shop: Naomi Watts (in King Kong), Disco Pigs, Reservoir Dogs, a weird Lily Allen and an orange Morrissey! Just in case if you want to buy some original art for Christmas and New Year. It’s really affordable, honest!

Posting an old goodie from my self portrait series (inspired by my friend Helge who said this was a good one. But he is bias, since it is a very nice photo of his dog Cava!) 

One more week without internet, sorry for the rare posts. 

I was commissioned to do a portrait of Dinky the Great Dane by his dad Ron.
Don’t know who Dinky is? He’s the Great Dane throwing an adorable tantrum at Ron for not getting “lovies” ;]
See it ~here~  totally worth the watch! 

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Project Complete!

This Golden Retriever was SO much fun to create. I can honestly say that I had a great time with this entire portrait, glorious golden fur and all. Thank you to my very dear client who commissioned another portrait with me. I appreciate your support and admire your great love for your furry family members. You know who you are!