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Star Sign: Geminis

Height: 5′2″ ?? Around that…

Sexual Orientation: Straight (?)


Favorite Color:  Purprle! and blue~

Favorite Animal: My pomerain! I loovveeeee dogs and Hukies are my favorite but my baby is the best.

Cat or Dog Person: Dogs…lol

Favorite Fictional Characters: Yami Yugi from Yu-gi-oh! DM

Dream Trip: …A trip with my family to the beach (i have never seen the ocean.)

Dream Job: Biomedical Engineer, working on designs and creating new medical equipment for hospitals.

Number of Followers:  498…Wait…WHAT?! Omg… //cries

What made you decide to create this blog: Oh, the faithful day, almost a year actually, I finished watching the whole One piece and was re-watching dressrosa, while searching on tumblr i come across a certain ask blog, @askthedorkyrevolutionary , I LOVED the dork so much that it inspired me to make an ask blog myself but with a different Sabo approach. Thanks to you all .HECK , I would have never guessed it would grow so much and I would get to meet and rp and ship with the lovely mod @nurmuzdalifah . There has been ups and downs but…I’m here to stay