Dog hood lost

So my new custom dog hood from dog house leathers is lost in the mail. It’s being investigated now but UPS basically fucked up and it’s lost :( I’m so sad. Dog house has been really nice and said they’d deal with it but not exactly sure how they’re going to go about that.

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i just watched a video of chinese workers hitting dogs with metal bats in order to make leather materials from their skin. its about 300 dogs a day, and if anyone wears leather there is a very high chance that its dog leather. it wont say it in the tag because they sneak it into your clothes they dont want you to know. the video is so sad if you dont mind wearing your dog keep buying leather clothes.

Those videos are very awful, the violence is too high, I don’t understand how a human being can be so evil towards a creature that can’t fight back and it’s innocent too. Wearing fur to me is the worst thing you can do, is an unnecesary evil.

Real Estate, Black Dice, The Babies & Chinese Food

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This coming Saturday, Real Estate, Black Dice and the Babies will be playing at a gigantic Chinese food restaurant in Queens called K&K Super Buffet. Oh, and there will be DJ sets by Dog Leather, OneOhTrix Point Never and Ducktails. Seriously. Tickets are $5. This looks completely absurd, so I am of course going. I highly recommend grabbing some tickets, this is sure to be one of the weirdest shows ever. 


dog leather - snap that shit off

seriously life changing. everyone listen you wont regret it




Dog Leather - Bad Poets Society


Joaquin Phoenix: Hinter den Kulissen der chinesischen Hundeleder-Industrie / PETA

Der Hollywood-Star Joaquin Phoenix blickt hinter die Kulissen der grausamen chinesichen Hundeleder-Industrie.