xsnowpixiex  asked:

HanjixErwin for the lastest ask? These two are so cute!

- Erwin drives an Audi Q5 and Hanji has a Nissan Pathfinder.

- Erwin does the bulk of the driving when they are together. 

-Hanji is not a bad driver at all. Erwin just likes to do it. He finds it relaxing. 

- Both hate driving in the snow. They can do it. But they hate it. 

-Hanji loves to have to have the window open- even if it’s winter. She likes to rest her hand outside the widow as she likes how the wind feels on it. Feels like freedom. Erwin indulges up to a point.  Winters are VERY cold where they live.

- Erwin will fill up Hanji’s tank if he beats her to it. Erwin lets it hit E on occasion. Hanji will let it run to E - for science. Have to see how long you can drive with the warning light. 

- Erwin likes to plan the road trips - with enough of room to be spontaneous to keep Hanji happy. 

- Both Erwin and Hanji have working knowledge about cars and can do the most basic repairs and maintenance. They know when to go to a mechanic though. 

- Erwin likes to listen to NPR and Hanji likes audio books. They trade off when they go on road trips. Two hours of NPR and then two hours of The Lord of the Rings (or whatever Hanji is listening to). 

- They stop every three hours to stretch their legs and let their dog out. Yes - they take their dog on the road trips. 

- They make reservations at hotels along the way. They are happy with chains for “mom and pop” stops. Erwin has points memberships with most hotel companies, so he can normally get a good deal. It’s hard to find dog friendly hotels sometimes though. 

- Someday, they will get an RV and just go everywhere!

Thank you for the Ask! They are a cute couple for sure!